Using the Kong to treat separation anxiety

Using the Kong to treat separation anxiety

Many dogs suffer from separation anxiety when their owners leave them home alone. Such anxiety can cause dogs to bark endlessly, urinate and even wreck the entire home.

This AnimalWised article talks about using the Kong for separation anxiety.

However, remember that you should go to an ethologist or properly qualified professional if you want to get effective results and free your dog from this problem.

Why is it effective to use a Kong for separation anxiety?

Unlike other toys on the market, the Kong is the only one that guarantees your pet's safety, because it's impossible to be swallowed or broken (different strengths are available).

Separation anxiety is a very complicated process which newly adopted dogs often suffer from. They face trouble in getting used to their new lifestyle. These dogs often get upset and behave inappropriately when their owners leave the house, longing for their return. Some typical behaviors includes breaking furniture, urinating and crying.

Dogs find using the Kong to be a good way to relax and enjoy themselves, which makes it a very useful tool in such cases. Keep reading to discover how you should use it.

How to use the Kong for separation anxiety

Firstly, you need to learn how the Kong works. It's a toy which needs to be filled with food, whether sticks, pâté or digs dry food - your dog will be motivated by variety.

To alleviate separation anxiety, you should start by using the Kong when you're at home for 4-7 days. By doing so, the dog will view it positively and associate it with relaxation.

Once the dog understands how to use the Kong and associates it with fun and relaxation, you can start giving it to it each time you leave home. You should still use the Kong from time to time when you're at home with the dog.

By following these guidelines your dog will begin to relax when you're not home, thus reducing its separation anxiety.

What to do if the Kong doesn't alleviate separation anxiety

Separation anxiety is a very stressful problem for your pet. If the situation fails to improve by using a Kong, you should consider seeing a specialist ethologist or dog trainer.

Just as you would take your child to a psychologist if they had a mental health problem, you should do the same for your pet. By alleviating its stress, your dog will be healthy, happy and peaceful.

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