Why do Chinchillas Squeal?

By Josie F. Turner, Journalist specialized in Animal Welfare. Updated: November 22, 2016
Why do Chinchillas Squeal?

If you have adopted a pet chinchilla, you might have observed a very particular behavior every now and then: Squealing.

You might be wondering the reason behind all that noise. Squealing is, in fact, one of the ways chinchillas have to communicate with each other - and with you. If you're worried and you want to learn more about why do chinchillas squeal, you've come to the right place.

In this AnimalWised article we will clear up your doubts. Don't forget to comment on this article with your experiences with your chinchilla and share pictures!

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The language of chinchillas

As we all known, animals are not able to speak. Just like dogs bark or cats meow, chinchillas communicate using sounds and body language. For instance, they show their feelings and attitudes with the positioning of parts of their body including their legs, tail or ears.

In this case we will discuss the squeals emitted by chinchillas; to their ears, these sounds are very diverse and change depending on the situation.

Why do Chinchillas Squeal? - The language of chinchillas

Various threats

Chinchillas, in a situation of danger or threat, can emit short, high-pitched sounds to alert you or other chinchillas. To avoid that, do your best to prevent other animals from getting too close to their cage and making your pet stressed.

Chinchillas can also be scared by inanimate objects, shadows or flashing lights.

Why do Chinchillas Squeal? - Various threats

Fighting among chinchillas

Another situation when you might feel worried by a chinchilla's screams may be when they are aggressive to each other. Fights over females or food may be the cause of the fight, although there are many other reasons. In that case, separate your chinchillas for at least two or three days.

Why do Chinchillas Squeal? - Fighting among chinchillas

During sleep

When chinchillas sleep, they can also emit high-pitched noises. If you check on your squealing chinchillas and find that they are sleeping peacefully, you should not worry.

Why do Chinchillas Squeal? - During sleep

Chinchillas in heat

During mating season, it is also common for females to emit squeals during the night. They do this in order to call out to any males that could be in the area. In principle, their heat should be over in a two or three nights.

Why do Chinchillas Squeal? - Chinchillas in heat

It wants your attention

If you have a very loving chinchilla and it is especially attached to you, it may squeal to make you spend time with it and pet it. Squealing is their way of seeking attention, as it is the only way they can communicate.

Why do Chinchillas Squeal? - It wants your attention

If none of these squeals match that of your pet, they may be sick. Go to a vet to rule out any problems. The sooner you diagnose the problem, the easier the treatment will be.

Here you can learn more about the most common diseases in chinchillas. Prevent them by giving your pet chinchilla the best diet and caring for it properly.

Why do Chinchillas Squeal? -

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Why do Chinchillas Squeal?
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Why do Chinchillas Squeal?

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