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Tips to Stop a Cat from Meowing all the Time

Josie F. Turner
By Josie F. Turner, Journalist specialized in Animal Welfare. Updated: January 14, 2018
Tips to Stop a Cat from Meowing all the Time

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Cats love to meow all the time. At the end of the day, it is their way of getting attention or communicating with us or the environment around them.

Most of us laugh and think it's funny, but... what if your cat starts to meow all night long? Of course, that's not so funny or fun anymore. How can you stop your cat from meowing all the time? Let's look at several ways to do it.

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Find out why your cat is meowing

It may be as a result of the following:

  • Is your cat hungry?
  • Do they want to go outside?
  • Do they want to play?
  • Are they in heat?
  • Are they on medication?

To solve the problem, you need to find out why your cat meows in the first place. There is no magical way of stopping your cat from meowing. Instead, you will have to find the nub of the problem; find out what is making your cat meow so much. It is also important to analyse your cat's body language to see if it is related to their meowing.

Along with meowing, body language is the key to understanding what your cat wants or what it needs and why it is trying to get our attention.

Tips to Stop a Cat from Meowing all the Time - Find out why your cat is meowing

Solutions to stop your cat meowing so much

The solution to this problem will depend on the reason for its meowing. In this article we will provide the 5 most common solutions for these problems:

  1. Neuter your cat. Female cats tend to meow in order to attract male cats, whilst male cats do so to respond or to tell their owners "let me out". If your female or male cat is meowing constantly because it wants to go out and, if you hear other cats in your area doing the same noise, neutering might well be the solution.
  2. Clean your cat's litter box more frequently. Cats are very clean and do not like having a dirty litter box. In fact, they tend not to use it even if it is just slightly dirty as they dislike doing their business on dirty sand. The reason that your cat meows so much might be because its litter tray is soiled, even though it may look clean to you. To avoid this problem, clean the box every night and check that it is clean a few times a day.
  3. Entertain your cat and tire them out with games. People tend to think that cats do not need to play in the same way as dogs, but they are mistaken. Small cats need to do exercise, tire themselves out and have fun in order to be happy. If they meow a lot and tend to approach their toys, they might want you to play with them. Buy toys that are stimulating and play with your cat on a daily basis to tire it out and stop it from meowing so much. You may also want to consider buying a little furry friend for your cat from an animal shelter. Discover the 5 toys cats love the most on AnimalWised.
  4. Feed your cat at fixed times. Routine is essential for your cat to get used to eating at specific times. If you do not manage to set a routine, they may want to eat at 9 am, at 7 pm or 4 am. Set up a schedule and always leave enough water and some food at night. This ensures that your cat has enough to last through until morning.
  5. Go to the vet if it persists. If your cat meows very frequently, they might be suffering certain health problems. If it is repetitive, very often and the intensity and volume of meow is abnormal, you should go to your vet.

It is always best to prevent than to cure. Do you have any tips to stop cats from meowing all the time? Does your cat meow for a reason we have failed to mention in this article? Leave a comment and we will try to help you as best we can.

Tips to Stop a Cat from Meowing all the Time - Solutions to stop your cat meowing so much

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We adopted a meow-y cat from an animal center. She had a clean bill of health. On top of her meowing we were slowly introducing her to her new older male housemate with a chain link door in the bedroom doorway so it was a bit chaotic for all. Nighttime was rough with her noise. I took turns switching the cats between the bedroom with me and the rest of the house. I noticed she was happier with the whole house to herself at night rather than “trapped” in the bedroom with me. After the 2 cats got acquainted (took a little over a week) we focused on her meowing. I read somewhere that ignoring a meowing cat will stop them from doing it incessantly, provided illness is ruled out. So we did exactly that. Took a little time but it totally worked! Aside from the occasional wandering the hallway and having a brief meowing episode some nights, it has basically stopped (until you walk into the kitchen, of course , haha). We were thrilled to pieces. She’s super chill now with her housemate, too. Both are on the bed with me right now
Administrador AnimalWised
Thanks for sharing Liz! We love to hear how this information is put into action. It goes to show also that patience is such a big part of how we relate to our companion animals.
I have had a cat I got from a rescue shelter approx 1 month now. The cat will not stop meowing. I have tried everything. He is a needy cat. He is a Orange Tabby (Ginger cat). Its driving me nuts What do I do?
Administrador AnimalWised
Hi Cody,

We know this may be obvious, but have you tried the tips in the article? If they aren't any help, you should speak to a feline ethologist. Cats meow for various reasons, so they may be able to get to the root of it.
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Tips to Stop a Cat from Meowing all the Time