Fruits and Vegetables for the Zebra Finch

Fruits and Vegetables for the Zebra Finch

Lovers of the zebra finch will already know that they're very curious birds that love to try new food - especially fruits and vegetables. Even so, feeding a zebra finch properly is not just about bringing variety to their diet for the sake of it. Rather, variety is absolutely necessary to keep these birds beautiful, healthy and active.

Remember that vitamins disappear very quickly after being in water. Vitamins found in fruits and vegetables, on the contrary, last for longer. Today at AnimalWised we'll focus specifically on fruits and vegetables for the zebra finch, leaving their normal diet to one side.

What vegetables should zebra finches eat?

Soft green sprouts are great for your zebra finch's diet. This is the most easily accepted food, so we recommend that you give your bird rocket leaves, spinach (better when boiled), endives or escaroles.

Remember that you should regularly change their fruit and vegetables so that they don't spoil.

Some people give lettuce to their zebra finches, but that vegetable contains too much water which can cause diarrhea. Therefore, it's better to think of alternatives.

What other vegetables do finches like?

Other interesting options are cucumbers, chard, cabbage leaves and even dandelions of the kind that you can find in any field - zebra finches love them!

Remember that fruit and vegetables should make up 20% of your zebra finch's diet. Try giving it different types and find out which it likes best.

What if my zebra finch doesn't eat vegetables?

It's possible that your bird won't be interested in the vegetables that you offer it; it's normal for zebra finches to take some time before accepting vegetables. A very good dietary option is to offer sprouts, which are more easily accepted due to their different consistency and close resemblance to seeds. Soybean sprouts and wheatgrass are two very interesting options.

What fruits can zebra finches eat?

Fruits are a delicious, vitamin-packed option that your zebra finch will surely love. Out of the infinite range of fruits, some very interesting supplements are kiwis, oranges and apples which will fill your bird with new vigor and energy.

Don't forget that...

Cuttlefish bone is the best way for your zebra finch to receive its daily dose of calcium. You can buy it at any pet shop, and it is becoming increasingly popular. This fantastic option has gradually phased out the traditional means of calcium provision, which was given in an artificial, compact form.

Are your zebra finches not eating fruit and vegetables?

It's normal for your zebra finch to not try the fruits and vegetables that you give it soon after moving into your home. This is totally understandable, since they're not used to these foods.

It's important for you to be patient with your bird and give them different types of food at their disposal every day. We recommend that you start by offering them sprouts and tender shoots, such as rocket, before moving on to giving them varied fruits and vegetables.

Don't always offer them the same thing, as zebra finches quickly get bored of the same type of diet. By varying the diet, you'll not only discover what type of food your diamond finch likes best; you'll also strengthen your relationship with your bird.

Other dietary options

If your zebra finches still don't eat fruit and vegetables after this, we recommend that you go to a pet shop and purchase some vitamin supplements, such as Tabernil.

These are strong-smelling chemical products which lose their effectiveness after a while. Not all zebra finches drink water containing vitamin supplements, which is why the best option remains persisting with fruits and vegetables.

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