Where Do Cats Sleep? Kittens, Adult Cats and More!

By MarĂ­a Besteiros, Expert veterinary assistant and canine/feline hairdresser.. Updated: October 29, 2020
Where Do Cats Sleep? Kittens, Adult Cats and More!

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It's a well known fact that cats adore sleeping. However, when adopting a cat we may ask ourselves certain questions about their sleeping cycles, where they like to sleep and more.

In this AnimalWised article we're going to tell you where cats sleep, kittens, adult cats and where they should sleep on their first night in their new home. Keep reading to learn more!

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Where should a cat sleep on their first night?

When you first adopt a cat from an animal shelter, whether they are a kitten or an adult cat, it's important to offer them a warm and cosy area where they can sleep the first couple of nights. Before choosing their bed and where to place it, we must remember that the cat will be curious and scared. We need to be patient and considerate.

It would be best to get your cat a cosy and warm cat bed and place it inside of your bedroom. You can also put the litter box inside your room so it is easy to access for them. This is especially important if you adopt a kitten as they may not be able to control their bladder as easily as adult cats.

By placing their bed inside of your room you will help them feel less lonely. Remember that a kitten is used to sleeping with their mother and siblings. This is the first time to sleep elsewhere and, therefore, will be a challenge for them. If possible, try to ask the animal shelter or breeder for a toy or blanket with the scent of their mother or family. This way, we can help the kitten be more relaxed and feel less anxious.

Once they're used to their new home, you can choose a different spot for their bed and litter box. Cats may naturally do this as they like to sleep in different areas, such as the couch, on your bed with you or in any high place.

Where Do Cats Sleep? Kittens, Adult Cats and More! - Where should a cat sleep on their first night?

Where should a kitten sleep?

When we adopt a little kitten, it's normal for their adorable appearance to lead us to want to sleep with them on our bed. And the truth is that there is no problem in doing it. A well-groomed and dewormed cat will not pose a risk to our health. But we must know that it is common for it to be very active at night, which can interrupt and hinder our rest.

In addition, if you'd prefer they sleep outside of your room, you can place their cat bed in another room. However, we mustn't forget that they need to have full access to water and their litter box. With that being said, if we're talking about a newly adopted kitten, it's best to keep their cat bed inside of your room for the first couple of days until they are used to you and their new home.

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Where should an adult cat sleep?

When adopting an adult cat the best place for them to sleep is also inside of your room with a cosy cat bed. This is because they will be feeling anxious and stressed as they are in a new place with strangers. After a couple of days, they will get used to you and their new home. You can then move their bed if you want to.

You must also remember to allow them full access to fresh water and their litter box during the night. Cats are naturally nocturnal animals so they will most probably sleep but then wake up and be active at night. This will be a great time for them to sniff and wander around their new home. Make sure to cat-proof your home before bringing them home as cats are known for throwing objects off of tables just to see what happens.

This will help them feel more comfortable in their new home. You may also like our article on what to know before adopting a stray cat.

Tips for choosing a cat bed

Whether it's for a kitten or an adult cat, there is a wide variety of options on the market. So, if you're wondering how to choose a cat bed for your cat, follow our tips for choosing the best cat bed:

  • Size: the size of the bed should be enough for your cat to roll around in. This way we know that if they roll in their sleep they won't fall off.
  • Material: the material of the bed should be soft, non-toxic to cats and easy to wash. If you buy the bed at a pet shop, most of them will tick these boxes.
  • Warm: make sure the bed is warm enough for winter. If they aren't, consider another bed or get them a blanket too.

Now that you know how to choose a good cat bed for your kitten or adult cat, continue reading to know where would be the best place to put it so your cat cat sleep and relax in their new bed.

Where to put the cat's bed?

When choosing a place to put your cat's bed we need to keep certain things in mind. The place we choose must be a quiet and dark room where our cat can relax. They will often refer to this area as their territory, so it shouldn't have another pet's scent, unless they have been brought up together from a young age. It should tick the following boxes:

  • Warm, quiet and cosy area
  • Windows should be shut and curtains drawn so they can relax
  • Shouldn't have other pet's scent
  • Be away from their food and litter box, however, these should still be accessible

Therefore, a good place to put their bed is often your bedroom, the living room or another calm area. You may also be curious in learning how many hours a day cats sleep.

Where Do Cats Sleep? Kittens, Adult Cats and More! - Where to put the cat's bed?

Where cats prefer to sleep

With all of that being said, cats often like to choose where to sleep themselves. And, what seems uncomfortable to us may be the perfect sleeping spot for them. Let's take a look at a cat's favourite place to sleep:

You shouldn't worry too much about where your cat sleeps. Simply make sure you have provided them with a cosy and warm cat bed in a calm room where they can sleep and relax if they choose to. If you're having a hard time getting them to sleep in their bed, read our tips in our article about how to get a cat to sleep in their own bed.

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Where Do Cats Sleep? Kittens, Adult Cats and More!
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Where Do Cats Sleep? Kittens, Adult Cats and More!

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