Why Does My Dog Like to Roll Around in the Grass?

By Ameera Mills. Updated: September 2, 2018
Why Does My Dog Like to Roll Around in the Grass?

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Dogs do many things that seem strange to us as humans, such as: rolling on grass. Dogs express themselves and explore their environments differently than we do. They capture different stimuli from their environments through touch, feeling, defecation and smell. They do this in order to mark territories and communicate with other dogs or animals.

Understanding why your pet does things is incredibly important in forming a stronger bond between you and the animal. Therefore, in this AnimalWised article we will be discussing why your dog likes to roll around in the grass. By understanding the behavior and intention behind these actions you can will understand some of our dog's idiosyncratic habits.

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Why Does My Dog Like To Roll In Grass?

Dogs often roll in grass and therefore we might not think much as to the ‘whys’ of this behavior. Many people consider this as normal and therefore don’t take action to find out the reason for this. It is important however to understand that your dog is likely doing this because they are itchy and looking for relief for their discomfort. Therefore, if you notice that this behavior is becoming excessive, we suggest ruling out any negative causes, such as: parasite infestation or allergic reaction.

You can also check their fur yourself to see if there is anything apparent. If you do notice something such as a tick etc., we suggest visiting your veterinarian as soon as possible.

Does your dog rub itself on wet grass when it is very hot?

In addition to their fur, dogs also have a natural layer of fat that coats and protects its body from cold and/or excessive heat. These coats depend on the specific breed of the dog and what their bodies have to adapt to. Therefore, if it is very hot, dogs often lie and rub themselves on grass to cool themselves down.

In these cases, you will probably notice that your dog will look for the freshest or dampest grass patches to rub on. Your dog will also probably show other signs that it is hot, for example: panting. Dog owners need to be careful to keep their dogs hydrated and not let them play in heat for too long. The reason for this is because dogs can suffer easily from heat stroke, so prevention is very important in hot weather. If your dog has a thick coat and/or undercoat, usually due to the breed originating in cold climates, this is a particular worry.

Why Does My Dog Like to Roll Around in the Grass? - Does your dog rub itself on wet grass when it is very hot?

Why does my dog rubs himself on the ground?

As you probably already know, dogs have an incredibly strong sense of smell. This why many people wonder why does my dog rub itself on the ground after a bath? When you give your dog a bath, you will often notice that they might rub themselves on the ground or floor. This is because the smell of shampoo is not a smell your dog is familiar with, especially with regards to itself. The same thing may occur if you place an anti-parasite necklace onto its neck; they might try to take it off immediately as this smell is unusual for them.

To put it simply, dogs rub themselves on the ground or different surfaces in order to remove strange uncommon fragrances from their fur.

Why does my dog rub itself on disgusting things?

If your dog is living a sedentary life and not expelling its energy through walks, excercises, games and other activities, it is likely to accumulate tension. Without body and mind stimulation your dog might gather symptoms of stress and boredom. Many dogs find rolling in the grass or on the ground a perfect activity to do in order to discharge anxiety caused by an inactive routine.

In some extreme cases, dogs that are suffering from high stress and anxiety, might wallow in things that we consider disgusting, such as: feces and urine. This is a serious behavioral problem that needs to be addressed immediately, you can either consult a veterinarian or a behavior modification specialist.

A sedentary lifestyle is very harmful to animals. A dog that is sedentary is more vulnerable to diseases such as: obesity, diabetes, hypertension, joint problems and coronary diseases. This lifestyle is also known to result in high stress and anxiety, which can project into aggressiveness. Therefore it is very important to not neglect physical and mental stimulation of your animal.

If you notice any of these symptoms, it is important to consult a veterinarian and treat the problem accordingly.

Dogs also roll on the ground when they itch

Dogs find it hard to reach their back with their nails or teeth. Therefore, when they are feeling itchy, they sometimes rub on the ground, lawn or even on a wall. In these cases, the animal is likely to rub harder and more frequently. This itching can be caused by external parasites (fleas, ticks, mites, mosquito bites) or be associated with an allergic reaction that can be caused by various allergies.

If you believe that your dog might be suffering from a type of allergy or flea infestation, we recommend consulting your doctor and possibly performing an allergy test on your dog.

Why Does My Dog Like to Roll Around in the Grass? - Dogs also roll on the ground when they itch

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Why Does My Dog Like to Roll Around in the Grass?
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Why Does My Dog Like to Roll Around in the Grass?

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