Toys for Cats: Ideas and Tips to Play with your Cat

Toys for Cats: Ideas and Tips to Play with your Cat

Cats are very active animals that need daily exercise. It is a good idea to find toys for cats because they will stimulate their mind while at the same time making them physically active - and they are fun!

Just remember that, although the cat can play on its own at home when you're not there, it is important that you also actively participate in the game. Otherwise, the cat can become bored and even depressed.

In this AnimalWised article we will go over the most popular toys for cats. We'll discuss their different features and give you our tips and ideas so that you can make an informed decision when buying one. Read on!

Benefits of playing with toys for cats

Toys prevent the cat from getting bored, which at length means preventing behavioral problems. They also help develop their intelligence and personality. You must keep in mind that a cat that is not entertained becomes duller and loses motivation.

Cats in the wild hunt various prey during the course of one day, but your cat does not need to hunt for food. It needs to pursue objects in order to live in harmony with its prey drive and keep its psychological health in perfect condition. What makes a good hunter is vision, hearing and touch. An appropriate toy for a cat should develop all these senses.

However, not all cat toys in shops fulfill these functions. Good toys teach cats to solve simple problems, which is a huge help in their mental development. Next, we will explain a bit about what cat toys should be like and how you should use them with your cat.

Cat and mouse

The toy mouse is a very popular toy for cats that can be found in any pet shop. It is true that it can be fun for a while, but in general cats tend to get bored with toy mice.

To improve the experience we recommend you throw it to your cat so it can then go and find it.

Teddy bears for cats

Teddy bears, unlike the classic mouse, tend to be larger and the cats perceive them differently. You can leave one in your cat's bed or favorite play area so it can enjoy a soft and smooth "cushion" to embrace.

Balls of wool

Balls of wool are very entertaining, because the cat will stay hooked on them whether its nails are out or not. For some cats playing with wool balls is fun and entertaining, but to others it's very stressful to have their claws caught in them. Help your cat untie itself if it looks stressed.

This is not the best choice of a toy if you've recently adopted your cat, but some cats do enjoy playing with balls of wool.


Balls, especially those with feathers sticking out, are usually more fun for cats because they bounce and move if touched even slightly. They help stimulate your cat's hearing and also encourages it to hunt, which is a natural cat behavior that you should encourage on a regular basis.

Intelligence games for cats

There is an increasing variety of intelligence games for cats adapted to different ages and purposes. Intellectual games have a specific goals; they exercise the cat, stimulate their smell or their interest and curiosity. Some intelligence toys for cats dispense food and others have moving balls.

These types of toys are definitely highly recommended because a mentally - and physically - stimulated cat usually has a higher level of welfare than one that does not play or feels lost inside the home.

It is very important to dedicate one day to making your cat understand how the toy works so it does not get frustrated.

Toys with string

Toys with string are definitely the most recommended for cats. At AnimalWised we suggest you get a string or fishing rod with a little toy at the end so that your cat feels more inclined to catch it and play. We also advise you to look for toys with longer string. These types of toys are highly recommended as the cat plays and interacts with you.

Toy challenge course

Planning a course with toys is a simply brilliant idea to play with your cat. Your cat will not only have a great and fun time, but it will also encourage passive exercise going round the course you have prepared for it.

Including all kinds of toys is a great idea to encourage it to use your new course.

Why is your presence so important?

Cats do not have fun playing on their own. They are social animals, so it is more important than you think to share games with your cats. They would rather chase a scrappy thread around you a thousand times than be alone in a room full of new toys.

You should spend some time each day playing with your cat using any of the above toys or just one of your fingers. Watch and enjoy with your cat to get to know it better and motivate it in different ways to play the game.

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