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The Best Cat Treat Dispenser Toys

Josie F. Turner
By Josie F. Turner, Journalist specialized in Animal Welfare. March 25, 2020
The Best Cat Treat Dispenser Toys

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Cats arte curious and playful animals. They love to receive treats from their human guardians and this can help us to educate them for better domestic living. However, using treats as a behavioral reward is only one type of engagement with cats. Since they are intelligent animals, using intelligence games and interactive toys is a great way to help stimulate their cognitive abilities. They still get the reward, but by doing the work on their own, the lesson can be even greater.

AnimalWised brings you our list of the 10 best cat treat dispenser toys to ensure your cat's mental well-being is as well maintained as their physical health. We also give you some tips on how to best use them for your cat.

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  1. Top 10 food dispensing toys for cats
  2. Kitty kong
  3. Feathered kong toy
  4. Cat treat ball
  5. See through cat treat ball
  6. Kong cat ball
  7. Bergan turbo treat ball
  8. Furbo pet camera
  9. The Company of Animals interactive feeder
  10. Catit Senses Digger toy
  11. Trixie Cat Tunnel food dispensing toy
  12. Don't forget...
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Top 10 food dispensing toys for cats

While we can use treats and food to encourage our cats, we are not always around to engage with them. These interactive food dispensing toys for cats require the cat to use their intelligence to get the treat on their own. They are:

  1. Kitty kong
  2. Feathered kong toy
  3. Cat treat ball
  4. See through cat treat ball
  5. Kong cat ball
  6. Bergan turbo treat ball
  7. Furbo pet camera
  8. The Company of Animals interactive feeder
  9. Catit Senses Digger toy
  10. Trixie Cat Tunnel food dispensing toy

To see how these treat dispensers work and how they may benefit your cat, keep reading.

Kitty kong

The kong toy is probably the most common treat dispensing toy on the market. It has long been associated with dog training, but it can be just as helpful in stimulating a cat's mental capacity. The design is both simple and very effective. Food or a treat is stuffed inside the kong and the cat has to use effort to reach it.

Kitty kong toys are made from a malleable plastic, so the cat can play around and not hurt themselves. It is also very durable so that it can be used time and time again. This is a great toy to give to a cat just as you leave for the day as it helps keep them entertained in your absence.

The Best Cat Treat Dispenser Toys - Kitty kong

Feathered kong toy

A deluxe version of the kitty kong, this food dispensing cat toy works in a similar way, but provides even more stimuli. The kong has little holes in the side of the plastic mold so the cat has other means of trying to get at the treat. A feathered tail hangs off the end to provide visual and tactile incentive.

Since this kong has a tail and different shape, the cat will often play with it as if it where a prey animal. This can help the cat to be interested by appealing to their hunting instinct.

The Best Cat Treat Dispenser Toys - Feathered kong toy

Cat treat ball

Traditional cat treat dispenser toys might be too easy for some clever cats. In these cases, you might want to try to choosing one which is a little more difficult. Cats love to play with toy balls at the best of times. If it is possible a treat will come out of it at some point, then they might go crazy for them. This is both a treat dispensing toy and an intelligence game since the cat needs to work out how to get the treat from the ball, rather than just get inside.

The Best Cat Treat Dispenser Toys - Cat treat ball

See through cat treat ball

Similar to the previous cat treat ball, this has extra incentive for the cat. With solid plastic cat treat balls, the cat may not even know there is a treat inside (although they may be able to smell it). With this see-through treat ball, the cat can see there is a prize inside for them.

By playing and engaging with the ball, the cat will eventually be able to release the treat. The spiral inside means it will take some maneuvering to work it down to the bottom. As the ball rolls around, it can also go the other way, providing even more of a challenge.

The Best Cat Treat Dispenser Toys - See through cat treat ball

Kong cat ball

Using two of the different food dispenser toys we have already discussed, the kong cat ball is a little easier than other toys. The flexible material means the cat can work the treat out, but the ball shape means it can still be used to play. The cat may even want to play with the ball if there is no treat.

The Best Cat Treat Dispenser Toys - Kong cat ball

Bergan turbo treat ball

Unlike the other treat balls in this list of cat food dispenser toys, the Bergan Turbo is stationary. This means you can attach it to other cat accessories such as a scratching post or comfort area. The treat is placed inside and the cat has to flip the ball around until the treat falls out the bottom.

The Best Cat Treat Dispenser Toys - Bergan turbo treat ball

Furbo pet camera

This type of interactive cat food toy is a little more hi-tech. It also doesn't necessarily have to be a toy. The sensor on the Furbo detects when your cat is around and you can see them with the camera. By using an app, you are able to dispense a treat with the tap of a button. Designed originally for dogs to soothe them when barking, it can also be used to interact with your cat remotely.

The Best Cat Treat Dispenser Toys - Furbo pet camera

The Company of Animals interactive feeder

This interactive cat toy is very simple, but can provide hours of engagement with your cat. By putting a piece of kibble or other food in the feeder, the cat has to work their way through the maze-like construction with their paw.

While this seems quite simple, your cat will have to work out the pattern of the maze to receive their treat. A clever cat may also just tip the whole thing over, so you may have to secure it to the ground when using. You can even set it up to be an automatic food dispenser toy.

The Best Cat Treat Dispenser Toys - The Company of Animals interactive feeder

Catit Senses Digger toy

Digger toys require the cat to get their treat by using their paws. By stimulating their hunting instincts, the cat can get at food as they would a small rodent in the wild. Different depths of tube means the cat will have to adapt every time they go to get another treat.

The Best Cat Treat Dispenser Toys - Catit Senses Digger toy

Trixie Cat Tunnel food dispensing toy

Perhaps the most elaborate food dispensing toy on the list, this one doesn't necessarily have to use treats. The food is placed at the top and falls into one of the different tunnels. Each has a different way to access, so the cat has to adapt to each one.

This food dispensing toy is great because you can use your cat's ordinary food as the reward. This makes it particularly good for obese cats. Overweight cats should not be eating a lot of treats, but this will help make them work for their dinner. This way, they can lose weight as they improve their cognitive skills.

The Best Cat Treat Dispenser Toys - Trixie Cat Tunnel food dispensing toy

Don't forget...

Not all cats are the same and they will have different interests in a food dispensing toy. Some will be happy if you have their normal food inside, others will need a treat to stimulate them to act. These interactive toys and intelligence games are not a replacement for playing with your cat. You are the greatest intelligence game for a cat, so make sure you set aside enough time every day to play with them.

We also provide some helpful interactive food dispensing toys and games for you to make at home. You can see how these are made in the videos below.

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