The 10 Best Famous Cats from TV & Film

By Graham Harper, Journalist specialized in animal welfare. October 10, 2017
The 10 Best Famous Cats from TV & Film

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Cats have lived alongside human beings for a tremendously long time. Perhaps because of this, they have appeared in innumerable short stories, novels, films and television series'. For that reason, in this article, we will share with you names of famous cats from TV and film, that we just happen to be huge fans of!

So, if you are a lover of cats and the big screen, you won't want to miss AnimalWised's 10 best famous cats from TV & Film!

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1. Garfield

Garfield is one of the most well-known feline characters. A lazy cat and keen eater, who loves lasagna and hates Mondays. This orange exotic shorthair lives in a typical American house, with his owner, Jon, and his other pet, Odie, an adorable little dog.

We were first introduced to Garfield in comics, although due to his popularity, two films were shot in his honor, in which the protagonist is made by computer.

The 10 Best Famous Cats from TV & Film - 1. Garfield

2. Shere Khan

According to The Kipling Society, the word Shere (or "shir") translates as "tiger" and Khan is a title of distinction, used together "to show that he is chief among tigers."

Shere Khan is the articulate, suave and incredibly intimidating antagonist from the classic Jungle Book. If you have a particularly classy and slightly dubious feline, this might be a great name for them!

Let´s not forget Bagheera either! He is the intelligent, loyal and loving panther that acts as a mentor for Mowgli. He is what all great cats should be!

The 10 Best Famous Cats from TV & Film - 2. Shere Khan

3. Simba

We have had a tiger, now it´s time for a lion. You don´t get much more famous than Simba from our beloved childhood film The Lion King.

The warm-hearted and brave Simba is perhaps better known as a cub in the first half of the movie because of his adorableness, but adult Simba is a force to be reckoned with.

Ironically, Simba is probably one of the most popular names for a dog, and if you are looking for originality, you best head elsewhere! Check out our article unique kitten names 2017.

The 10 Best Famous Cats from TV & Film - 3. Simba

4. Puss in Boots

One of the most acclaimed appearances of this charming cat is in Shrek. The movie was released over 15 years ago, so perhaps this cool cat has already earned himself a place in the cat icon hall of fame!

Puss in Boots is voiced by Spanish heartthrob Antonio Banderas. Maybe Banderas was the reason for the character´s success, and the reason he was given a starring role in the film named after him! Talk about stealing the limelight...

The 10 Best Famous Cats from TV & Film - 4. Puss in Boots

5. Jones

Maybe his name is unfamiliar, but Jones is the cat that appears in the movie Alien, one of the most famous horror films in history.

This feline, whom the protagonist, Lieutenant Ellen Ripley, affectionately refers to as Jonesy, stars in a moment of real tension, when Ripley sends a crewman in search of the animal, with the Alien lurking around. He also appears, although briefly, in the second part of Alien , titled Aliens: the return.

The 10 Best Famous Cats from TV & Film - 5. Jones

6. Si & Am

Trouble making duo Si and Am terrified children in the Disney classic Lady and the Tramp. These Siamese twins were smart, sly and conniving. We hope your cat isnt the same, but perhaps you have adopted a Siamese and want to give them an apt name. Go the extra mile and adopt a female dog and name her Lady... you didn´t hear it from us!

The 10 Best Famous Cats from TV & Film - 6. Si & Am

7. The Aristocats

In this Disney film, a rich old French woman decides to bequeath her fortune when her butler is killed, on the condition that she takes care of his cats Duchess, Marie, Berlioz and Toulouse (hereinafter Aristocats), until the death of the same.

Edgar, who was thus called the steward, and who, by what is deduced from his later behavior, was very wicked and rather unsightly, tries to get rid of the Aristocats using such original plans as to put them in a trunk and send them to Timbuktu! As it is a children's film, and without the intention of incurring a spoiler, it is easy to deduce that the aristocats are better fortunate than the butler, and, in addition they sing better.

The 10 Best Famous Cats from TV & Film - 7. The Aristocats

8. The Cheshire Cat

The Cheshire Cat, featured in Alice's Wonderland story, is characterized by a constant smile, the envying ability to appear and disappear at will, and a taste for deep conversations.

Alice in Wonderland was written by English mathematician Charles Lutwidge Dodgson under the pseudonym Lewis Carroll. The story been taken to the cinema on numerous occasions and in the most varied forms, from silent films to adaptations made by Disney or Tim Burton.

Stephen Fry voices the psychedelic cat in Tim Burton's stunning adaptation, and has been hailed the best character of the revamp.

The 10 Best Famous Cats from TV & Film - 8. The Cheshire Cat

9. Salem

Perhaps the most comical cat of our list, and the perfect name for either a funny feline or a black cat! Salem, from Sabrina and the Teenage Witch was a favorite among tweens in the late 90s to early noughties.

He is a 500-year-old witch turned into a talking cat because of his plans to take over the world. Excluding Sabrina herself, he is actually the only character to remain for the entire seven seasons and in fact appears in every single episode.

The 10 Best Famous Cats from TV & Film - 9. Salem

10. Cat

We finish this top 10 of the best famous cats of TV and film with Cat, the "nameless" companion of Audrey Hepburn in the classic Breakfast at Tiffany´s. According to the actress herself, recording the scene of abandonment was one of the most unpleasant she had to do, since she was a great lover of animals.

The 10 Best Famous Cats from TV & Film - 10. Cat

Did we miss out your favorite? Let us know in the comments!

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The 10 Best Famous Cats from TV & Film
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The 10 Best Famous Cats from TV & Film

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