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Tips to Deal with Matted Fur on Cats

Josie F. Turner
By Josie F. Turner, Journalist specialized in Animal Welfare. October 25, 2016
Tips to Deal with Matted Fur on Cats

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Cats are possibly the cleanest animals you will ever meet. They use virtually all of their free time to preen themselves. This habit not only keeps them clean, but also helps to prevent bacteria and parasites and controls body temperature in hot environments.

No matter how well-groomed they are, some cats are prone to matted fur and to accumulate debris, knots and tangles. As their human companions, we shouldn't simply trust our pets to look after their own hygiene; we should give them a hand so that they are always healthy and in perfect condition.

Matted fur is very common in cats, but there is a solution. Keep reading this AnimalWised article with our solutions and tips to deal with matted fur on cats.

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  1. Remove knots, tangles and dirt
  2. How to keep your cat's fur healthy and beautiful
  3. Easing the molting process in cats
  4. Diet to prevent matted fur

Remove knots, tangles and dirt

You will know when your cat has matted fur as it will be full of knots and tangles, which will likely be dirty, sticky and difficult to remove. Although it may not appear ugly at first glance, these conditions are not good for a cat's fur.

Matted fur occurs more frequently in long-haired cats, but this doesn't mean it won't happen to short-haired cats. Matting occurs more in spring and autumn, when cats are molting. Keep in mind that shedding dead hair is normal, and it's a process that cannot be avoided.

This problem tends to appear in overweight cats, as they cannot access certain areas of their body as easily. A clump of knots may also appear if the fur becomes tangled due to a lack of regular brushing or going a long time without a proper visit to a groomer.

These cases may get to the point where the cat is so uncomfortable it feels the need to lick and scratch more than it should. This can cause damage to its skin and cause conditions like lick granuloma. If there are too many knots attached to the skin, they can only be removed by shaving or cutting the animal's fur.

A possible health-related cause is skin fungi; matted fur is a common symptom. If you suspect this is the case, you should take your cat to the vet to have the necessary tests done in order to rule out any skin disease or bacterial problem.

Tips to Deal with Matted Fur on Cats - Remove knots, tangles and dirt

How to keep your cat's fur healthy and beautiful

Prevention is always the key to preserve good health and a good overall physical state. It is important to be consistent with all elements of grooming, such as bathing your cat and brushing its delicate fur regularly. If you are diligent with this, matted fur will disappear entirely and never happen again. Don't forget that long-haired cats require specific types of brushes.

When you brush your cat you should try to combat the knots, especially when the fur is already matted, by loosening them. We recommend the following detangling method for cat fur:

  • Locate each knot and try to undo them, or at least loosen them with your fingers.
  • Apply some baby oil, talcum powder or corn starch. Don't add water as this will only make the matting worse.
  • Undo the knots and tangles and remove the dirt from the tip to the root, never the other way around.
  • Once the knots are undone and cleaned, start to smooth the fur.

Use a strong wire brush like a rake, as this kind of brush is very good at reaching the bottom layer of the cat's coat, which is where the most unpleasant knots form. Take care and be delicate.

For short-haired cats, it's better to use a rubber brush to remove dead fur while still protecting the cat's skin.

Tips to Deal with Matted Fur on Cats - How to keep your cat's fur healthy and beautiful

Easing the molting process in cats

You can't fight the cat and keep it from molting and shedding its dead hair, so it is best to help it along and speed up the whole process. At the same time you brush your cat's fur, daily or at least every three days, try to give your cat some beer yeast. One tablet a day will help make the next molt somewhat milder.

Tips to Deal with Matted Fur on Cats - Easing the molting process in cats

Diet to prevent matted fur

Food also contributes to the health of the animal's fur. You can help to keep your cat's coat in good condition with foods that contain good fats and the fatty acids omega 3 and 4 such as sardine oil or oily fish. These nutrients help maintain healthy skin, resulting in a beautiful, hydrated and shiny coat.

Don't forget to visit our post on tips to make your cat's coat shiny and learn how to make it look impressive. Don't miss out!

Tips to Deal with Matted Fur on Cats - Diet to prevent matted fur

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Tips to Deal with Matted Fur on Cats