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Poodle Cuts - Haircuts for Poodles

Josie F. Turner
By Josie F. Turner, Journalist specialized in Animal Welfare. Updated: May 28, 2024
Poodle Cuts - Haircuts for Poodles

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Poodle haircuts are so renowned because they are able to have cuts and styles that many other breeds simply cannot manage. This is partly in thanks to the volume of its curly coat. The' softness and hypoallergenic quality of their coats make them one of the most popular dogs for professional dog groomers. However, we shouldn't forget they are also one of most intelligent dog breeds. Do you live with a Toy Poodle, a Miniature Poodle, a Standard Poodle, a Giant Poodle or a Poodle crossbreed? Our AnimalWised top 11 best Poodle cuts work for all types of Poodle.

Whether finished off with scissors or clippers, it's always advisable to go to a professional groomer if you are at all unsure you can cut your Poodle's hair. Keep reading and find out the best 11 haircuts for Poodles with styles and photos for your reference.

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  1. Different Poodle cuts
  2. Continental Cut
  3. English Saddle Cut
  4. Dutch Cut
  5. Modern Cut
  6. Puppy Cut
  7. Summer Cut
  8. Cupcake Cut
  9. Teddy Bear Cut
  10. Town and Country Cut
  11. Short Cut
  12. Miami cut
  13. How to get the right Poodle cut
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Different Poodle cuts

As we state in the introduction, there are different types of Poodles. While the Giant, Standard, Miniature and Toy Poodles all have a slightly different morphology, they also share distinct features. For a start, they are all curly haired dogs. Some of them have longer bodies, while the smaller dogs are a little more compact. This means some of the Poodle cuts here are more suitable for one type of Poodle than another.

Our top 10 Poodle haircuts and styles are:

  1. Continental Poodle Cut
  2. English Saddle Poodle Cut
  3. Dutch Poodle Cut
  4. Modern Poodle Cut
  5. Puppy Poodle Cut
  6. Summer Poodle Cut
  7. Cupcake Poodle Cut
  8. Teddy Bear Poodle Cut
  9. Town and Country Poodle Cut
  10. Short Poodle Cut
  11. Miami Poodle Cut

Different groomers may call some of these cuts by a different name, but this will depend on location and culture. This is why we provide photos of Poodle haircuts for your groomer to know what you want, even if they know it by another name. You will also have to remember that cutting a Poodle's hair makes it shorter, something that can cause issues in both hot and cold climates. Our article on dressing dogs for winter shows you how to do this in an appropriate way.

1. Continental Cut

As the photo shows, the Continental Cut is probably the best known and most extravagant of all the Poodle cuts. The dog's limbs are hairless, with only a pompom around the front and back paws. The tail should be rounded off and the chest, stomach and head should be left with hair. It is the most widely used haircut in competitions and dog shows where is is also known as the Lion Cut.

The Continental Cut's elaborate style makes it impressive, but also takes a lot of time and effort (not to mention experience) to get right. There are other haircuts on dogs called the lion cut, such as one for the Shih Tzu, but they will look different according to the specific breed.

Poodle Cuts - Haircuts for Poodles - 1. Continental Cut
Image: National Geographic

2. English Saddle Cut

The English Saddle Cut is very similar to the Continental Cut. The difference lies in an additional pompom on the hind legs, as well as the pelvic area being left at the same length as the chest. It still shares the long ears and tightly wound curls on the body. Both are considered some of the most popular Poodle haircuts among groomers.

Poodle Cuts - Haircuts for Poodles - 2. English Saddle Cut
Image: poodleforum

3. Dutch Cut

The Dutch Cut is one of the most popular in dog contests and expositions. Unlike previous styles, this one is for those who are looking for a uniform style with no differences in length of the dog's coat. As seen in the photo, it's notable above all for the tail ending in a cute pompom. In the UK, this is referred to as the ‘Sporting Cut’ in the British Kennel Club. There is also a variation where there is a shaved middle which is sometimes known as a Royal Dutch Poodle Cut.

Poodle Cuts - Haircuts for Poodles - 3. Dutch Cut
Image: poodleforum

4. Modern Cut

The Modern Cut for Poodles is probably the most suitable for owners who love following recent trends and enjoy watching canine beauty competitions. This is also known as the Scandinavian Cut or European Cut in some sectors, especially in the United States of America. The photo shows a very neat version of the modern cut.

The Modern Poodle Cut seeks to achieve a careful and professional finish, without being as exaggerated as the aforementioned styles. It is an aesthetic cut, yet at the same time it is very natural. It follows the shape of the body, emphasizing the ears and tail as much as the head.

Poodle Cuts - Haircuts for Poodles - 4. Modern Cut

5. Puppy Cut

The Puppy Cut haircut is very popular among most small dog breeds, such as Yorkshire Terriers or West Highland White Terriers.

This is a very trendy cut for Miniature Poodles and it isn't difficult to work out why. This haircut really makes your Poodle look like a puppy. This style doesn't aim to achieve a defined or sharp-looking finish. On the contrary, the fur should look natural and fresh. The American Kennel Club claims there should be a pompom on the end of the tail for the Puppy Cut in Poodles. It is another of the most popular Poodle haircuts.

Poodle Cuts - Haircuts for Poodles - 5. Puppy Cut
Image: temporary-secretary

6. Summer Cut

Many dog owners wonder if it's bad to give their dogs a haircut during the summer. Not all dogs should follow the example of the Poodle, which is a breed that adapts perfectly to different haircuts and styles.

Summer is a hot period that makes your beloved Poodle get dirtier than usual - especially if you take it to the beach or go for a walk in the woods. Therefore, giving your Poodle a Summer Cut is a good idea. You will help to keep them cool while achieving some interesting aesthetic finishes, as shown below in the picture. Winter Poodle Cuts tend to leave more hair on the dog to help insulate them from the cold.

Poodle Cuts - Haircuts for Poodles - 6. Summer Cut

7. Cupcake Cut

This haircut is not very well known, possibly because some people think it provides a strange look once it is done. You can see this strange, but endearing look in the picture below. The Cupcake Cut is notable for leaving the ears absolutely rounded as a result of being thoroughly styled. Not all styles will involve Poodle face cuts to be so dramatic, but we think it is quite stylish.

This Poodle cut is also notable for the shape of its head - which ends in a point - which bears a clear resemblance to a delicious muffin.

Poodle Cuts - Haircuts for Poodles - 7. Cupcake Cut
Image: huxtablethepoodle.blogspot

8. Teddy Bear Cut

The Teddy Bear Cut is increasingly popular among long-haired dog breeds. This finish must be done with scissors, and it requires hands with experience in styling Poodles.

The hair should be left mid-length so that the Poodle's curls can be seen clearly. This gives a sweet and rounded finish which makes it look like a bear, as the name suggests. Make sure you know how often to bathe a Poodle in order for their fur to look gorgeous at all times.

Poodle Cuts - Haircuts for Poodles - 8. Teddy Bear Cut
Image: yiral

9. Town and Country Cut

This type of hair cut is increasingly popular in the United States, where it's best known as the Town and Country C Cut or the T-Cut. This style can work for any type of Poodle, but is particularly common with Standard or Miniature Poodles.

Its defining feature is that it leaves the legs hairy and cylinder-shaped. The body hair, on the other hand, is cut shorter, which accentuates the density of the leg hairs. The head and ears have a rounded finish.

Poodle Cuts - Haircuts for Poodles - 9. Town and Country Cut
Image: najupets

10. Short Cut

While it's not very common to see a short-haired Poodle, it remains an aesthetic option that will avoid knots, tangles and dirt building up in its coat. This Poodle cut may be a good option in warmer countries. The Short Cut is also a good option for those who can't go to the dog stylist as often as they would like to. This style can work just as well on a Toy Poodle as it will a Standard Poodle.

You will need to bear in mind that it may cause the dog to become cold. Either avoid this cut in cold climates or winter months. If you still prefer a shorter cut, ensure you have a doggie jacket for them to stay protected.

Poodle Cuts - Haircuts for Poodles - 10. Short Cut
Image: notastandardpoodle-gregg.blogspot

11. Miami cut

The Miami Poodle Cut is a variation of the Continental Cut which is less elaborate and less shaving is involved. The base of the tail is shorter, as is often the tail itself. However, there is a pompon on the tail and legs, but the paws are usually shaved. This means it is a good cut for temperate weather since it should be neither too hot nor too cold.

Poodle Cuts - Haircuts for Poodles - 11. Miami cut

How to get the right Poodle cut

There is some controversy over the styles and types of Poodle cuts. The problem is there is no standardized style guide for cutting a Poodle's hair. In different countries, regions and even individual dog groomers, there is debate over the correct name for some of the terms. This can understandably cause confusion for groomers. Clients may come in with a specific idea of how they want their Poodle cut, but are unable to explain the style to the groomer.

Whether you have a Toy Poodle, Miniature Poodle or Standard Poodle, getting the right cut can be tricky. The best thing for you to do is to decide on what you want before hand and locate a picture of the Poodle cut you want. You can even take this article with you and decide which type of haircut will best work for your dog. Relying on the name of a certain Poodle cut may cause confusion or frustration, so it is best to be on the safe side.

Send us a photo of your dog!

Do not forget to share your Poodle's haircut in the comments so that others can get inspired. Thank you for visiting AnimalWised.

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Need to see hair cuts for summer, taken my poodle 8-10 lbs. Thank You
Tanya Covington
Rango male N 2010
Onyx looks quite different with his short cut
Administrador AnimalWised
Wow, thank you so much for this before and after pic. Looking good, Oynx!
Jetson loves his Teddy cut❤️!
Administrador AnimalWised
He looks so smart!!!
Modified continental
Matthew Nesbitt (AnimalWised editor)
Thanks for sharing Jazmin!
Hi, thanks for this detailed article! I recently adopted a toy poodle mix, and the next time i go to the groomers debating between keeping the haircut he has now, or changing to the "puppy cut". I attached a pic of his current haircut, what do you think the name for this cut would be? and do you think the puppy cut would suit him? I know i typed a lot lol but please respond it would help alot!
Administrador AnimalWised
Hi Hannah,

This looks like a version of the puppy cut, but it's harder to tell as we cannot see their body. We would say it is up to personal taste except for the climate. If it is cold, make sure not to get too much taken off.
This is Gracie with her official first cut at the groomers.
Administrador AnimalWised
How stylish!
Joyce hosaflook
Loved the information. I have had a total of 5 toy poodles over my lifetime, starting from young adulthood to senior.
I have none now. But I learned how to groom them myself and did a good job. I did not trust groomers w/babies. I brushed them every day and sometimes twice a day. They loved it and it was a ritual. I miss them. I am a senior now, so I would like to be able to give a forever home a to middle aged or senior aged poodle. Here is a picture of my last little girlie girl, Ginger. Such a loving and smart doggie. All of my Poodles were. The only negative would be the grooming. They need brushing no less than once a day and need groom no less than 6 weeks. I would average every 4 weeks. That kept it more manageable. Bathing at those times and “spot”cleaning when necessary in between.

ThenPoodle breed is great. I think the best breed to all. But for some there are Boxer maniacs! My daughter is one. She now has 2. She has had a total of 4 with 2 passing, one of old age and one young from a bad heart. Thanks..
Administrador AnimalWised
Hi Joyce,

Thank you so much for sharing your story! Have you tried contacting your local shelter? Many older dogs do not get adopted because families want younger dogs to spend more time with. Even if there is no Poodle in the shelter at the moment, you can let them know of your intention and they may be able to contact you if one needs rehomed.
Thank you so much for answering me with suggestions on how to obtain an older pooch. I have checked into rescues, but they are so picky and some will reject if you do not have a fence, which I do not, but I have had 5 Poodles w/o a fencing in different houses and what I do is tether them to a cork screw in the ground thing and put a rope with a collar hook and then I NEVER, EVER leave them alone when the go potty. This current house has a covered front porch, but I would stand in rain or snow to watch out for them. I am a helicopter dog mom! Plus I like to know that their bowels are working fine, etc. I think safer than just letting them loose in a fenced in backyard and forgetting about them for 30 minutes. They can swallow rocks or get in trouble with a bad toad that possibly could have sneeked in the backyard some how. You know? So I have tried that. But thanks for the Info. A shelter could save one for me I guess, but normally they end up call the poodle rescue. Years ago my daughter and I rescued two poodles ( she started with her childhood breed the. Went on to .boxers) she want an 2nd to. Keep the one she had company while they worked and I wanted one after mine both died. This lady was just a lady that took in dogs and didn’t really care who these dogs went to, but she could judge my daughter and me and that we would be good dog owners and that we were experienced poodle owners also,. Thank again Ana’s also thanks for the helpful hints. Respectfully, Joyce


Administrador AnimalWised
You're welcome Joyce! We know a fence is a good way of keeping a dog from escaping and maybe they require it because so many of their dogs are flight risks. However, it is possible to have a dog in home without a fence if the right care is provided. We wish you luck on your quest and hope something works out for you!
Bruce McGonigal
Aloha !!!
Dontranice Ervin
This is my toy poodle C.J.
Vicki Nelson
My first standard poodle, she is 5 months ago, apricot color, VERY SMART, getting her first grooming next week. Don’t want too over stress her, which haircut would be the best? We live in Arizona, warm weather, 5 other fur babies, all different breeds; Beauceron, Frenchie, Jack Russell & Lab. “Reba”, loves everyone ❤️
Administrador AnimalWised
Bud Holliday
6yo rescued small Standard at 55#. Don't have a name for the trim. I just send her in and say make her look good.
can i make hair cut for my old german shepherd dog/
Administrador AnimalWised
Hi Sana,

We have just the article to answer your question!:
We decided on this haircut
Administrador AnimalWised
Hi Kevin,

They look amazing, thanks so much for sharing! What is their name?
Amazing article!! Thanks
I had to comment because as a proffesional groomer I had to cringe at this list. There are standardized terms for some of the cuts you mention. Including "puppy cut" which is the absolute worst. In America a "puppy cut" should only ever refer to the AKC standard clip guidelines. Since you are not a groomer you dont have tell 9 out of 10 clients that the "puppy cut" they are asking for (for their yorkie, shih tzu, doodle, ect all manner of breeds with all kinds of hair) means absolutely nothing to me. That the length they want which can be practically to the skin nose to tail or leaving 4 inches of hair all over is specific to each dog and owner that they are downright astounded when i tell them that doesnt tell me anything. Most dont bring in pictures and if they do there is a good chance their dog has a totally different hair texture and will never look like the picture. Every groom who had a "negative" comment has had to deal with this on a daily basis. You are providing no valuble information to clients and are not educating them properly making the relationship with their groomer strained when we tell them that their information is wrong. If you want to write an article helping people get the best haircuts for their dog then do some research. They should have pictures and/or a length in mind (half off, leave an inch, leave a half inch, ect) their groomer would be happy or should be happy to discuss lengths and some styles with them. To educate them on proper coat maintenece and grooming schedules. Feel free to email me if you would like to speak to a groomer about real grooming advice for any upcoming articles or if anyone reading this would like to find out more. There is so much misinformation out there it is hard to sift through even as a proffesional I am alwaus learning new things.
Doll Buttery
Thanks for sharing. I have my 4 month old Mimi poodle an I love the different styles.
Administrador AnimalWised
Thank you, glad we could be of help!
Shirley Hipps
Best Hair for sure!
Kathryn Magnotto
Very helpful in deciding which hair style fits your Poodle. Thank you for the details
Administrador AnimalWised
You are very welcome, feel free to post a photo if you are having any of them done to your Poodle!
I hope you can see all those photo. If not I am not sure the aspect required.
Administrador AnimalWised
Hi Molly,

Unfortunately we cannot. Can you try again, perhaps with a smaller file size?
Image: National Geographic
Image: poodleforum
Image: poodleforum
Image: temporary-secretary
Image: huxtablethepoodle.blogspot
Image: yiral
Image: najupets
Image: notastandardpoodle-gregg.blogspot
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Poodle Cuts - Haircuts for Poodles