What Do Dogs Do When Left Home Alone?

By Josie F. Turner, Journalist specialized in Animal Welfare. October 24, 2016
What Do Dogs Do When Left Home Alone?

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Leaving your dog alone at home is a little sad for all owner. Sometimes we are only out for a few hours, for work or to for a grocery run, but we still wonder whether our dog is okay, if they're missing us, or what are they doing at the moment.

First of all, you should know that your dog will be thinking of you during the time you're out. At the end of the day, you're their best friend, and of course they miss you.

So what do dogs do when left home alone? What do they feel when they're on their own? This AnimalWised article will try to explain everything that goes through your dog's mind when you're out. Read on!

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1. They get sad

Dogs are able to remember your different day to day habits: When you grab the keys they know that they're going for a walk, and if you open the cupboard they understands that it is time to eat. So before you leave, they already know. After all, they know you perfectly well.

When you leave home your dog will inevitably feel sad, as no dog likes to be alone. Dogs are social animals and they enjoy sharing every moment of their life with their loving humans.

What Do Dogs Do When Left Home Alone? - 1. They get sad

2. They sleep

If you've given your dog a good walk and fulfilled their daily dose of exercise just before leaving, they will most likely collapse in exhaustion and not even think about the fact that you're not there.

Generally, dogs lie down when the house is quiet, but they will inevitably wake up if they hear a noise. Opening a plastic bag, moving around the house and especially the smell of tasty food are some of the things that quickly snap your dog out of sleep.

Therefore, most dogs take advantage of you not being there and rest without interruptions. Plus, if they can take a nap on the sofa or on your bed, all the better!

What Do Dogs Do When Left Home Alone? - 2. They sleep

3. They become bored and cause mischief

When your dog has rested enough, they will realize that you have not yet returned. They will want to see you as soon as possible. This is when dogs start to get a little restless and antsy - they want to do something and have a good time instead of being home alone with nothing to do.

At this point, dogs suffering from separation anxiety can start causing mischief: Whining, barking, biting objects and even urinating. It is very important not to tell off dogs that suffer from this problem when you get home. Instead, you should offer toys and accessories so they can distract themselves. You could also think about adopting a canine companion for your best friend.

Dogs that don't have this problem just play a little with their toys, walk around, or drink some water. They try to have fun with what they have and continue to rest.

What Do Dogs Do When Left Home Alone? - 3. They become bored and cause mischief

4. They stand near the door, on the balcony or look out of the window

When a lonely dog has slept, rested, done all they can do and have nothing else left to do, they will be start waiting for you and trying to figure out if you're about to arrive home. It is common for dogs to look through the window to see if you're returning once and for all.

For this reason, it is very important to consider security measures in your home. Don't forget that the intelligence of dogs is comparable to that of a very young child. Your dog could fall from a balcony in an attempt to catch a pigeon, for example.

However, dogs' preferred place to wait for their owners is definitely in front of the door. This way, they will be right there to greet you upon your return, all crazy and excited.

What Do Dogs Do When Left Home Alone? - 4. They stand near the door, on the balcony or look out of the window

5. They go crazy on arrival

Being alone is boring and tedious for your dog, but there is something good about it: You always come back. Once your dog realizes that every day you leave but then return, they understand it as a sign of love; they look forward to and appreciate your arrival deeply. It fills them with happiness and joy to see you open the door again and greet them with affection.

Dogs go crazy with excitement even before you open the door. Who hasn't been licked, or seen their dog doing somersaults or even witnessed their dogwetting themselves out of excitement? Your dog loves you and wants to spend lots of time by your side.

Don't forget that while you have friends and a social life outside of your home, your dog only has you. Keep your dog in mind and try not spend too much time away from your pet - your dog needs you!

What Do Dogs Do When Left Home Alone? - 5. They go crazy on arrival

Do you know what your dog feels when left home alone?

Many people are tempted to leave a video camera on to see what their dogs do when they leave home. This is a big question for any dog's best friend. If you know what your dog does when you leave, please leave a comment and share your stories with us.

Oh, and if they have been good, don't forget to give them some delicious homemade cookies for dogs as a treat - your dog will love them for sure!

What Do Dogs Do When Left Home Alone? -

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What Do Dogs Do When Left Home Alone?
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What Do Dogs Do When Left Home Alone?

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