What to Do if your Dog Eats too Fast

By Josie F. Turner, Journalist specialized in Animal Welfare. September 29, 2016
What to Do if your Dog Eats too Fast

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This is no small matter - when a dog eats too fast there can be serious consequences, especially if they suffer from stomach or larynx sensitivity, or if they simply get too filled up. No matter why your dog eats so fast, here at AnimalWised we'll give you the best tips to help your pet.

Keep reading this article to learn what to do if your dog eats too fast. Take note and help your dog eat properly!

Divide the food throughout the day

When dogs eat too fast, one of the most common reasons is simply that they're hungry. If they're given all the day's food in one serving, they will get hungry again.

It is very important to divide a dog's daily feed in at least two servings, giving them two thirds at noon and one third in the evening. This way, their intake will be more balanced and they won't get hungry throughout the day, and consequently they won't gobble up the food next time they have it.

Remember to follow the quantities specified by the labels of the product you use. To get used to the proper dose, we recommend using a kitchen weighing scale.

What to Do if your Dog Eats too Fast - Divide the food throughout the day

Use intelligence games

A very effective way to stop a dog from eating too fast is using intelligence games. One of the best options is the very popular authorized toy, the Kong.

You simply have to fill up the Kong with your dog's usual feed. Your dog will empty it slowly, since getting to the food is difficult, although it is completely safe. There are many different intelligence games and toys with similar functions - we recommend doing research and asking your vet and local pet store for more advice.

What to Do if your Dog Eats too Fast - Use intelligence games

Does your dog choke?

If you observe that your dog chokes when they eat, you should go to your vet. There might be a larynx, esophagus or stomach problem.

To ease the situation until you can take your dog to the vet you can use a low stool, a cardboard box or any other stable surface to raise their bowl higher. This is a specially useful trick for larger dogs.

What to Do if your Dog Eats too Fast - Does your dog choke?

Reduce your dog's stress levels

Another factor that can make your dog eat too fast is being stressed. Dogs who live in shelters, those who don't get enough walks or exercise are especially likely to suffer from stress or anxiety.

The specific things to do to help a stressed dog will depend very much on the specific dog and their circumstances, but it can often be done with patience, warmth and making them feel loved and safe.

What to Do if your Dog Eats too Fast - Reduce your dog's stress levels

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amy bray
My dog is always acts like he is starving. I changed his food still the same. After he eats he drinks water right away! Please help I don't know what to do. Plus he is over weight! Thanks so much!
Administrador AnimalWised
Hi Amy,

Have you tried any of the solutions brought to you in the article?
What to Do if your Dog Eats too Fast
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What to Do if your Dog Eats too Fast

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