The Best Star Wars Costumes for Dogs

The Best Star Wars Costumes for Dogs

If you've decided to dress up your dog for a party, for Halloween, or just because - and who can blame you - you surely want their costume to be eye-catching and fun. Are you a big Star Wars fan? Do you know the Holocron by heart?

You've come to the right place. In this AnimalWised article we'll show you the best Star Wars costumes for dogs. Get inspiration from the different characters and creatures from the films and related works and find the best one for your pet - we have Princess Leia, Darth Vader, Obi-Wan Kenobi and even the AT-ATs from Hoth.

Once you've chosen and made the costume, remember to share a picture of your dog so that other fans and users can get inspired as well. Read on!

Bantha costume for dogs

Straight from Tatooine to your home!

An elephant was used to play the bantha in the first film, but your dog will fit the part perfectly.

R2-D2 costume for dogs

Sure, the shape might look wonky - but it's just so cute to have a real (yet fuzzy) R2-D2 following you around.

Yoda costume for dogs

Don't ask us what to do with the tail, though.

Obi-Wan Kenobi costume for dogs

Do you feel like your dog is infinitely wiser that you? A Jedi robe might be the best choice for them.

Princess Leia costume for dogs

If your dog has floppy brown ears you don't even need to worry about the cinnamon buns.

Yoda costume for dogs

This one solves the tail problem.

All Terrain Armored Transport

The Imperial vehicles from the Battle of Hoth were quite menacing, but an AT-AT costume on a tiny white dog will make your neighbors' day.

Darth Vader costume for dogs

Don't worry if your dog isn't black. Darth Vader is such an iconic figure, it'll be recognized no matter its coat.

And if it's a pug, you have the realistic breathing sound as well.

Tauntaun costume for dogs

Big, fuzzy and quite adorable.

Ewok costume for dogs

Perfect for teddy bear-looking small dogs. This costume is particularly easy to do, as it's just a hood.

Dewback costume for dogs

It might be hard to make your adorable dog look like this big, scary reptile, but why not try?

Princess Leia costume for dogs

The slave Leia costume is a classic of comic cons - your dog will be recognized at once!

Darth Vader costume for dogs

One more, for good measure - and the tinier the better.

Wookie costume for dogs

Do you have conversations with your dog like Han Solo does with Chewbacca? Then his belt is the perfect Star Wars costume for them. You only need to get the hair right!

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