The 5 Most Intelligent Dogs in the World

The 5 Most Intelligent Dogs in the World

Although there are many breeds of intelligent dogs, it is true that there are some that stand out above the others. However, the breed of the dog is not always an indicator of intelligence. Good training and mental stimulation will be key factors for our dog to be, in their adult stage, a very intelligent dog.

This short list is based on Stanley Coren's ranking theory, the creator of The Intelligence of Dogs, a book that studies the different types of canine intelligence and offers a comprehensive list of these theories. The list, published in 1994, remains a world reference for those looking for a dog capable of learning and developing commands and techniques with ease.

AnimalWised will now reveal the 5 the most intelligent dog breeds. Keep reading!

1. Border Collie

The Border Collie is considered to be the smartest dog in the world on Stanley Coren's list. For generations, the Border Collie has been a sheepdog, watchdog and therapy dog. Fortunately nowadays many people enjoy the company of this adorable dog simply for their sweet appearance and education they offer. They are able to remember a wide range of orders. Currently we know the case of Chaser, a Border Collie able to identify 1,022 different toys. Impressive!

They are medium-sized dogs, very restless, and need a proactive owner and sportsman, able to match their rhythm. They are fantastic companions for hiking, running or camping. They also require a lot of attention, affection and mental stimulation through different intelligence games.

2. Poodle

The second most intelligent dog in the world is considered to be the poodle, one of the most famous contest dogs. In its beginnings the poodle was an excellent water dog, but soon gained popularity as one of the preferred dogs of the French and British courts.

The poodle has a lot of energy and is skilled at learning tricks of all kinds. Usually we speak of a very sociable dog that is always willing to please their owner, whom they will always happily follow. They have a very affectionate and sociable character, so the poodle is undoubtedly one of the favorite dogs around the world. In addition, the poodle behaves wonderfully with small children with whom they spend long periods of time exercising and enjoying tricks in exchange for goodies.

Do not forget that positive reinforcement is the best way to educate these smart dogs, do not deprive them of congratulations, treats and kind words!

3. German Shepherd

Thirdly we have the German shepherd: a sensitive, intelligent and intuitive dog. For generations, the standard of this breed has maintained its enormous mental , physical, and cognitive attributes. This has had very negative repercussions on the health of this noble dog, provoking the predisposition to suffer various diseases, like hip dysplasia.

We must know that this breed needs a lot of affection, intelligence games, obedience practice and moderate physical exercise. It is not a dog for people with little experience in the education and training of dogs since they may have a tendency to develop behavioral problems if not taken care of as they deserve.

The German Sheepdog, besides being one of the most intelligent in the world, possesses extraordinary beauty. This breed is appreciated in most countries of the world. They currently compete as police dogs with the similar Belgian shepherd malinois.

4. Golden Retriever

The Golden Retriever stands out, not only for being the fourth smartest dog in the world, but also for their beauty and good nature. They are energetic dogs that enjoy the water enormously (like the poodle). This is one of the most popular breeds in the world and it is very easy to know why. They are excellent, well educated dogs that behave great with other dogs, children and adults. Perhaps for this reason, the Golden Retriever has become popular as a therapy dog ​​for autistic children.

They can take on all kinds of tasks from being a police dog detecting drugs, a rescue dog or simply as a wonderful companion dog. They are very tolerant of the little children they care for and will protect them whilst letting them do nonsense.

5. Doberman Pinscher

Finally we have the doberman pinscher, one of the fastest dogs when it comes to automating commands and dog training in general. Despite their bad press, this breed normally remains fairly quiet and tolerant with all members of their family, of course including the little ones.

Most behavioral problems of the doberman pinscher derive from poor education, lack of physical or mental exercise and, of course, the use of them as guarddogs. The Doberman pinscher is a very sociable, active and intelligent dog that hates loneliness and boredom. On the contrary, they enjoy exercising and being with their family. They are noble and beautiful dogs that are always vigilant and attentive.

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