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Yoga for Dogs

Josie F. Turner
By Josie F. Turner, Journalist specialized in Animal Welfare. Updated: April 25, 2018
Yoga for Dogs

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In North America, Asia and Europe, more and more people are deciding to keep healthy lifestyles with disciplines such as yoga, a relaxing and positive activity for those who practice it. The benefits that this activity provides are such that many owners now want to share them with their pets.

Yoga for dogs, known as Doga, is becoming a worldwide phenomenon. Doga came about when Suzi Teitelman, a Yoga instructor, noticed that her pets were imitating her during her daily exercises. She found that they benefited from it as much as she did and therefore decided to create "Yoga Doggie Style".

This AnimalWised article is here to help you; we'll explain what it is, as well as offer tips and show basic postures. If you want to find out more, keep reading this article about yoga for dogs with exercises and tips.

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  1. What is yoga for dogs?
  2. What do I need to do yoga with my dog?
  3. How to start your Doga session
  4. Create your own Doga routine
  5. Mutual understanding

What is yoga for dogs?

Yoga for dogs, or Doga, involves adapting a yoga session to include your pet and interacting with it. When practicing yoga for dogs you should not limit your breathing, balancing or vary the usual pace of exercise.

Doga is a different experience for each participant, as not all dogs will be involved at the same level nor will they be able to be adapt to it in the same way.

Practicing yoga sessions for dogs is beneficial for you and your pet as it promotes relaxation, well-being and physical contact. Doga is highly recommended because it decreases certain symptoms such as:

Yoga for Dogs - What is yoga for dogs?

What do I need to do yoga with my dog?

You do not need a lot to start practicing yoga for dogs or Doga. The most important thing is that you are together with your pet.

Find for a relaxed place, set the mood with soft music, watch a video to help you and use mat if you like. Now it's time to begin!

Yoga for Dogs - What do I need to do yoga with my dog?

How to start your Doga session

You must ensure that the first session is positive for your dog so that it wants to repeat it the second time. Prepare the space and invite your dog to come and relax with you.

Make your dog comfortable and start creating physical contact with it. You can touch its back, legs or feet with your hands. Find a comfortable position that you can balance with your best friend and try to create a moment of silence and tranquility. Try to keep a certain harmony throughout the session so that your dog feels very relaxed and gets the benefits that yoga provides for its body.

Yoga for Dogs - How to start your Doga session

Create your own Doga routine

Although you will find a variety of ideas to practice yoga with dogs, you should really find what best suits you and your dog. Start with simple postures that quietly include your dog so that it can accept them and then follow the routine with other more complex postures that will greatly benefit your dog.

Yoga for Dogs - Create your own Doga routine

Mutual understanding

It is not always possible, but sometimes you will find dogs that love to imitate your positions. It depends on the dog and its interest in yoga.

The truth is that it is a very good sign when your dog follows your exercises. It means that it feels its benefits, or that at least it is enjoying the activity. Either way, Doga will be a wonderful way to spend time with your pet.

Post your pictures or experiences below if you practice yoga with your dog too!

Yoga for Dogs - Mutual understanding

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Yoga for Dogs