Where can you Adopt a Dog in Barcelona?

Where can you Adopt a Dog in Barcelona?

If you are thinking of adopting a dog in Barcelona, you've come to the right place. This article will offer a guide to the places where you can adopt one, along with some advice and recommendations.

You must keep in mind that adopting a dog is a big responsibility, especially when it comes to dogs in shelters. They have been abandoned at least once, and they need someone responsible and mature enough to care for them, offer regular veterinary check-ups and enough freedom and time to play and learn.

If you fulfill those conditions, keep reading and discover where can you adopt a dog in Barcelona in this AnimalWised article!


The Centre d'Acollida d'Animals de Companyia de Barcelona shelters dogs, cats and ferrets of all sizes and colors, as you can see by searching online.

The centre has a team of volunteers, workers and ethologists who not only devote their efforts to improve animal welfare but also strive to improve their rights and to raise community awareness of the importance of responsible ownership.

  • The CAACB can be found on Arrabassada, km 3.8, 08035 Barcelona.
  • You can also become a volunteer at voluntaris.caacbcn@gmail.com.

La Lliga

Another place where you can adopt a dog in Barcelona is la Lliga per la protecció d'animals i plantes Barcelona. They also have lots of dogs up for adoption that you can see online.

As is the case with CAACB, this is a large community of volunteers and partners involved in the welfare of dogs and cats. They organize a lot of events to raise awareness of the animals and of responsible adoption.

  • It is located on Guarda Anton St, 10, 08035 Barcelona.
  • You can also become a volunteer by filling out their form.


At the Associació Protectora d'Animals Granollers, not in Barcelona city but in the province, they have a large number of dogs and cats up for adoption. Moreover, they also help lost animals in the Barcelona area to find their home. Look online to see what animals are up for adoption.

  • It is located on calle Severo Ochoa 103-105, polígon Industrial Font del Radium, Sector G4 (prop de la font del Ràdium) 08403 Granollers.
  • You can become a volunteer by filling out a form and send it to info@protectoragranollers.org.

Veu Animal

Veu Animal is a service working in Santa Coloma de Gramenet near Barcelona that provides important advice and public events. You will find the dogs and cats up for adoption online.

  • It is located in Apartat of correus 125, 08921 Santa Coloma de Gramenet (Barcelona).
  • You can become a volunteer by emailing them at voluntaris@veuanimal.org.

SOS Galgos

SOS Galgos is a very important refuge dedicated to the rescue, retrieval and adoption of abandoned galgos, that is, Spanish Greyhounds. The project began thanks to the veterinary clinic Tres Vet, and nowadays they have been working more than 12 years to help this cause. If you want to adopt a Galgo in Barcelona, this is the place to go: search online for their dogs up for adoption.

  • It is located on Carrer Àngel Guimerà, 17/08950 Esplugues de Llobregat, Barcelona.
  • You can become a member, provide temporary shelter or donate to their cause. Contact them at sosgalgos@sosgalgos.com.


AIXOPLUC de Manresa is a shelter located in a natural environment in the province of Barcelona that promotes the welfare of dogs and cats. Look online to see the animals that live there.

  • It is located at Apdo Correos 634 / 08240 Manresa, Barcelona.
  • Contact them at steffi@guim.de or 34 938-727-074.

SPAM MatarĂ³

The Societat Protectora d'Animals i Plantes de Mataró dedicates itself to collecting stray animals, controlling feral colonies, promoting animal adoption at the centre and raising community awareness. Also found online.

  • They are located on Carrer Galícia s/n 08303 Mataro (Barcelona)
  • They are in need of donations, equipment, volunteers, adopters, foster homes, partners, etc. Contact them at info@protectoramataro.com or by telephone: 34 937-562-269 and 34 647-97-22-93.

Also found in Mataró near Barcelona is CAL PILER:

  • located at Ctra NII Km 648.4 08301 Mataro (Barcelona)
  • Contact them on 34 687-976-037

Refugio la Amistad

The Refugio la Amistad in Vallirana has more 14 years of experience after starting their project.

  • They are located at Masia Can Bugunyá s/n, 08759 Vallirana (Barcelona).
  • To become a volunteer, sponsor a dog or file an animal abuse complaint, go to refugiolamistad@hotmail.com.

Protectora de Caldes de Montbui

Even though it is small, the Protectora de Caldes de Montbui has a considerable numbers of dogs and cats up for adoption that you can find online. This refuge promotes a number of activities beyond adoption, so if you live in the province of Barcelona you should definitely pay them a visit.

  • It is located in Caldes de Montbui road C-59 km 15.
  • Become a volunteer or ask for more information at caldesanimal@caldesanimal.org or 34 666-526-181.


The CAACD is an animal shelter located in Terrassa and they have the support of the city council, just like the CAACB. If you want to adopt a dog in Barcelona you can look up their options online.

  • They are located in the Cami de Can Coniller, 30/08227 Terrassa, Barcelona.
  • Contact them at: 34 93-727-50-50 / 34 93-727-68-41.

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