The 5 Cat Personalities According to Lauren Finka

The 5 Cat Personalities According to Lauren Finka

Felines never cease to amaze us, especially after reading a study by Lauren Finka. This University of Lincoln veterinarian carried out a publication after interviewing more than 200 cats along with their owners.

She discovered and presented the 5 cat personalities, work that suggests that how they develop their personality is always based on genetics, lived experiences and learning. Do you want to know which of these personalities your cat possesses? Keep reading!

1. The Human Cat

The human-cat is a feline that enjoys and prefers the company of people. They express this by massaging and purring towards family members frequently. In addition, they are usually more meek and can even despise playtime with others of the same species.

Human-cats have often socialized with people from an early age and generally have had good upbringing, so they feel safe with humans. Their favorite activities are: to be brushed, to be massaged and to be fed.

2. The Cat-cat

The personality of the cat-cat is very similar to the previous one, but in this case, the cat prefers the company of other cats and can spend hours playing and kneading fellow felines.

We usually talk about cats that have lived with their mother and siblings up to the appropriate age, so they know the feline language perfectly. They do not usually miss his humans when they leave home, they have enough good company.

3. The Hunter Cat

All cats are hunters by nature, but the hunter cat even more: they have a very wild and prominent personality.

They often reject balls or other simple toys and opt for realistic toys - even bring dead animals to their humans. Playtime does not bode well with cats that have this personality, because they become really frantic when trying to hunt their prey.

4. The Curious Cat

The curious cat is extremely inquisitive and has a lot of self-confidence. It is common to find them in unsuspected places and they are often territorial cats. They cannot come across a single object at home without getting to know it. They carry out exhaustive control over anything within their territory.

They are usually cats that are accustomed from an early age to the presence of all kinds of animals, people and objects.

5. The Solitary Cat

The lonely or solitary cat is also known as a cranky cat and is almost always alert. They do not appreciate social contact, perhaps because of poor socialization or trauma.

They need more time to adjust or to gain confidence with new people and are generally very independent. The lonely cat needs more space and seems to refuse any interaction, but it is important to take time so they can gradually feel loved.

Which of these personalities defines your cat?

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