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3 Haircuts for Cocker Spaniels

Josie F. Turner
By Josie F. Turner, Journalist specialized in Animal Welfare. Updated: June 18, 2018
3 Haircuts for Cocker Spaniels

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Let's start with a personal story. Throughout my childhood I had a Cocker Spaniel called Dusha. She had a honey-colored coat with a long almost white streak across her head, and I loved to comb her hair and style it into a mohawk. She didn't enjoy it as much as I did, but she always ended up looking quite proud of herself.

Cocker Spaniels have a thick and luxuriant coat that grows very quickly. You need to be very careful, because it tends to get tangled up and become rough and matted. This is why it is very important to cut, care for and groom your Spaniel's hair on a regular basis.

There are several types of haircut that work perfectly for Cocker Spaniels. If you want to give your Spaniel a new look during its next grooming session, accentuating its characteristic long and floppy ears, stay with us. In this AnimalWised article we'll show you the best 3 haircuts for Cocker Spaniels.

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  1. The puppy haircut
  2. The princess haircut
  3. The catwalk haircut

1. The puppy haircut

This haircut is the simplest of all and requires the least amount of maintenance. Some owners don't have the time or the energy to regularly groom their Cocker Spaniel's long hair, so they decide to keep it short.

All the hair is cut to the same length, about a maximum of 4 cm (an inch and a half) long. So that it's not too even, you can cut a few locks on the top of the coat a bit shorter than the hair in the back so that it looks a little more like the standard Cocker Spaniel haircut.

This haircut is a specially good choice for this breed. Not only is it the easiest one to maintain, as it does not have to be untangled all the time, but it is also cooler during the summer. You will see how your Spaniel is in a better mood, because it will feel lighter and more comfortable.

3 Haircuts for Cocker Spaniels - 1. The puppy haircut

2. The princess haircut

This is the classic haircut for Cocker Spaniels, but nowadays it is not the most common one because it is the most difficult to maintain. Still, many people adopt a Cocker Spaniel just so they can to style their pet in this glamorous and fancy way.

Your Spaniel's hair will come down to the floor, looking like a dinner party dress with a luxurious lining. Your dog will look like a real teddy bear, but instead of cuddling it, everyone will look at it in admiration. Their ears will also have their own little cotton lining.

Although it doesn't seem like it, this is the most versatile of all haircuts. This is because having a greater amount of hair to work with, the hairdresser, or you - if you have a lot of experience - can use your imagination and style it however you want, playing with the long strands of hair. You can straighten your dog's hair with a hair dryer for a sleeker look, or you can leave it curly like an 80s rock star.

3 Haircuts for Cocker Spaniels - 2. The princess haircut

3. The catwalk haircut

This hairstyle is inspired by dog show competitions, but it has its own historical tradition. American Cocker Spaniels have a long and exuberant coat, unlike English Cocker Spaniels, who have shorter and less striking hair.

The American Cocker Spaniel is a breed which dates back to the 1800s. At first instance, they were pets and hunting dogs belonging higher-class families. That's why the long and shiny hair was synonymous with beauty and elegance. Remember Lady from Lady and the Tramp?

This haircut should be done by an expert so that it has a perfect finish. The layers of hair are cut in a very specific way; the hair falling from the back is shorter, but from the legs down it is much longer. This creates a cascading effect.

You must maintain and groom the catwalk haircut almost daily. You should untangle and brush your dog's coat, check the underside for residue or dirt and clean it, and style your dog using a special brush everyday, as if it were a princess or prince. Here you can learn the best tricks to make your dog's coat shiny.

3 Haircuts for Cocker Spaniels - 3. The catwalk haircut

Do you want to learn more about caring for Cocker Spaniels? Here you can discover all about caring for an English Cocker Spaniel's coat, and here you can explore the different types of spaniel dogs with an overview of spaniel breeds around the world.

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1 comment
Who ever is "naming" these grooming styles needs to spent some time with an actual groomer. The fist dog is a mixed breed, although cute, does not actually represent a cocker in a puppy cut. The second dog is a proper American Cocker in a show groom. The last picture is an English Cocker in a show groom. As a side note, English Cockers are a completely separate breed from the American Cocker. Unfortunately people read bad articles like this and this is how incorrect information get spread around the internet.
Administrador AnimalWised
Hello Gina,

This article is for Cocker Spaniels and is not supposed to be specific to American or English. While these two breeds do have different coats, the shape of the cut is very similar for both. The two breeds were one and the same until around the 1930s, so it makes sense they still share some characteristics. This is merely an informative article to help people have an idea of the basic cuts for all Cocker Spaniels, so we hope others will enjoy it in the spirit in which is was written
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3 Haircuts for Cocker Spaniels