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Tips to Deal with a Destructive Schnauzer

Josie F. Turner
By Josie F. Turner, Journalist specialized in Animal Welfare. October 16, 2016
Tips to Deal with a Destructive Schnauzer
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Even though schnauzer dogs are excellent companions in pretty much all respects, it's true that they can occasionally become somewhat destructive. If has happened to you too, pay attention to our tips below to know what to do the next time it happens.

We will give a general overview of the best care for schnauzer dogs and propose some exercises, games and activities that will help you get rid of this habit for good. Keep reading this AnimalWised article and discover the best tips to deal with a destructive schnauzer:

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  1. Why do schnauzers break things?
  2. Walks and exercises for schnauzer dogs
  3. Toys to teach it to bite correctly
  4. What else can you do?

Why do schnauzers break things?

A schnauzer's puppy training will greatly influence its behavior as an adult. If you don't socialize your dog properly with other dogs it can develop very bad reactions upon meeting them in the future. For this very reason, if you don't teach your schnauzer how and what to bite, you'll have serious problems with your furniture and other objects as an adult.

On the other hand, the schnauzer dog has strong social requirements, which is why it will probably start developing separation anxiety if it is left alone for long periods, causing it to pick up this destructive habit.

This dog needs moderate exercise and two walks a day. Failure to provide a schnauzer with such care can cause the dog to become anxious and stressed, which can cause this problem.

Tips to Deal with a Destructive Schnauzer - Why do schnauzers break things?

Walks and exercises for schnauzer dogs

To begin with, we always suggest that you go over the five freedoms of animal welfare. You need to make sure that it's happy and given everything it needs, such as walks and exercise.

The schnauzer requires at least two walks a day so that it can do its business, be in contact with the environment, interact with other dogs and, put simply, explore its surroundings. This is an essential habit in its daily life. During the walk you should let your dog sniff urine, trees and things it finds in the street; don't worry, there's nothing to fear if it has been vaccinated. This will help it to relax, find its bearings and discover information about where it lives.

You should let it interact with other pets as long as it has a positive attitude with other dogs. If, on the contrary, your schnauzer is reserved or reactive, you should avoid contact with others and make it enjoy a good walk by your side.

Ethologists recommend that you let your dog go off the lead for 5 minutes on each walk. To do this, you can go to a selected off-leash area. It should be safe and enclosed so that the dog does not escape.

If you want to promote its relaxation and well-being you can help it with scatter activities - a relaxing technique which stimulates its senses.

Exercise is also very handy for schnauzers, especially for the giant schnauzer. While these dogs don't have extremely demanding physical requirements, they should be able to enjoy regular exercise. Even if you only exercise with your dog two or three times a week, this will be enough to help it channel its stress and improve its well-being.

Tips to Deal with a Destructive Schnauzer - Walks and exercises for schnauzer dogs

Toys to teach it to bite correctly

The key in getting your dog to learn to bite their toys - instad of biting everything that it finds lying around the house - is positive reinforcement. This is a very good training technique that everyone should use.

Avoid telling your dog off when it destroys objects, since this will cause it to be anxious and stressed and will motivate it to keep destroying things.

Get hold of toys, bones and a Kong to start working properly. You should give your dog all of these toys, but at the right moment:

  • Toys that make sounds and teethers are perfect for using indoors. Play with it to motivate it and have fun.
  • Bones help it to keep entertained by itself, and they're also very tasty.

Whenever you see your dog using any of these objects, go and congratulate it affectionately with words, strokes and even a treat. On the contrary, when you see your dog chewing on something it shouldn't be, give it its toys to make it realize the things that it should be biting.

Tips to Deal with a Destructive Schnauzer - Toys to teach it to bite correctly

What else can you do?

Love, affection, persistent training and not leaving your schnauzer alone will be the keys to effectively solving this problem. If you're not sure about how to follow our advice, or if your dog doesn't listen to you, you should consider going to a dog trainer. The professional will evaluate your case and will offer you personalized steps to follow for your particular situation.

Tips to Deal with a Destructive Schnauzer - What else can you do?

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Tips to Deal with a Destructive Schnauzer