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Caring for Your Dog in Summer

Josie F. Turner
By Josie F. Turner, Journalist specialized in Animal Welfare. Updated: August 31, 2017
Caring for Your Dog in Summer

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When owning a dog for the first time we sometimes make mistakes that can greatly trouble the dog. But, during the summer, our lack of experience can lead to very serious accidents and even fatal consequences.

In order to not pass through the bitter experience of observing inadvertent damage that you may cause your dog, AnimalWised will warn you of the dangers of a heat wave and the best way to care for a dog in summer.

Read on to find out our tips!

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  1. Never leave your dog in the car
  2. Always keep them hydrated
  3. Look after their fur coat
  4. Follow a parasite control
  5. Control of vegetation entanglements

Never leave your dog in the car

During the summer a car can become a dog's mortal trap.

Many times dogs are left inside cars with the window ajar while we go to the supermarket, pharmacy, or any other place for a quick trip. During autumn, winter and even spring such action is usually anodyne, but in summer it is different. A car parked in the sun can reach temperatures of near 70ºC, even if we leave the window ajar.

Thousands of dogs in the world die every year for this reason. And tens of thousands suffer life-long consequences due to this serious, but common, human error.

Therefore, the best way to never commit this terrible mistake is to never leave the dog inside the car, no matter the season.

Sometimes the car is parked under the shade of a tree or screen and we are confident that everything will be fine. But we do not consider that the sun is not static and a shady area can turn into a real sauna within minutes. The same error also kills young children and babies.

Caring for Your Dog in Summer - Never leave your dog in the car

Always keep them hydrated

During the summer you should never skimp on your dog's water. You will notice that they are drinking more than usual, in the same way that people do.

As a result of the heat salts, minerals and trace elements are lost and these must be maintained or replenished. Water is an essential element.

If we ever should be away from home for several hours during the summer season and we cannot take the dog, we must leave the water bowl and a back up drinking bowl full with water. Finally, if you do not know exactly the time you will be absent we must also leave the toilet lid open as an emergency water resource for our dog should it need it.

When not well hydrated, the dog will be susceptible to heatstroke. So, it is very important to be alert and ensure they have fresh, clean water.

Caring for Your Dog in Summer - Always keep them hydrated

Look after their fur coat

Your dog's daily brushing is the best way to help them avoid feeling too hot.

There are people who make the big mistake of clipping the dog, believing that this will be cooler in the summer. Only in some very specific breeds of dogs is this theory correct. For the vast majority of dog breeds it is a mistake to cut their fur during a heat wave.

A dog's coat protects it from both cold and heat. If we clip it and reduce this protection the dog will suffer and the fur that grows later will be weaker.

Dead fur is what over heats the dog. Live hair forms air chambers which cool the dog's body temperature. Therefore, cutting and not brushing the dog's fur is the best way for the poor animal to have a horrid time during the summer.

Caring for Your Dog in Summer - Look after their fur coat

Follow a parasite control

During the summer the usual places where we walk our dog can change in a radical way upon the arrival of the hot season.

Shrubs and plants amongst which our dogs run around and play, become locations filled with parasites. These uninvited guests can cause many inconveniences, and even various diseases in our dogs. Check out in AnimalWised what parasites can affect your dog.

During the summer it is necessary to be protected by pipettes and be aware if it scratches more than unusual. It is desirable to have an antiparasitic spray in our home to face any problem. When we bathe it we will use antiparasitic shampoos.

Caring for Your Dog in Summer - Follow a parasite control

Control of vegetation entanglements

During walks and more so in excursions there will be several plant materials that can adhere to our dog's fur coat. Another reason why we strongly recommend summer daily brushing.

Thorns, berries, seeds, leaves and various plant materials can become entangled in our dog's fur coat. Tangles that if not promptly unpicked become knots that will unfortunately cause the need for our dog to have their coat clipped to get rid of the tangles around the plant materials.

Thorns and spikes are dangerous because they tend to dig into the legs, between paws and cause great inconvenience to our dogs. For this reason we recommend you check your dog thoroughly after hiking through the woods and countryside.

Caring for Your Dog in Summer - Control of vegetation entanglements

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Caring for Your Dog in Summer