Can American Staffordshire Terriers Live with Other Dogs?

By Josie F. Turner, Journalist specialized in Animal Welfare. Updated: August 29, 2017
Can American Staffordshire Terriers Live with Other Dogs?

If you are thinking about adopting another dog but you already have an American Staffordshire Terrier in your home, do not worry. Here at AnimalWised we will go into how the this breed gets on with other dogs and whether they'll develop a good or a bad relationship.

Besides telling you whether American Staffordshire Terriers can cohabit with other dogs, we'll give some advice so that you'll soon achieve a pleasant coexistence between the two dogs regardless of their breed. Do not forget to comment and share your experiences so others can also enjoy having two dogs in the one household.

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How are American Staffordshire Terriers like?

The truth is that, despite their appearance and past use in hunts and fights, Amstaffs are not aggressive dogs at all. Like other Bull Terriers, some states and countries limit their ownership to certain conditions. However, Staffords are sociable and loving if well educated since they are young puppies.

During the puppy socialization period, the Amstaff will understand and learn to interact with people and other pets, which is essential so that they can connect with other dogs and have an harmonious coexistence in the future.

On the other hand, you should also know that the American Staffordshire Terrier is an obedient dog, predisposed to training and learning orders. Guiding them through new situations, then, is not so difficult. In fact, they are generally considered quite docile and known for being a great breed for autistic children.

Can American Staffordshire Terriers Live with Other Dogs? - How are American Staffordshire Terriers like?

Introducing another dog to an Amstaff

If you've got a well socialized, obedient Stafford and they are usually friendly with other dogs then they must be well prepared to be introduced to a new companion. Of course, this stage should occur gradually, never in a hurry or improperly. Always consider the personality of the new dog. If you're not sure you can do it yourself or you are afraid of a possible backlash, you can consult a dog trainer.

The introduction should be done out of home as your American Staffordshire Terrier will want to defend their invaded territory, which will cause a negative reaction. It will be essential to walk the two dogs together and observe their attitude towards the other. Smelling each others' backsides and playing are very positive attitudes that indicate a possible understanding. On the other hand, grunting or an isolated attitude may suggest that they perhaps are not going to be get on well.

Go for walks together until you observe a positive behavior. You can use treats, a staple of positive reinforcement, so that both dogs understand that they are doing well.

The next point will be to let them loose (or use a long strap for extra security) and give them some freedom to establish a relationship. If after one or two weeks you think that they've forged a good friendship, the moment will be right to start their cohabitation.

In the case of wanting to adopt a puppy, you will not have as many difficulties as adults often accept smaller dogs without any problems.

Can American Staffordshire Terriers Live with Other Dogs? - Introducing another dog to an Amstaff

Prepare for the arrival of another dog

Before bringing the new dog home, it will be essential to locate their future objects: two bed, two feeders and toys. Make sure they each have what they need for themselves so that there isn't any jealousy.

Can American Staffordshire Terriers Live with Other Dogs? - Prepare for the arrival of another dog

Positive attitude at home

Finally, we recommend patience during both the first days. Always reward positive attitudes from both dogs. Avoid uneven squabbles and treat both dogs well.

If you have difficulties or both of the dogs' behavior during this process is too complex, go to a professional ethologist.

Can American Staffordshire Terriers Live with Other Dogs? - Positive attitude at home

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Love this article! But does anyone have any advice on how to get your nervous staffy (chow chow mix) to successfully coexist with new family dog?
My first staffy (resident dog) has been with me since she was a puppy. She’s always been insecure (separation anxiety, car anxiety, excessive whining) but extremely loving and affectionate. Yesterday, we adopted a 1 year old mastiff who is fearful of humans but loves dogs. The two are not at each other’s throats yet but they have growled at each other and my staffy is challenging (running at him, getting in his face, jumping at him, etc..) the new mastiff and making him uncomfortable.
On top of that, he was just neutered yesterday and had been a stray for an unknown amount of time. My staffy is also a rescue that was a stray as a pup. Both are weary of new environments. Mastiff is fearful of humans and loves dogs. My staffy has recently been becoming more reserved than before so she’s still very friendly with people but more weary of dogs. She has been snapped at and lunged at by other dogs in public places as she likes to “pick on” (get in their faces, jump at them, being overly playful) other dogs. Not sure when she picked up this behavior but I’m not sure how these dogs will establish dominance or coexist if this continues.
Can American Staffordshire Terriers Live with Other Dogs?
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Can American Staffordshire Terriers Live with Other Dogs?

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