Organic Food for Dogs

By Josie F. Turner, Journalist specialized in Animal Welfare. Updated: October 23, 2016
Organic Food for Dogs

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If you're looking for information about organic food for dogs you're probably a confirmed believer in animal rights and concerned with the environment, and you might even be thinking about getting your dog to follow a vegan diet.

You must take into account that dogs need foods rich in protein, and thus you must look for high-quality, balanced food so that your pet's health is not damaged. A low protein intake could result, among other things, in anemia.

Stay with us at AnimalWised and read this article to learn all about organic food for dogs and how to integrate it into their diet.

Do some research before starting

Before changing your dog's diet radically you must go to the veterinary and ask about the benefits and lacks of an organic diet. Bear in mind that dogs have fragile stomachs, and a sudden change in their diet can make them suffer from bad breath or diarrhea.

All diet changes in pets must be gradual. If you want to ease your dog into organic food, you must take at the very least a week so they can adapt to it. During the adaptation period you should offer your dog their usual feed mixed with the new one, increasing the proportion of organic food until you get to the 100%.

If you're thinking about giving your dog homemade food, you ought to know what are fruits and vegetables that dogs can or can't consume. This is of key importance, since some vegetables can be toxic for your dog. Go to a professional canine nutritionist to get expert orientation and regular check-ups during the process to ensure your dog accepts their new diet and doesn't suffer from any problems.

Organic Food for Dogs - Do some research before starting

What is organic dog food?

Truly organic food for dogs is prepared with natural processes and doesn't include any artificial colorants, preservatives or additives. Of course, organic food must have been grown without using any chemical or disinfectant substances in the fields.

Nevertheless, no brand or type of prepared organic food will be completely free from preservatives; the most organic option will always be the food you prepare yourself.

Organic Food for Dogs - What is organic dog food?

Is organic food good for dogs?

In the wild, a dog's diet is mostly based on meat; through the meat of their prey dogs also get nutrients and fibers in a lesser proportion.

Organic food can be good for your dog as long as you follow your veterinary's advice. If you satisfy your dog's needs and they're fully healthy, we can safely say that their diet is good for them. There are many kinds of diets, but what makes them good or bad is the extent to which they satisfy the animal's nutritional needs.

Overall, keep in mind that dogs must receive a high intake of protein and they should not eat too much corn, since they have a hard time digesting it.

Organic Food for Dogs - Is organic food good for dogs?

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Organic Food for Dogs
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Organic Food for Dogs

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