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How Much Food does a Beagle Need?

Josie F. Turner
By Josie F. Turner, Journalist specialized in Animal Welfare. Updated: January 27, 2019
How Much Food does a Beagle Need?

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If you have recently adopted a beagle you should know that you have gained a faithful, affectionate, active and energetic companion. If you have a spacious home and time to provide your dog with all the exercise they need, congratulations, you've found your ideal dog!

The specific care that beagles require includes: weekly brushing, exercise and food control. Why? Very simple, this is a dog with an insatiable appetite. They could eat a whole bowl of dog food in a single sitting! Unfortunately, this can lead to obesity that, as a result, could lead to serious health problems.

Her at AnimalWised, we have all the info you need to know how much food a beagle needs. We will be discussing a beagle's diet and looking at a beagle feeding guide to help you!

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  1. How to properly feed a beagle
  2. How much should a beagle puppy eat?
  3. How much should an adult beagle eat?
  4. How much should an elderly Beagle eat?
  5. Best dog food for Beagles

How to properly feed a beagle

Each breed of dog has particular characteristics that help us decide on their nutritional or other needs. Although all beagles require a great supply of protein. As well as the composition of the food, the amount we provide will also depend on the breed and the following factors:

  • Age
  • Adult weight
  • Physical activity

It is obvious that a beagle puppy in its early stages will not consume the same amount of food as an adult or elderly beagle. In the same way, small, medium, large and giant canines are also assigned quantities suited to their size.

With this said, when determining how much food our beagle should eat, we will focus primarily on how much physical activity they practice. Beagles require long walks and exercise that manage to burn all their accumulated energy. Likewise, this very energetic nature results in them having an insatiable appetite. Controlling food portions can become a task for owners but is very important. Beagles, as we have mentioned before, have a greater tendency of become obese than other dog breeds, and therefore, their diets need to be controlled meticulously.

How Much Food does a Beagle Need? - How to properly feed a beagle

How much should a beagle puppy eat?

During the puppy stage, our beagle needs many grams of food. Therefore, it is not surprising that we give them more during the first months, compared to when they reach adulthood. In this sense, it is considered that the beagle has reached maturity once they surpass 12 months of life. Until then, we will have to buy dry feed from the junior range, manufactured exclusively to meet the needs of this breed of dog.

The selected feed should contain a high percentage of proteins and nutrients. These will support their digestive system and ensure the correct development of their intestinal (or gut) flora. Also, it is important that essential minerals, like calcium and phosphorus are found in the composition. These minerals help the proper formation of your pup's skeleton and prevent problems with their joints. As they are active and energetic animals, they often suffer from diseases related to bones and joints. Keeping them in perfect condition from birth is fundamental to prevent these diseases. Finally, note that the feed contains antioxidants to help strengthen their immune system.

We advise you to look for quality feed to provide your puppy with the best nutrition. Keep in mind that this is the most important stage of their life. This marks their evolution and development. So, you should avoid those brands that are predominantly flour and cereals.

When you feed your beagle puppy, you must take into account the following considerations:

  • To encourage feed intake during the first two months, it is advisable to moisten it in water to soften it. Then you will have to decrease the amount of water until the feed is completely dry.
  • From 2 to 4 months we will ration the daily grams and we will give them in four shots.
  • From 4 to 6, we will give them in three.
  • At 6 months, we can now give them the daily total number of grams divided into two meals.

Below you will find a beagle feeding guide presenting you with the total amount of grams you should feed your beagle a day. The figures take into consideration how old they are and the weight they will reach as an adult.

In order to know the present and future weight of your beagle , you should consult your vet. You will observe that up to 6 months, the daily food amount fro your beagle will increase to cover all of its nutritional needs. From 6 months onward, you should reduce their food intake to avoid excessive weight gain and/or obesity.

How Much Food does a Beagle Need? - How much should a beagle puppy eat?

How much should an adult beagle eat?

Once a year of age, our beagle dog is already an adult and we must buy dry feed from the adult range. In order to avoid obesity, the daily amount of feed in our beagle's diet must decrease in relation to the intensity of their physical activity.

Do not be surprised if you notice that after consuming the recommended amount of food, your beagle asks you for more. At this point, it is imperative that you remain firm and do not give in to their request. Their nutritional needs are already covered with the amount provided, thus, they do not need more food. Of course, if your beagle begins to lose weight progressively, you should go to your vet. Once you explain in detail all the exercise you do daily, they may advise you to give them more food.

When selecting the feed for your beagle's diet, you should make sure that the percentage of proteins are the highest - occupying 40% of the total composition - and that minerals such as calcium and phosphorus are present. These will keep their bones and joints in perfect condition. Also, consumption of EPA and DHA is critical to promote healthy bones and skin, as well as keeping their coat shiny.

Take a look at this beagle feeding guide below presenting the amount of food your beagle should consume per day. As we said at the outset, this amount should be established according to their weight and their degree of physical activity. Remember that from this moment you can continue to give the total amount in two portions or reduce it to one.

How Much Food does a Beagle Need? - How much should an adult beagle eat?

How much should an elderly Beagle eat?

From the age of 8, a beagle dog is considered old. Therefore, we must change their feeding to a range appropriate for a senior dog. Although dogs don't often show obvious signs of advanced age, we must adapt their diet to new nutritional needs.

A beagle is one of the most active and energetic breeds. They can accompany us for up to 15 years if we give them all the correct care that they need. In this sense, the diet for your old beagle dog should also be enriched with EPA and DHA to maintain; skin and hair health, calcium for bones and joints and fiber and protein to promote intestinal transit. In addition, to increase the supply of antioxidants and help keep free radicals at bay, we can provide our elderly beagle with fruits and vegetables.

During old age the amount of food according to a beagle's diet is about the same as during their adulthood. The only thing that changes is the composition of the feed and the form. For an adult beagle, it is recommended to buy food that is difficult to chew. They tend to be dogs with a tendency to swallow without chewing. As for the elderly beagle, it is advisable to buy easily chewable food. Another valid option if your beagle does not have all the teeth, is to mix the dry food with wet food.

If your old beagle suffers some type of liver disease, kidney disease or diabetes, do not hesitate to go to your vet. They can determine the best food for your beagle. If you notice your dog has: lost their appetite, are feeling down, showing signs of tiredness, sleeping more than usual, are vomiting, have diarrhea or any other symptom, go to a specialist for an immediate examination. Your dog deserves this care and more, after providing you with a life full of unconditional affection and good company.

How Much Food does a Beagle Need? - How much should an elderly Beagle eat?

Best dog food for Beagles

When it comes to feeding you Beagle, like with any dog, you can choose between commercial dog food or homemade food. There are benefits to each. The good thing about commercial dog food is that you can be sure it holds all the relevant nutrients that your dog needs. On the other hand, homemade food can be better in the sense that you yourself have control of what ingredients go into the food.

We do however suggest, that for both, you choose the best quality ingredients and/or higher quality feed. This will ensure that your beagle receives all of the nutrients that it needs, keeping it fuller for longer.

It is important to avoid grain-based foods when it comes to your beagle, instead opt for real protein-based feed, such as: fish, beef, lamb and chicken. We recommend avoiding meat high in bad fats, instead, look for feed high in healthy fats, such as; omega-3 fatty acids. If you choose to buy commercial feed for your beagle dog, we suggest avoiding; fillers, artificial coloring, flavoring and/or preservatives.

Also, remember, whatever you do, do not leave food out for your Beagle! It is incredibly important that you train and control when your beagle eats. If you leave food out, your Beagle will not stop eating and if this is the case, runs the risk of serious health problems!

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I read labels but I still don't know what is a good brand of dog food. My Bella won't eat dry food since her Daddy introduced her to people food. She is 4 yrs old and weighs 38 lbs. Can someone suggest some good brands.
Harpreet Singh
This was very helpful.. Thanks for putting it out there :)
Administrador AnimalWised
You're very welome Harpreet!
How many time and how much quantity (in grams),can i feed my beagle,age. Is 75 days and weight is1.5 to 2 kgs
Now We are feeding royal canin mini
Administrador AnimalWised
Hi Manoj
The amount of feed will be visible in a table on the bag of your dogs feed. With feeding a puppy it always depends. Normally with Royal Canine Mini it indicates for a dog of 2kgs at 2 months old you should feed them 50g. (1/2 cup) However, we suggested being careful to not overfeed your beagle as this breed are prone to being overweight. AnimalWised
how many times and how much to feed beagle who is 3 to four months ?
Alice Tapiol Breeze (AnimalWised editor)
Hi there,
As mentioned in the article you will ration the amount of food in 4 shots at that age. Remember the amount will depend on your puppy's weight, which you can find in the chart in this article. As Beagles weight between 22 and 55 lbs (10-25 kgs) you should give your dog between 160 to 230 gr of feed depending on the amount of exercise he gets.
Hope this helps
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How Much Food does a Beagle Need?