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What Kind of Toys Do Ferrets Like to Play With?

Jungla Luque
By Jungla Luque, Ethologist and dog trainer. July 20, 2020
What Kind of Toys Do Ferrets Like to Play With?

Have you adopted a ferret? Or are you thinking of adopting a ferret as a pet? If so, you may be wondering what kind of toys ferrets like to play with. As ferrets are very curious and playful animals, it's very important that we can keep them entertained.

In this AnimalWised article we're going to show you the best toys for ferrets. We'll also include photos and some games that your pet ferret will enjoy!


  1. Tunnels and shelters for ferrets
  2. Chase toys for ferrets
  3. Digging toys for ferrets
  4. Interactive toys for ferrets
  5. How to choose the best toy for a ferret

Tunnels and shelters for ferrets

In the wild, ferrets live in holes underground. This is why they enjoy tunnels so much, wither hiding in them or running through them.

Ferret tunnels are usually similar to those for cats and rabbits. There's a wide variety of choices in pet shops that can connect to other tunnels for further entertainment. You can also make your own at home by using cardboard boxes or other tools you have at home. Just make sure the material you use isn't toxic to your pet ferret.

Your ferret will truly enjoy this toy. They'll be running through the tunnels, hiding toys and even sleeping in the tunnels. It'll make them feel safe and entertained.

If you're thinking of adopting a ferret and don't know what to name them, read our article on unique names for pet ferrets.

What Kind of Toys Do Ferrets Like to Play With? - Tunnels and shelters for ferrets

Chase toys for ferrets

Due to their natural instincts, ferrets love chasing moving objects. Therefore, it should come to no surprise that ferrets will enjoy toys that allow them to run and chase the object. This is lots of fun for them as they are naturally curious and predators. This type of toys include:

  • Small balls
  • Small stuffed animals
  • Toy mice
  • Feathers and strings

These toys are easy to find in local pet shops or even most large supermarkets. To encourage your ferret to play with these toys, you can throw the toy so your ferret can go chase after them. There are certain mice toys that are electronic and allow you to control is with a remote control while your ferret chases the toy.

When it comes to feathers and strings, you can place it on a high surface or move it manually with your hand so your ferret can chase them. This is a great way to challenge your ferret while promoting exercise and mental stimulation.

What Kind of Toys Do Ferrets Like to Play With? - Chase toys for ferrets

Digging toys for ferrets

Another natural instinct that ferrets have is digging. This is because, as we've previously stated, in the wild ferrets live underground. Therefore, if we can allow them to pursue this natural instinct and play by digging holes, they will be very happy and entertained.

For this toy, you can either allow your ferret to make holes in the garden, or make an inside-house version. For this, you can use a carboard box and fill it up with paper, dirt or hay. Always make sure that all the materials you use are safe for your ferret to play with.

What Kind of Toys Do Ferrets Like to Play With? - Digging toys for ferrets

Interactive toys for ferrets

Interactive toys are great for all types of pets. It allows them to play while being cognitively challenged for a prize. This prize is usually a healthy treat that will stimulate them to continue playing and enjoying themselves. These toys also help them use and develop all of their senses as they would need to do in the wild.

Check out your local pet store for interactive toys. These are more common for cats and dogs, however, you can also adapt them to work for your ferret.

How to choose the best toy for a ferret

With the wide variety of ferret toys on the market, it can be difficult to choose which one will be the most suitable for your ferret. For this reason, we want to give you some tips to help you select the best one:

Have a variety of toys

Our number one tip is to provide your ferret with a variety of toys to play with. This way, they will be very entertained and will develop their senses, cognitive skills and physical strength. Ferrets are very active animals and therefore, will demand quite a lot of time and toys to play with.

Good quality toys

When purchasing a toy for your ferret, make sure it's high quality. This way the toy will last longer, be non-toxic and well designed for a ferret. Minimising risks is important to make sure our pet ferret is safe when playing with their toys.

Get to know your ferret's favourite toys

Lastly, keep in mind that although all ferrets share certain characteristics, each ferret will have their own personality and favourite toy. Once you get to know your ferret's favourite games, you'll know what toys they'll enjoy the most. Where some may enjoy chasing toys, others may prefer tunnels or digging.

Remember that older ferrets may not be as playful as young ferrets. Nevertheless, you should always encourage them to play everyday and take them to the veterinarian if you see any abnormalities in their behaviour. To learn more, we encourage you to read our article on the most common health issues in ferrets.

Want more inspiration? Check out this Youtube video by Friendly Neighbourhood Ferrets, where she explains the top 10 ferret toys that her ferrets enjoy the most.

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What Kind of Toys Do Ferrets Like to Play With?