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Dog Intelligence Games at Home

Josie F. Turner
By Josie F. Turner, Journalist specialized in Animal Welfare. Updated: July 16, 2019
Dog Intelligence Games at Home

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Certain dog breeds such as Border Collies or German Shepherds need mental stimulation to be happily relaxed. In fact, many problems such as anxiety and stress can be solved with the use of intelligence toys.

Any dog can benefit from this type of game because it stimulates them mentally and is also fun.

In this Animal Wised article we take a look at the different dog intelligence games you can play with your dog at home. Keep reading!

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  1. The Kong
  2. Tic-Tak-Twirl
  3. The three cups game
  4. Cube-ball
  5. Bionic toys
  6. Hide and seek
  7. Practice obedience

The Kong

The Kong is a fantastic and very useful toy for dogs suffering from separation anxiety. Furthermore, it is a safe toy and dogs require less supervision with this compared to other toys.

The mechanism is simple: place dog food, dog biscuits and even pâté into the hole so your dog uses its paws and snout to get the food out of the Kong. As well as keeping them entertained for a while, the Kong relaxes them and makes them think about the different ways of emptying the Kong to eat its delicious content.

Discover all about the Kong such as what size to use or how to use it properly. Its use is highly recommended for all dogs.

Dog Intelligence Games at Home - The Kong


In the market you can find intelligence games for dogs that are very similar to noughts-and-crosses. Tik-Tak-Twirl consists of a small board with separate containers in which treats are placed. The panels should be rotated to empty the treats. The dog, using its snout and paws, will work out how to withdraw the food inside.

Besides being fun for the dog, it is also fun to watch! This type of food game is suitable for dogs that eat too fast. The treats come out slowly so the dog cannot gobble up the food in one go. It also enhances sense of smell.

Dog Intelligence Games at Home - Tic-Tak-Twirl

The three cups game

This game is very easy and you can do it without spending any money at all (all you need to buy are some doggy treats). Find three identical containers and hide food in one of them. The dog, with its sense of smell and paws, will find the right one.

Besides being fun helps the dog to relax and stimulate their intelligence.

Dog Intelligence Games at Home - The three cups game


This game is very similar to the Kong but instead of hiding treats, it has a ball inside. The dog should try to remove it from the cube, something that is not so easy as it seems. In addition to boosting intelligence, this is a 2-in-1 toy.

You can make a similar cube yourself at home, making sure it is soft, never toxic and very fun. It is perfect for obese dogs that should not eat excess snacks.

Dog Intelligence Games at Home - Cube-ball

Bionic toys

So that you understand what this is, bionic objects are those that try to simulate the behavior of a living being by using engineering and mechanics. There are very diverse and surprising toys on the market of this kind which are perfect for tireless and energetic dogs.

The materials used for bionic toys are resistant to bites and are deformable - hours of lasting fun for your furry friend.

Dog Intelligence Games at Home - Bionic toys

Hide and seek

Another game that stimulates a dog's sense of smell and intelligence is hide and seek. You can use toys or treats - whatever suits you. Hide them in a particular place and help your dog if they?re not able to find them.

Besides homemade versions, you can also find some on the market, including the adorable "Hide-a-Squirrel" which your dog is sure to love.

Dog Intelligence Games at Home - Hide and seek

Practice obedience

Obedience is perfect for stimulating your dog's the mind and teaching your dog how to behave. You can teach them "paw", "sit", "stand", etc. Anything is possible if you repeat it enough times and if you use positive reinforcement.

We recommend training sessions of between 10 and 15 minutes to avoid overwhelming your pet. You can also use the clicker, a fun system. Remember: Patience is key when it comes to training your dog.

Dog Intelligence Games at Home - Practice obedience

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Dog Intelligence Games at Home