My Rabbit Won't Eat Hay

By Josie F. Turner, Journalist specialized in Animal Welfare. August 17, 2016
My Rabbit Won't Eat Hay

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Rabbits are not only farm animals, but have a wider presence at homes, as their traits can make this animal a great pet for many people.

The fact of adopting a rabbit at home means that we have the responsibility and compromise to cover its physical, mental and social needs, by observing their behavior in order to detect any anomaly and treat it adequately as soon as possible.

Nutrition is a fundamental pilar for our pet's well-being, which is why this AnimalWised article will answer your doubt: my rabbit won't eat hay, why?

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A Rabbit's diet

We must learn the pillars of rabbit diet to make sure our pet has all the adequate nutrients. During adulthood, the rabbit's diet should be formed by pellets, fruit, vegetables and hay, available in unlimited quantities.

Hay is the result of the cut, dehydrated and store pasture, which is used to feed may animals. It's a basic ingredient i a rabbit's diet and is also very important for their health.

Eating hay wares incisors and prevents anomalies in the growth of rabbits' teeth, as well as having plenty of fiber, it helps the digestive process and prevents intestinal transit alterations, which is why it should comprise 75% of their diet. Therefore, if your rabbit won't eat hay, we must pay close attention to this problem and try to solve it immediately.

My Rabbit Won't Eat Hay - A Rabbit's diet

If your rabbit won't eat hay

If you notice your rabbit is not eating hay, you must take your rabbit to the vet as soon as possible, as there are several diseases that can diminish its appetite and require veterinary attention even though your pet has had all of its vaccinations. Let's take a look at the causes.

  • Coccidiosis
  • Mouth scabies
  • Malformations in teeth
  • Teeth growth
  • Hairballs

The vet will have to confirm or dismiss any of these alterations in order to give the appropriate treatment in each case if a pathological reason is found for your rabbit's loss of appetite.

My Rabbit Won't Eat Hay - If your rabbit won't eat hay

Tips to help your rabbit eat hay

If no pathological alteration is the cause of this loss of appetite in your rabbit, then it's time to apply some of the following tips to make your rabbit eat hay again.

Let's take a look at how we can make your rabbit eat hay once more:

  • Change the hay brand and, if you consider it necessary, you can try to buy flavored hay, as changing its taste may affect your rabbit's buds.
  • Sometimes a rabbit might not eat hay because it obviously prefers pellets and it would be a big mistake to increase the amount given. In fact, you should actually reduce the amount of pellets you give it so it will eat more hay.
  • A rabbit will eat hay that is fresh, this is why it's preferable to give it i small amounts, as the hay that the rabbit scatters around the cage will not be ingested.
  • You can buy hay die or in the shape of pellets, this way it will be simpler for your rabbit to eat it in the right amount.

Remember that before using these tips it's very important you pay attention to your vet's evaluation to discard any other serious cause that may be making your rabbit not eat the hay.

My Rabbit Won't Eat Hay - Tips to help your rabbit eat hay

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My Rabbit Won't Eat Hay
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My Rabbit Won't Eat Hay

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