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The Best Toys for Rabbits

María Besteiros
By María Besteiros, Expert veterinary assistant and canine/feline hairdresser.. December 30, 2019
The Best Toys for Rabbits

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While rabbits are becoming increasingly popular as domestic pets, too many people are unaware of their care needs. Dogs and cats need specific accessories to ensure they are kept safe and healthy. Rabbits are no different. They are used to ensure both physical and mental well-being are properly maintained. Toys are an important accessory because they allow the rabbit to fulfill their natural behaviors which are otherwise stymied by domestication. If we don't allow these behaviors to be expressed, they will experience negative effects .

AnimalWised brings you our list of the best toys for rabbits so you can ensure your rabbit's health. These include chewing toys, climbing toys and more, as well as some tips on how they should be best incorporated into your rabbit's routine.

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  1. What are the best rabbit toys to buy?
  2. Chewing toys for rabbits
  3. Digging toys for rabbits
  4. Toy balls for rabbits
  5. Climbing toys for rabbits
  6. Edible rabbit toys
  7. Tunnels for rabbits
  8. Logic toys for rabbits

What are the best rabbit toys to buy?

There are many new and wonderful toys on the market for rabbits. Thanks to their increasing popularity and the ingenuity of rabbit lovers, they can become fantastic and elaborate. However, while a bunny may enjoy such extravagance, their basic needs should be easy enough for all to accommodate.

Rabbit toys are only one of the accessories our bunnies will need when they arrive in our home. Before adopting, we need to ensure we are able to provide all the necessities rabbits need to survive and thrive. They include:

  • Food: while the basic nutrition they need is found in hay, they will also need supplementary food pellets as well as fresh fruit and vegetables.
  • Hutch: a rabbit hutch or cage needs to be as large as possible. Although it is better for the rabbit to be as free as possible, their hutch is need for safety and protection.
  • Feeder: to place the food.
  • Water bottle: for hydration.
  • Substrate: to ensure the hutch is comfortable.
  • Carrier: when you need to transfer them from one place to another.
  • Toys: different toys satiate different needs for rabbits which we detail below, whether commercial or homemade.

You should take the rabbit to a veterinarian when they are first adopted. Not only will they be able to tell you about anything you may need, they can examine the rabbit and let you know if there is anything particular you need for your rabbit. You can also look at our article on tips for raising rabbit to see some further information.

Chewing toys for rabbits

A rabbit's need to nibble is more than just a habit. Rabbit teeth grow continuously. They are worn down through chewing, the reason why chew toys are one of the most important types of toys for rabbits. While hay also helps maintain proper dentition, rabbits will also chew on anything they can get their teeth into. Chew toys for rabbits help protect the hutch, cables and your own personal property by giving them something more inviting to nibble.

There are various different types of rabbit chew toys, but the most common are made of wood. This is partly because they better represent the kind of things rabbits would nibble on in the wild. However, we need to ensure the wood is quality and has not been treated with anything toxic such as varnish or dyes.

We should know that chew toys for rabbits are designed to be used and then replaced. Even vegetables can be used to help keep their teeth healthy. Just ensure they are using them properly and their teeth are not being damaged.

The Best Toys for Rabbits - Chewing toys for rabbits

Digging toys for rabbits

Rabbits also love to dig, although how much so depends on the individual rabbit. It is a good idea to introduce chips, paper or even find a place with soil to help them exercise this behavior. However, you can also use toys and accessories to help the rabbit dig in peace.

While you can make digging places for your rabbit with varying levels of complexity, you don't need to get too elaborate. One of the easiest, yet most effective, things you can do is to take a large wooden box and fill it with soil. Start making some holes in it to encourage the rabbit and see how they get on. Something even more simple is to give them a piece of carpet or similar material which they can scratch at.

Toy balls for rabbits

Any type of ball can be fun for a rabbit. It allows them the opportunity to exercise and have a little fun. While many people think it is impossible to train a rabbit, it is possible for some to learn to go looking for a ball and return it to us. There are different types of toy balls for rabbits, but the only way to know your rabbit likes one is trial and error.

Similar to rabbit chewing toys, we need to ensure the ball is not made of anything which will cause the bunny any harm. Foam balls or those which break easily are no good as the rabbit can chew it and may even accidentally ingest it. You can buy some which have a rattle which may help increase their interest in play. Balls made of plant material may serve a dual function of providing nutrition and cognitive stimulation.

We should also include a note to say that rabbits do not need running balls, i.e. those which are used for hamsters and other rodents. Although it might seem like a good idea to provide them with exercise, they are bad for rabbits. Not only can it cause damage to their spine, but rabbits are often scared and confused by them. Neither do rabbits need running wheels.

The Best Toys for Rabbits - Toy balls for rabbits

Climbing toys for rabbits

By climbing toys, we mean any construction which affords the rabbit opportunity to climb up and down. This means they may require a structure with several floors. For example, a small house, a bed, or several boxes with ramps and walkways between them.

As always, we need to ensure the climbing structures are made with material which is completely non-toxic to rabbits. Cat scratching posts are often incorporated to help rabbits enjoy playtime (as long as the cats are not around). You can even make DIY rabbit toys for climbing, but you will need to ensure they are safe. If you build them too high, rabbits can fall and hurt themselves.

Edible rabbit toys

Due to their predisposition toward chewing, we should also look for rabbit toys which can be eaten. There are various kinds of edible toys on the market for rabbits, but we need to ensure they are made from quality ingredients. You can even give your rabbit a carrot or similar vegetables to help enrich their environment.

Tunnels for rabbits

Tunnels for rabbits are very similar to those bought for cats. They are among the best toys for rabbits because rabbits love to run through them, reminding them of burrow they may make in the wild. You can also connect the tunnels and make a maze for rabbits. You will need to ensure these are not too complicated as the rabbit may become frightened if they get lost.

You can make homemade tunnels with different tubing. If you decide not to go for a DIY rabbit toy, you can find different additions including platforms and huts for the rabbits to enjoy.

The Best Toys for Rabbits - Tunnels for rabbits

Logic toys for rabbits

Finally, interactive or intelligence toys can be used to help the rabbit develop their skills. Usually they involve opening drawers, pulling toggles or sliding component parts, most often in search for a piece of food. The treat is used as motivation.

You can find boards which have flaps to uncover certain areas, boxes with holes cut in them or many other different types of interactive games for rabbits. Logic toys like these help to remind us that rabbits are intelligent creatures. Often their behavioral issues or stress derives from the fact they do not get enough environmental enrichment. This is why toys for rabbits are so important.

You can even make homemade logic toys. By cutting up pieces of a toilet roll tube, you can put them together in such a way that a treat can be inserted inside. Similar to a kong toy for dogs, the rabbit then has to remove all the pieces to get the treat inside.

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The Best Toys for Rabbits