AnimalWised is a website founded in 2015 for the express purpose of educating users on an array of animal issues. Included in our team are journalists, veterinarians, ethologists and animal psychologists who have a passion for animals in all forms. The objective of AnimalWised is to create a resource where users can research various aspects about the animal kingdom. We do so with a specific focus on caring for companion animals. While we enjoy sharing fun facts, we also want to highlight various issues which can provide practical benefit to animal welfare.

To provide such a benefit, we appeal to both animal guardians and anyone who simply wants to know more about animals. For animal guardians, this means highlighting issues regarding their care. We provide practical guidance on how to maintain their well-being as well as investigating methods of improving human/animal relationships. For anyone who simply wants to know more about animals, we provide accessible information about a wide range of global animal issues.

Quality of information is paramount and we vigorously research our articles in collaboration with veterinarians, ethologists, animal behaviorists and more. We also encourage our community of animal lovers to provide feedback and information to help where scientific literature is lacking.

The information we provide is for informative purposes only and it does not replace the professional guidance required to assist an individual animal.

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