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The Best Toys for Pit Bull Dogs

Josie F. Turner
By Josie F. Turner, Journalist specialized in Animal Welfare. Updated: February 22, 2018
The Best Toys for Pit Bull Dogs

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Are you thinking of buying toys for your Pit Bull? There are many toys and accessories on the market that we can buy, however, not all of them are useful for a pit bull terrier's powerful jaw: most of them end up destroyed after an hour of play.

It's the same with homemade toys that we can make for large dogs, most of them aren't hard enough and they end up broken in a short time, which also poses a danger if the dog swallows them.

In this AnimalWised article we offer you a list of hard, resistant and indestructible toys that you can find in the market, perfect for this breed or dogs with a very powerful jaw, such as the American Staffordshire terrier. Discover the best toys for pit bull dogs that are fun and won't destroy easily.

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  1. Rubber bones
  2. Ham bones
  3. Kong
  4. Frisbee
  5. Balls
  6. Biter

1. Rubber bones

Very few rubber toys are strong enough, but they are often highly appreciated: the strident sound they emit is a source of motivation for almost all dogs. Below we suggest two rubber toys that can resist the rough play of a pit bull:

1. Kong Air Squeaker Bone

It's a bone shaped biter and its fabric, similar to tennis balls, is much less abrasive, so it doesn't harm the animal's teeth. It has an attractive design, emits noises and is made from a very resistant material, so any large sized dog can use them. It's perfect for helping them exercise their jaw.

2. Kong goodie bone extreme

As with all kong brand toys labeled "extreme", the kong bone is extremely resistant because it is made of hard rubber. Like the previous model, it emits sounds, but also has two holes in each end to introduce sweets or dog pate, which stimulates their smell and mobility.

The Best Toys for Pit Bull Dogs - 1. Rubber bones

2. Ham bones

If our dog is used to eating raw and fleshy bones, a ham bone like the Wuapu Ham Bone is certainly an excellent choice. It is important to note that it should not be offered on a daily basis, it is a punctual reward,due to its high salt content. Remember never to offer cooked bones to a dog, they could splinter.

Bones are perfect for cleaning the dog's teeth, as they help eliminate tartar and keep your teeth healthy. In addition, chewing can last for hours.

The Best Toys for Pit Bull Dogs - 2. Ham bones

3. Kong

Within the kongs for dogs, Kong Extreme Black, is one of the most recommended toys, as it helps to stimulate the dog's mind and entertain it for a long time. We can fill it with practically any kind of food: sweets, dog pâté, layers of different foods and we can even fill it with broth or vegetable milk and freeze it so that the dog takes even longer to remove its content.

It is well suited for nervous dogs or dogs who eat too fast and it helps treat separation anxiety. Many people rely on leaving this toy with their dog when they leave home to train, as it is very safe and impossible to swallow if the correct size is chosen.

The Best Toys for Pit Bull Dogs - 3. Kong

4. Frisbee

The frisbee can be a good ally to play with your dog in the park or on your mountain outings. Our recommendation is Kong flyer extreme, resistant and safe, like all the toys of the kong brand.

This model is also flexible and comfortable, so it will not damage the dog's teeth or gums. It's a good toy to use when you exercise with a pit bull dog.

The Best Toys for Pit Bull Dogs - 4. Frisbee

5. Balls

Balls are, par excellence, a dog's favorite toy. It's perfect for teaching them how to find and bring the ball. Below we propose two different balls that can resist the jawbone of your dog pit bull:

1. Trixie Dog Activity Snacky

This model, apart from being very resistant, is perfect to stimulate the mind and the dog playtime, because just like a Kong, it allows us to hide prizes and sweets inside. We can observe an adjustable opening so that the prizes come out more or less easily.

2. Kong Ball Extreme

Like the previous model, this ball has a hole in the inside to hide prizes, although it is not adjustable, and its design makes its bounce unpredictable, which helps to stimulate play in the dog. It is a safe and resistant model.

The Best Toys for Pit Bull Dogs - 5. Balls

6. Biter

Finally, and because many people are looking for specific toys for prey dogs, we want to highlight an extremely tough pitbull biter, the Kong Wubba Tugga. It is made from ballistic nylon, with reinforced fabrics and seams.

We recommend you avoid a homemade biter because they are very easy to undo and the dog could ingest them without wanting to, and may suffer a health problem.

With this toy we can teach our dog to release objects, fundamental for their safety and to be able to carry out a good game between owner and pet.

The Best Toys for Pit Bull Dogs - 6. Biter

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The Best Toys for Pit Bull Dogs