What to Do if My Cat is Stressed

What to Do if My Cat is Stressed

Stress is an adaptive mechanism intended to ensure survival in dangerous situations. However, it can also be a disease with serious physical and behavioral repercussions.

The cat is especially susceptible to pathological stress. This is because they feel the need to exercise full control over their environment. They can repeatedly get stressed until it becomes chronic. Normally this is a result of minimal changes in the environment, such as visits or moving household furniture.

Stress requires an immediate response with the objective of avoiding any complication. In this AnimalWised article we will tell you what to do if your cat is stressed.

Stress in cats

Stress is an absolutely fundamental mechanism. For example, a cat gets stressed when moving house, which puts them on alert and allows them to adapt to a new environment. Or, a cat can get stressed when another animal is aggressive towards them, allowing them to run away. No intervention whatsoever is required in such situations. Stress arises in situations which truly require an adaptive response.

If your cat is stressed for a short period of time, this poses no threat to them whatsoever. The problem, however, arises when a cat gets stressed every day, and over everyday situations.

Sustained stress causes changes which are harmful to the body. This can range from a decreased immune system response to behavioral changes. At this point you should act fast if you don't want your cat's health to be significantly compromised.

It is important to get to know the main symptoms of stress in cats so that you can spot this condition as quickly as possible.

Go to the vet

A stressed cat may have multiple health problems. From infectious diseases to alopecia, allergies and various skin disorders. As such, it will be crucial for a vet to assess your cat's state of health in order to start a course of pharmaceutical treatment where necessary.

It is also important to go to the vet at first because stress can be caused by a physical illness, and it is important to rule this out as an underlying cause.

Take care of your cat?s diet

There are various balanced cat foods available on the market. And there are some which are specifically designed to boost your cat's nutrition when they are stressed.

A stressed body has slightly different nutritional requirements than normal. It needs greater levels of energy to be able to cope with the state of alertness caused by stress. Therefore, it is highly recommended to change your cat's diet. This can be a massive help in the treatment of stress, which allows for a good recovery amongst other things.

Any change in your cat's diet should be introduced gradually to avoid digestive complications.

Watch other household animals

Does your cat live with other animals? This can aggravate stress, and even be the cause of it. In order to work our how other household animals influence your cat's stress levels, it is necessary to observe their behavior. And, the behavior of the cat when they are with each other.

If you find that the company of other animals aggravates your cat's stress levels, you will need to keep the animals separated for a while; until the cat recovers somewhat. It might also be necessary to work on the behavior of other pets.

Spend time with your cat

Every day, you should spend a while with your cat in a quiet space. During this time you should talk sweetly to them, show all your affection and play with them. Always keep an eye out for any aggressive behavior, since this should not be allowed.

Playing with your cat will be an excellent tool for managing stress. The best remedy for this condition is to keep the cat active as a way of channeling their body's state of alertness.

Treatment with natural therapies

Stress is a condition that responds particularly well to natural therapies. This gives you the opportunity to improve your cat's quality of life in a way that is kind to their body.

You can opt to give your cat various natural tranquilizers such as pheromones, as these allow them to feel the environment is under their control and territory. Other equally suitable options are Bach flowers and homeopathy.

To successfully implement these natural therapies, we suggest you do it under the supervision of a holistic vet.

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