Optimizing Your Pet's Care With the iNetPet App

By iNetPet. May 30, 2021
Optimizing Your Pet's Care With the iNetPet App

Nowadays, popular apps have opened up a wide range of possibilities and all you need is a smartphone. Animals and their care is not exempt from these possibilities. This is why iNetPet was created. It is a free, unique and global application which has a very specific main objective. This is the promotion of animal welfare and providing peace of mind for animal guardians. Its function is based on allowing the storage of essential information about your animal's care. This allows you to access it at any time and connects guardians with the professionals involved in their animal's care. These include veterinarians, trainers, groomers, boarding spaces and more.

At AnimalWised, we explain more about what is iNetPet, how it works and what benefits it can provide to animal guardians across the world.

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What is iNetPet?

iNetPet is a free application accessible from anywhere in the world. It is available in a total of 9 different languages, facilitating its use in a large number of countries. Basically, it allows you to keep all the essential information you need related to your pet in one place. Examples of such information include their veterinary visit schedule and their clinical history. Once we have registered our pet, we store all their information on the app, which is backed up on the cloud.

This application is particularly helpful in terms of health control for your animal. It allows you to access a large amount of relevant information easily and quickly. The application is not, however, only limited to veterinary clinics. It is also very helpful in connecting users with groomers, animal nurseries, train centers and more. The app is divided into four basic categories: health, beauty, education and identification.

Identification is based on a QR code that is created immediately at the time of registration. The animal will wear this code on its collar. It is useful, for example, if the animal gets lost. If this happens, any QR code reading application can access the name and telephone number of the carer, so that they will be immediately notified of the whereabouts of their animal.

The application includes a calendar for various scheduled appointments, maps with the location of services for animals, options for uploading photographs and more can be kept at hand. In short, the main objective of iNetPet is the welfare of animals and the peace of mind of their caregivers.

Optimizing Your Pet's Care With the iNetPet App - What is iNetPet?

How to register with iNetPet

Registration on the iNetPet application is very simple. All you have to do is complete the animal's profile by filling in their basic data, i.e. name, species, date of birth, colour, breed and sex. It is also possible to add more specific information by uploading it as a PDF file. This is particularly useful if the animal has important treatment information.

As we have already mentioned, a QR code is automatically generated with the registration. It is unique for each animal and all registered animals are sent a metal tag with this code to place on the collar. The registration is completed by entering the basic details of the caregiver, including their identification document, address or telephone number.

Optimizing Your Pet's Care With the iNetPet App - How to register with iNetPet

Advantages of registering with iNetPet

As we have explained, the greatest benefit of this application for carers is that it allows them to store all the information relating to veterinary treatments, vaccinations, illnesses, surgical interventions, etc., in a single place. This way, they will always have the relevant data for the care of their animal which they can access easily at any time and from anywhere.

This makes an important difference if, for example, the animal suffers an emergency during a stay abroad. In these cases, the vet we go to will be able to quickly consult all the information necessary to attend to the animal effectively. This improves the quality of care, as the professional will have all the information necessary for diagnosis and treatment. This makes having to visit vet abroad so much easier and accessible.

In relation to the previous point, iNetPet allows the interconnection between caregivers and professionals in real time. This makes it possible to talk to any professional that is in the app regardless of their location. We can contact veterinarians, trainers, groomers, residences, nurseries and more. This service is particularly beneficial when the animal is staying at a pet residence, as it allows us to know their status at all times.

Optimizing Your Pet's Care With the iNetPet App - Advantages of registering with iNetPet

Advantages of iNetPet for professionals

Veterinarians can also access this application free of charge. In this way, they have the option of recording their patients' medical records. They can record services, treatments or hospitalisations, or easily consult an animal's medical history. This makes it possible, for example, to find out if they suffer from any allergies, which will help prevent potentially serious problems.

In the same way, grooming and pet shop professionals also have the possibility to take advantage of the functionalities of this application, which also offers the option of adding the prices of each procedure performed. In this way, the caregiver is kept informed at all times.

Professionals who manage nurseries or training centres are also beneficiaries of the iNetPet app. They can record, in addition to services and prices, the evolution of the animal in their care. This helps promote, improve and expedite communication with the animal guardian. In turn, the guardian can see what is being done in real time via the application. In this way, the animal's welfare is maximized and trust between carer and animal professional is strengthened.

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Optimizing Your Pet's Care With the iNetPet App
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Optimizing Your Pet's Care With the iNetPet App

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