Hairless dogs are one of the most interesting looking canines on the planet. While we can get annoyed if we have to groom hairy dogs all the time or they leave their fur al over the cough cushions, when they have no hair at all it can look strange. Some may see them as a curiosity, but many quickly fall in love. Some hairless dogs may seem ugly at first glance, but you will see they are actually cute and wonderful dogs.
Hairless dogs are associated with Latin America, with the Mexican Hairless Dog and Peruvian Hairless Dog being some of the most common breeds. However, there are others such as the Chinese Crested Dog. These animals have much more to their character than the simple fact they do not have any fur. From small to medium to large sized dogs, the most important aspect s to care for them properly and ensure they are happy. We also have pictures of hairless dogs so you can know what we mean.

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