Afrikaans Names for Dogs

By Jane Bertin, Journalist specialized in animal welfare. Updated: June 17, 2018
Afrikaans Names for Dogs

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Have you decided to adopt a dog? You surely know by now that it's going to be a great responsibility. However, with patience and care you'll soon develop a deep bond with your dog. The first step to achieve a good relationship with your pet is giving them a name you both love.

A good name for a dog must not only sound nice; it has to have a meaning and a history that you like, and it has to be unique. Moreover, you should pick a name that's easy for your dog to learn - we'll give you some guidelines on that later.

In this AnimalWised article we offer a selection of our favorite Afrikaans names for dogs and their meaning. Read on!

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What is the Afrikaans language?

Afrikaans is spoken in South Africa and Namibia, as well as in some areas of Botswana and Zimbabwe. However, its origin is Indo-European. Like English, Dutch and German, Afrikaans is a West Germanic language.

It is a relatively new language, having been developed in the 18th Century among the Dutch colonists that settled in the Cape. Afrikaans is very similar to Dutch, but it also has words from Xhosa, Zulu, Malay and Portuguese, among other languages. Nowadays Afrikaans is the third most common language in South Africa after Zulu and Xhosa, and it's often learned as a second language. If you're interested, here you can discover Zulu names for dogs.

So why should you choose an Afrikaans name for your dog? Well, if you live in South Africa, almost everybody will understand its meaning but it will still be more unique than the most popular names like Chloe, Sasha, Milo or Rocky. If you live in Europe, the name will sound interesting and different but it will still be understandable. If you live somewhere else, you'll be giving your dog a truly unique name with a beautiful sound.

Afrikaans Names for Dogs - What is the Afrikaans language?

Guidelines on choosing a dog's name

Before moving on to the list of Afrikaans names for dogs and their meanings we must point out that you shouldn't choose a name for your pet simply because it sounds cool. A dog's name has a function: Getting their attention and calling them to your side. Therefore, the dog's name is a tool in their training.

A good name for a dog must follow these guidelines:

  • It should be two syllables long, or three at the most. If the name is too long it will be more difficult to learn, and if it's too short it will be confusing.
  • It shouldn't sound similar to daily words or orders. For instance, the name "Spot" can be confused with the order "Stop".
  • You shouldn't use your dog's name while telling them off or while angry, because the dog might learn their name as a form of punishment.
Afrikaans Names for Dogs - Guidelines on choosing a dog's name

Afrikaans names for female dogs

  • Anja: Anna
  • Appel: Apple
  • Arora: Aurora
  • Aster: Star
  • Babbit: Babette / Elizabeth
  • Baffie: Buffy
  • Babsie: Barbara
  • Bekkie: Beak
  • Blapsie
  • Blom: Flower
  • Blommetjie: Flower
  • Boeboe: Booboo
  • Boksie: Box
  • Bollewol: Ball of wool
  • Chaki: Chaka
  • Delila: Delilah
  • Doeda
  • Dyna: Dina
  • Engel: Angel
  • Fiela
  • Fifi: Joséphine
  • Flooi
  • Gena: Gina
  • Gesiggie: Face
  • Gogga: Bug
  • Griet: Daisy, Margaret
  • Hadassa: Myrtle tree
  • Heidi: Noble
  • Heuning: Honey
  • Ika: Short for Veronika
  • Jenga
  • Katinka: Katherine
  • Kiewiet: Plover
  • Koeksister: Cake
  • Koukou: Chew-chew
  • Lente: Spring
  • Liefie: Love
  • Meisie: Girl
  • Miela: Sweet
  • Moksie: Mug
  • Muschka
  • Nanjie
  • Nooitje: Nub
  • Nugat
  • Oepsie
  • Ounooi: Missus
  • Patroon: Pattern
  • Piekie
  • Poeksie: Cracker
  • Prinses: Princess
  • Ragel: Rachel
  • Rimpel: Wrinkle
  • Riska: Maria
  • Rummer
  • Schmoo
  • Skattie: Treasure
  • Smirkie: Smile
  • Soetlief: Sweet love
  • Somer: Summer
  • Taffy
  • Toffel: From "Pantoffel", slipper
  • Toontjies: Toe
  • Vinkel: Fennel
  • Vlinder: Butterfly
  • Vlooi: Flea
  • Wollie: Wooly
  • Zella

Afrikaans names for male dogs

  • Axel: Absalom
  • Bakkies: Bowls
  • Basjan: Sebastian
  • Biskit: Biscuit
  • Blaf-nou: Bark-now
  • Bliksem: Lightning
  • Blits: Lightning
  • Bobbejan
  • Boetie: Little brother, boy
  • Bollie
  • Brakenjan: Dogtanian
  • Casper: Jasper, treasurer
  • Diesel
  • Diflock
  • Ertjie: Pea
  • Feifel
  • Feliks: Felix
  • Flam: Flame
  • Frankenhond: Frankendog
  • Generaal: General
  • Grootpoot: Big legs
  • Hamer: Hammer
  • Hansie: Hansel
  • Hondsedinges: From Hond Se Dinges, a movie
  • Jorsie
  • Kabouter: Dwarf
  • Kaptein: Captain
  • Kerneels: Cornelius
  • Klipdrif: Driftstone
  • Knuppel: Club
  • Koffie: Coffee
  • Leeu: Lion
  • Magnus
  • Meeko
  • Neelsie: Niels, Cornelius
  • Orion: Constellation
  • Pasella: Bonus
  • Pampoen: Pumpkin
  • Pote: Legs
  • Rakker: Scamp
  • Riempies: Thongs
  • Rommel: Litter
  • Skimmel: Mildew
  • Skrum: Scrum
  • Sokkies: Socks
  • Spekkie: Bacon
  • Tjopper: Chopper
  • Toiings: Rags
  • Voertsek: Follow
  • Vrydak: Free
  • Wagter: Keeper
  • Witblits: White lightning

As you can see, there are some Afrikaans names we haven't found the meaning for. If you know it, please tell us in the comments section. You can also share your favorites and, if we've missed them, we'll add them to the list!

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Marochelle Brazier
I would like a few female, Afrikaans names pls
The word “voertsek” is derived in the Afrikaans (South African) language from Dutch “vort sê ek” ( go away) and afapted to “voertsek”. It indeed means go away, or run off. Not a nice name for a dog😁
Administrador AnimalWised
Hi Ben,

Thanks for the definition, but we know someone who has this name for their dog. We suppose it depends on your sense of humor!
Bobbejaan = Baboon
Janus van Niekerk
The word voertsek is actually used by afrikaners to chase away a dog, for instance , if a dog is attacking you , you would shout “voertsek!!” . thus i think it would be very confusing for locals to use it as an actual dog name. Just a correction on the translation,”pote” =paws, grootpoot=big paw.
The name "Bollie" sounds similar to "Bolla," which is what some people call a hair bun. Words with "ie" or especially "jie" (pronouced "key") at the end signify terms of endearment, like for a small child or loved one. I'm going to guess that "Bollie" means "little bun."
Administrador AnimalWised
Nice suggestion Chrizaan.
Bollie sounds also similar to Bolle..Bolle is a dutch word sometimes used for a friend who is a little bit on the fat side ;-)

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