The 10 Dog Commandments

The 10 Dog Commandments

Some people follow the famous 10 commandments of Christianity, which are essentially a set of basic principles that should be followed in order to live a full and peaceful life, according to Christianity that is.

So why not have the 10 dog commandments? A simple compilation of 10 rules that must be followed and known if you are going to welcome (or already have) a dog in your home.

Keep reading this AnimalWised article to discover all the steps you must follow to make your dog feel like the luckiest animal in the world at your side.

1. Don't be mad at me

It is completely understandable that sometimes dogs can make you angry, especially when they chew through shoes you were going to put on, break your mother's favourite vase or urinate on the sofa.

But you must understand that dogs have a brain like a small child and they are not always able to remember everything you expect them to. After doing something wrong, no doubt in less than 10 minutes your dog will have completely forgotten.

Rather than getting angry with them, practice positive reinforcement by praising them when they chew on their bone, when they behave calmly at home or when they urinate on the street.

2. Give me attention and take care of me

Your dog's welfare and therefore positive behaviour is directly related to the love and affection that you provide them. Thus, dogs that have a close relationship with their owners are likely to be more sociable, affectionate and educated.

3. You have lots of friends, but I only have you...

Have you noticed the way your dog greets you when you get home? Never forget that your dog doesn't have a Facebook account or a group of dog friends to go to the park with whenever they please. They only have you.

That's why it is important that as a responsible pet owner, you actively include them in your life and in your day to day activities so that they feel useful and socially accepted. Take them hiking, go to camping parks that allow dogs, bring them to the terrace of a bar to have a drink etc. Anything is worth it so that your best friend doesn't feel alone.

When your dog is by your side, they feel content, you should never leave them alone for an excessive period of time.

4. Talk to me, I don't understand what you are saying but I understand what you are doing

Dogs are extremely intuitive, they will understand what you are saying but they won't understand your exact words. For this reason, even though you know they can't identify exactly what you say, don't hesitate to use kind words with them. Avoid excessive shouting and squabbling, the dog will remember (although it doesn't seem likely) the bad times you have been through and this will only damage your relationship.

5. Before you hit me, remember that I can also hurt you, but I don't

Some dogs have extremely powerful jaws, but have you noticed that they never use them? Dogs rarely bite or attack, except those with real psychological trauma, in special cases. For this reason, we remind you that you must never hit your pet. This only makes the problem worse, creates discomfort and can cause a very serious situation for your dog.

6. Before throwing me out for being lazy or disobedient, think what might happen to me

Animals are not born to do tricks and obey all your orders like a robot. You cannot ask your dog to always do what you want. The dog has their own independence, feelings and rights.

If your dog doesn't obey you, you should ask yourself honestly if your relationship is healthy, if you are concerned about or tending to something else at the moment or if you are actually meeting their basic needs. Instead of blaming the dog for not obeying, ask yourself if you're doing something wrong.

7. Don't leave me in the street: I don't want to die in a kennel or get run over by a car

We at AnimalWised have experienced the tragedy of abandonment first hand. Witnessing dogs die old and alone in kennels, dogs with serious injuries or scared and depressed dogs is such a heartbreaking sight. Would you abandon a child? Surely not. The same goes for a dog, it is extremely cruel to abandon a defenceless being. That's why if you're not sure about being able to take care of them or looking after them under all circumstances (including going on holiday, moving house, paying the vet etc) then don't adopt a dog! It's simple.

8. Take care of me when I get older, I will do the same when you grow old

All puppies are very funny and everyone likes them, but when dogs get older, for some people they no longer have that same charm and become more of an obligation than anything else. Don't be like those people. A dog does nothing in your life other than try to give you everything they have and share their short but exciting existence with you.

9. Take me to the vet if I am sick

Is it true that if you get ill you would go to a doctor? You should do the same with your pet, take them to the vet when they get sick. Follow this with home-made remedies, tips and tricks from those who have not been in direct contact with your pet's disease.

10. I don't need much, I am happy when I am with you

Your dog doesn't need a gold necklace, an extra large dog kennel or premium food. Your dog should always have fresh, clean water available, their daily meals, a comfortable place to rest and love provided by you. Your dog doesn't need luxuries, just care for them and their needs. They will love you unconditionally.

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