Why is My Dog Bleeding From Her Vagina?

Why is My Dog Bleeding From Her Vagina?

Blood, in any of its manifestations, naturally always provokes fear, therefore, if we discover that our dog is bleeding from the vulva or from her private area we are easily frightened, especially if we do not know its origin. If it is a bitch of more than 6-8 months that has not been sterilized, it is easy to think that it is just the period of heat, but there are also some diseases that should be known and that can occur with this bleeding. In this AnimalWised article we aim to explain why your dog is bleeding from her vagina.

Female Dog in heat

The first explanation as to why a female dog ​​is bleeding from her vulva is that she is on heat. Female dogs have a reproductive cycle that can be divided into four phases. One of them is the proestrus, in which there is bleeding from the vulva. It can last a couple of weeks and is accompanied by an inflammation of the genitals and, towards the end of the period, the dog will appear to attract males.

Heat begins in bitches at 6-8 months of age, and is sometimes able to manifest earlier in dogs of smaller breeds and later in breeds of a larger sizes. You should also know, also, that heat is repeated a couple of times a year, that is, approximately every 6 months, although in younger females up two years of age, irregularities may appear in the cycle. Generally these alterations are solved naturally without need of any intervention. Therefore, in a healthy bitch experiencing a symptomatology such as this one , it is more than likely that she will bleed from her private parts simply because she is in her period of heat.

If a dog is bleeding through the vulva not in heat and is sterilized, it could also be a matter of estrus. You might be dealing with a case of ovarian remnant, although it will be the veterinarian who must issue a diagnosis after ruling out diseases such as the ones we will describe below.

My dog is bleeding from her vagina but not on heat

If your dog is bleeding through the vulva and not in heat, she might be suffering from an infection in the uterus, technically known as a pyometra. This infection manifests itself in two forms: open neck pyometra or closed neck pyometra. In open neck pyometra secretions produced in the uterus are released when the cervix is open. In addition to bleeding from the vulva, it is possible that your dog has other symptoms such as increased water intake, fever and pain in the lower abdomen. This infection requires veterinary attention and extirpation of the uterus is recommended in order to avoid further occurrences.

My dog is pregnant and is bleeding

Bleeding may be related to another cause if our dog is pregnant. The emission of blood through the vulva during pregnancy can indicate problems as serious as abortions, so if this is noted, one must go to their veterinarian immediately. However, if our dog is in the final stretch of gestation, light bleeding from the vulva, accompanied by mucus and flow, may indicate that the time of delivery is approaching. During the development of the pregnancy, light bleeding is normal as long as it is not an excessive amount, which is a reason for veterinary consultation.

My bitch is bleeding through the vulva after giving birth

Once the birthing process is over, bleeding from the vulva is normal. These are the secretions known as lochia, which should be remitted with the passage of time. If they remain, they smell bad or your dog has a fever, you should consult you veterinarian.

Blood in dog urine

Sometimes, the origin of blood is not in the reproductive system but in the urinal track. Your dog could be bleeding due to a urine infection. In this case the bleeding would be of low intensity and is observed as only a few drops at the beginning or end of urination. Our dog will have more symptoms such as straining when urinating, increase in urination frequency and pain. This infection requires veterinary treatment and can be diagnosed by analyzing a sample of urine that we can try to collect ourselves using a glass, which we can be bought at any pharmacy. If this is not possible, your veterinarian can do this for you. Treatment for a urine infection usually consists of administrating antibiotics.

Other causes of female dog bleeding

If the previous causes have been ruled out, it is possible that your dog will bleed through the vulva due to some neoplasm(tumor) in the vaginal-vulvar area, that is, a bulge that grows and produces blood. This bulge sometimes becomes so large that it prolapses and can be seen externally. This situation is more likely to occur in older and larger females, although this does not mean that it can not affect younger bitches. Neoplasias are often accompanied by frequent urination, constant licking of the area or inflammation. In this, extirpation would normally be recommended.

This article is purely informative. AnimalWised does not have the authority to prescribe any veterinary treatment or create a diagnosis. We invite you to take your pet to the veterinarian if they are suffering from any condition or pain.

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