Why do Cats Bury their Feces?

By Josie F. Turner, Journalist specialized in Animal Welfare. September 19, 2016
Why do Cats Bury their Feces?

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Cats are very singular animals and their behavior is testament to this. One of their many notable behavioral peculiarities is the fact that they often bury their food, objects and even their feces - But why do they do it?

This article explains in detail why do cats bury their feces, something which seems to be inherent in their nature. If your cat doesn't do it, don't worry, there's nothing wrong with it; we will tell you the reasons behind this too.

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Cats are very clean animals

First of all, you should know that cats are naturally clean animals that tend to feel more comfortable in hygienic environments. Proof of this - and of their intelligence - is their ability to do their business in the sand box; this behavior isn't reserved to domestic cats. A wild cat is also reluctant to wee in arbitrary places, and will only do so in a place it considers to be its territory. This is why many cats have a tendency to mark their house with urine when they are newly adopted.

However, cats don't only cover up its feces for hygiene purposes. There is an even more compelling reason for why they exhibit this behavior. Keep reading!

Why do Cats Bury their Feces? - Cats are very clean animals

Territorial issues

Cats, much like dogs, bury their feces for the very simple reason that they want to mask the smell. This is not merely due to feline hygienic concerns - it goes rather beyond that. In fact, cats bury their feces so that other predators or members of the same species can't locate their territory.

By burying their feces, cats considerably reduce their smell; this is meant as a sign that they're not a threat to others who pass through the same territory. It's a sign of submission.

Why do Cats Bury their Feces? - Territorial issues

What does it mean when a cat doesn't bury its feces?

Unlike other cats that do bury their feces, those that don't do it want to clearly make a point that this is their territory. Therefore, they usually defecate in high-up places such as beds, sofas and chairs so that the smell can disseminate better, and for the message to be heard loud and clear - and we do hear them alright.

Regardless, you should do some proper research if your cat doesn't use the sand box, as the animal might be ill or the sand box might not be clean. These can also be reasons why your cat splashes water out of its bowl.

Why do Cats Bury their Feces? - What does it mean when a cat doesn't bury its feces?

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Why do Cats Bury their Feces?
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Why do Cats Bury their Feces?

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