AnimalWised is a website founded in 2015 for the express purpose of educating users on an array of animal issues. Included in our team are journalists, veterinarians, ethologists and animal psychologists who have a passion for animals in all forms. The objective of AnimalWised is to create a resource where users can research various aspects about the animal kingdom. We do so with a specific focus on caring for companion animals. While we enjoy sharing fun facts, we also want to highlight various issues which can provide practical benefit to animal welfare.

To provide such a benefit, we appeal to both animal guardians and anyone who simply wants to know more about animals. For animal guardians, this means highlighting issues regarding their care. We provide practical guidance on how to maintain their well-being as well as investigating methods of improving human/animal relationships. For anyone who simply wants to know more about animals, we provide accessible information about a wide range of global animal issues.

Quality of information is paramount and we vigorously research our articles in collaboration with veterinarians, ethologists, animal behaviorists and more. We also encourage our community of animal lovers to provide feedback and information to help where scientific literature is lacking.

The information we provide is for informative purposes only and it does not replace the professional guidance required to assist an individual animal. AnimalWised collects personal data for internal use only and will not share your personal information to third parties without express permission to do so.

Alice Tapiol Breeze
AnimalWised Editor
Vegetarian from birth, I have always believed that human beings are just an evolved mammal, which is why animal welfare is an issue that I try to fight for every day. Big cat lover and animal rights defender.
Matthew Nesbitt
Journalist specialized in animal research
I am a writer and researcher with a particular interest in zoology and human attitudes to animal welfare. I have worked with AnimalWised since 2016 and I firmly believe in an evidence-based approach to reporting on animal issues. Supporting the veterinary medical, zoological and ethological communities by sharing their hard work helps everyone to better care for animals.
Ameera Mills
As a South African bred writer, I have been lucky enough to grow up constantly surrounding by animals and nature. Growing up in such an environment has taught me the importance of animal conservation and the safety of animals. I have experience writing for a wide range of topics, but the health and wellness of animals sits at the forefront. I am thankful that Animalwised allows me to opportunity to share and expand on my research and experiences.
Eduarda Piamore
Expert in canine and feline psychology, education and training.
Degree in Philosophy and training in Psychology, Education and Canine/ Feline Training. I am a freelance writer and translator, passionate about both writing and reading. I’m self-taught in subjects related to Mental Health, Natural Medicine and Alternative Therapies for dogs and cats. In addition, I volunteer in animal rescue and the adoption of abandoned animals. I’m an admirer of the Animal Kingdom and am faithful to the inexhaustible source of wisdom we as humans receive from nature. Latin American, multicultural, a traveling soul.
María Besteiros
Expert veterinary assistant and canine/feline hairdresser.
At AnimalWised I have the opportunity to combine my two passions: writing and animals. I have a doctorate in Galician Philology, specialized in literature. I also work in canine and feline hairdressing and have experience in both small and large clinics. I keep my training up by attending specialized courses and conferences.
Ana Diaz Maqueda
Biologist specialized in ethology
I’ a biologist specialized in animal behavior. By collaborating with AnimalWised I hope to share all my knowledge, experience and training. Above all, I look forward to constantly learning. In addition, I am passionate about scientific bird ringing and photography.
Mercè Garcia
I am a specialist in international trade and marketing, focusing particularly on SEO and website strategy. I have worked with AnimalWised since its inception, which lead me to study basic dog training and behavior modification. I currently hold a level 2 professional dog trainer license. In my articles, you will find useful information about training, behavioral problems, ethology and interesting facts. Additionally, I also actively encourage the adoption of animals from shelters and kennels as well as responsible ownership and positive education.
Irene Juste
Assistant Veterinary Technician
I am an assistant veterinary technician with a diverse range of specializations such a feline health and exotic pet care. I am currently also training in international trade and marketing. My hope is to use this knowledge in conjunction with my veterinary experience to best advocate for animal rights across the world. I am a proactive campaigner and volunteer for a wide range of animal welfare issues. In all aspects of my work, I encourage respect for animals and promote the adoption of companion animals.

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