Recommended Fruits and Vegetables for Cats

Recommended Fruits and Vegetables for Cats

Although felines are carnivorous animals, it is recommended to occasionally provide cats with fruit and vegetables. You should be cautious. Don't try to be adventurous as certain fruit and vegetables, like grapes for instance, are very harmful to cats.

Read the rest of this AnimalWised article to inform yourself about the fruit and vegetables recommended for cats. This kind of human food surprisingly has a lot of benefits for them.

What are the best vegetables for cats?

Vegetables should be boiled and given in moderation. Vegetables suitable for moderate consumption by cats are:

  • Boiled carrots, easily digestible, provide fiber and vitamins.
  • Boiled peas, rich in vegetable protein, vitamin B12, and magnesium.
  • Boiled pumpkin, easily digestible for the cat and ideal for mixing with meat.
  • Raw or boiled cucumber, a very hydrating vegetable. It can be used as a treat when raw.
  • Raw or boiled lettuce, provides fiber and water, and contains no fat.
  • Green beans, hydrating, rich in fiber and vitamins.
  • Sweet potatoes, can be mixed with meat, chicken liver, etc.

What are the best fruits for cats?

While some fruits are perfectly suitable for cats, they should never be the base of their diet; always give your pet fruit in small quantities. The best fruits for cats are:

  • Strawberries, very rich in vitamin C and fiber.
  • Cantaloupe melon, refreshing and hydrating, it is highly recommended as a treat during the summer.
  • Watermelon, the same benefits as a cantaloupe.
  • Apples, ideal as a snack.
  • Peaches, often a favorite with cats.
  • Pears, ideal as a snack in small cubes.

Fruit and vegetables as substitutes

Fruit should never be considered as normal food for cats. It is best given as an alternative to cat treats. Vegetables should also not make up the majority of their diet, but be used only as supplement to meat or fish, which should be the main part to their diet.

A cat's digestive tract

Cats are pure carnivores. They are not omnivorous like humans, or even dogs. Their intestinal tract is very short. It is not designed to digest plant fibers; however, the digestive system of cats is adapted for the digestion of animal protein like meat and fish. Therefore in no case should plant intake exceed 15% of the total diet.


Plants can help cats clear their bowels. It is recommended to plant wheatgrass in a plant pot so that your cat can eat the shoots and cleanse itself. Sometimes watermelon rind is consumed, probably for this purpose. Of course, you should avoid having toxic plants in your home to prevent possible poisoning.

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