Why does my Cat Sleep on my Head?

By Olivia Grisham, Journalist specialized in animal care. Updated: December 10, 2017
Why does my Cat Sleep on my Head?

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It is no secret that cats are big sleepers and love resting. This favorite activity of your furry feline can make up between 15 and 16 hours of their day, so it is no wonder you have found them in funny places to enjoy a pleasant dream or two.

AnimalWised know that many people with cats at home have shared their own bed with their pets, because it's a cosy and affectionate experience. However, sometimes your cat will end up in a place that causes you much more discomfort than enjoyment. Do you want to know why your cat sleeps on your head? We have the answer.

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1. They seek body heat

Why does my cat sleep on my head? The body temperature of cats is higher than that of humans, reaching 37 degrees Celsius. This means that your cat feels cold much more easily, so they will do everything possible to find warm places to lie down and sleep. Have you ever seen them resting on electronic devices, behind a stove or in the area where the sun's rays are most intense? It is because of this reason!

The same thing happens when they have the pleasure of sleeping on your head! Certain parts of the human body are at a higher temperature than others, and among these is the head. So, if you are a cat what better place to sleep than next to (or on top of) your favorite person's head?! Many people wonder "is it bad to sleep with my cat?" But in actual fact, it benefits both pet and human.

Why does my Cat Sleep on my Head? - 1. They seek body heat

2. They like your scent

Why does my cat sleep on my head? As with many other mammals, smell is one of the most developed senses of the cat. With it they cannot only find prey that could become their dinner, but also identify potential enemies and recognize their peers or "relatives," among other things.

It is obvious that you are very important for your cat, so your smell is on their list of pleasant aromas, as it helps them recognize the human who cares so much for them. That is why it is not strange to have them go straight for your head before a night's sleep, especially with those people who spend many hours away from home.

As if this were not enough, we are sure that on more than one occasion as you were waking up, you seen your cat "washing" your hair. That is, practicing a grooming routine very similar to your own. Do you need any other proof that they love sleeping on your head?

Why does my Cat Sleep on my Head? - 2. They like your scent

3. They want to feel safe

Why does my cat sleep on my head? Despite domestication, the cat retains many of its natural instincts, among which the instinct for survival stands out. This one is particularly strong at bedtime, because they need to feel that nothing will happen to them, that no one will attack them while they are in dreamland. This behavior is not typical only of house cats, even lions act this way - they will climb trees before they fall asleep!

This way, your head is one of the best places to sleep for your pet, both for the height, and for the fact that you feel safe sleeping there, which the cat interprets as positive. In addition, your presence alone makes them feel more protected. You are the human who provides them with food and who watches over them in all respects.

Why does my Cat Sleep on my Head? - 3. They want to feel safe

4. They want to spend time with you

Why does my cat sleep on my head? Especially if you spend a lot of time away from home, your cat will miss you a lot. Even with toys or other furry companions, they will miss the affection that their human gives them. So it is completely normal for them to get excited, to get upset, and to jump from one side to the other when you arrive, and that they prefer to sleep next to you (or your head) when you retire to rest. This is their special time with you, during which you both can share one of their favorite activities: sleep!

Why does my Cat Sleep on my Head? - 4. They want to spend time with you

5. You are one of their litter!

Why does my cat sleep on my head? Surely you have noticed that cats, mostly young, like sleeping very close to each other - literally forming an adorable mass of hair and soft paws. Some cats continue to behave as adults, so if your cat enjoys sleeping next to you, your feet, climbing over your torso, your head or next to your pillow, then congratulations! To your pet or pets you are one of their kind, so they enjoy doing with you the things they would usually with fellow cats, like giving you warmth and affection while they sleep.

Why does my Cat Sleep on my Head? - 5. You are one of their litter!

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Why does my Cat Sleep on my Head?
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Why does my Cat Sleep on my Head?

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