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Shedding of Shiba Inus

Josie F. Turner
By Josie F. Turner, Journalist specialized in Animal Welfare. Updated: September 26, 2016
Shedding of Shiba Inus
Shiba Inu

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If you've adopted a Shiba Inu and you're looking to learn all about this breed, you're in the right place. Here at AnimalWised we're going to share very useful advice and tips on the shedding of your Shiba Inu, as well as instructions for when it happens.

If you're house is carpeted with dog hair, or you're worried that the shedding is not happening normally, stay with us. You'll learn how a normal shedding process looks like and what you should take into account. Learn all about the shedding of Shiba Inus!

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  1. When do Shiba Inus shed?
  2. What should Shiba Inus eat during shedding?
  3. How to brush a Shiba Inu

When do Shiba Inus shed?

Dogs usually shed twice a year, in the spring and in the fall. This way, they adapt to the changing temperatures by growing lighter or thicker, wool-y fur. Shiba Inus, just like their close Akita Inu relatives, have a double coat. The undercoat, which is quite soft, isolates them from the cold in winter. They also have a thin layer of fat in their dermis for extra protection. In order to keep this natural layer, we must be careful and only bathe our Shiba Inu when they are actually dirty.

Shedding is more noticeable in long haired, fluffy and woolen dogs. In Shiba Inus, on the other hand, shedding can be less visible. Nonetheless, we'll soon find a snowfall of hair all over our floors, furniture and clothes; then we'll know our Shiba Inu is shedding.

If shedding isn't happening when it should, the best thing to do is to go to the veterinary in order to rule out a disease or a stressful situation.

Shedding of Shiba Inus - When do Shiba Inus shed?

What should Shiba Inus eat during shedding?

Each stage in a dog's life has particular needs. During a Shiba Inu's shedding period, you must take into account that they're spending extra energy. Therefore, it's important to take extra care with their diet and give them supplements to boost the coat and the fur. You should always go for natural ingredients, including:

  • Egg
  • Fish
  • Oil
  • Vitamins

In order to add these foods to your Shiba Inu's diet, you must simply give them egg and fish - with all bones carefully removed - once a week or every two weeks, drizzled with some olive oil. You will soon notice the results; your Shiba Inu will grow soft, shiny hair.

It's also important to go to your veterinary for advice on how to give your pet vitamins. Moreover, they will give you tips on natural ingredients if you suspect your dog has any food allergies.

Shedding of Shiba Inus - What should Shiba Inus eat during shedding?

How to brush a Shiba Inu

As a general rule, you should groom your Shiba Inu two or three times every week. During shedding, we recommend brushing their coat more often, maybe daily or every two days. This way, you'll remove all dead hair and the shedding process will be easier. Plus, you'll be spared extra hair on your sofa.

Shedding of Shiba Inus - How to brush a Shiba Inu

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  • If shedding is happening at an odd time of the year, go to the vet
  • You should also go to the vet if you notice excessive hair loss or bald spots
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Shedding of Shiba Inus