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How much Food Should a Chihuahua Eat

Josie F. Turner
By Josie F. Turner, Journalist specialized in Animal Welfare. Updated: February 2, 2021
How much Food Should a Chihuahua Eat

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Chihuahuas are loyal, lively and sympathetic pets, which are also very easy to look after and care for thanks to their small stature. Of course, the amount of food required for a Great Dane will be incomparable to that for a Chihuahua.

It is a dog with an average need for exercise, which means it does not need a high amount of calories. If you have decided to adopt one and are wondering about their diet, please continue reading this article. We at AnimalWised will explain how much food a Chihuahua should eat.

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  1. What will determine the amount of food
  2. How much food should a Chihuahua puppy eat?
  3. How much should an adult Chihuahua eat?
  4. What about an old Chihuahua?

What will determine the amount of food

As we know, there are two types of Chihuahua: the apple head and the deer head, which differ in size; the latter tends to have a larger head. To meet their nutritional needs, knowing the weight of your Chihuahua is essential, as this will affect the amount of food it requires.

The advantage of this breed is its small size, which allows for a smaller amount of feed. This makes them far more affordable than larger dg breeds.

There are different types of food for Chihuahuas. Before adopting this cute dog breed, we advise you to find the highest quality feed that will keep it healthy and strong, which will directly affect their quality of life and their appearance.

How much Food Should a Chihuahua Eat - What will determine the amount of food

How much food should a Chihuahua puppy eat?

When the puppy is in its full growth stage, it has some care and specific nutritional needs. It requires a number of supplements such as calcium or fats among others. Most feed sold under the Junior category is perfectly suited to these needs; however, you should take some factors into account:

  • Until the 5th month of life the puppy's needs will increase according to their physical development.
  • Once that time has passed, the puppy's food can be gradually reduced. This is to prevent obesity, something very common in Chihuahuas.
  • Junior feed has a high caloric content, so as the dog approaches 9 months old, you should start reducing the doses.
  • At this stage, tooth development is important. Find toys that are suitable for its puppy stage.

Below is a table showing the specific feed for Junior puppies. This is the amount in grams per day and they should be eating meals throughout, not in one go. Obviously, the amount to be administered may vary depending on the product brand. As a result, we recommend consulting the table on the back of the product and consulting your veterinarian.

How much Food Should a Chihuahua Eat - How much food should a Chihuahua puppy eat?

How much should an adult Chihuahua eat?

When older than 9 months old, you should change the feed and find one that is specific to its stage in life. There a various options on the market with a variety of brands available for adult dogs.

Remember that exercise is very important for your pet, which should be adapted to its pace and strength. This will make for a super happy and healthy Chihuahua. It's a basic care requirement in order to prevent obesity in this breed of dog.

The table below shows you the amount of food required for an adult dog, depending on the physical activity undertaken. Look at the back of the feed for the recommended amounts; in case of doubt, consult your trusted veterinarian.

How much Food Should a Chihuahua Eat - How much should an adult Chihuahua eat?

What about an old Chihuahua?

After 7 years old, your dog will begin to reduce its physical activity and will enter into old age. For this, there is a range of Senior dog food, which contain less calories but has a high quantity of supplements, vitamin and calcium, all of which are very important for the maintenance of its body.

The amounts tend to be the same as those provided in the adult stage, it is only the composition of the food that varies. Always remember to consult the table of the chosen product or your vet to make sure. If you notice that your dog is lethargic, you could ask your vet about the administration of vitamins as a boost vitality.

To keep to your Chihuahua healthy, it is fundamental that you practice specific exercise for older dogs. You'll have so much fun together, even in your pet's later years!

How much Food Should a Chihuahua Eat - What about an old Chihuahua?

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What did you think of this article?
Do the values in the tables correspond to amount per day or amount per meal? Thanks!
Administrador AnimalWised

It is per day and they should have 4/5 meals per day, so this should be divided up. We should have been clearer and we amended the article to address this. Thank you for pointing it out!
Racheal Phillips
Hes age 4 years old he weighs 5.6kg how much dry food does he need need to put him on a diet
Mary Willig
My chihuahua is Tinkerbell and she is seven.She walks five times a day and weighs 10.4 lbs. She eats 2 cans of Royal Canin adult chihuahua loaf a day and in between meals has Royal Canin chihuahua cereal. Is her weight excessive?
Administrador AnimalWised
Hi Mary,

It would depend on her size to weight ratio as well as other factors. Generally, however, nearly 5 kilos does seem to be on the heavy side for a Chihuahua.
I have a 9 month old chihuahua puppy terrier mix I think, and we are trying to keep her on an eating schedule. How much do you think we should feed her a day? Thank you
- Layla
I have a 3 pound, 14.5 year old Chihuahua. How much should he be eating per day? Also, should I feed him more than twice per day?
Pee wee
I still don't know exactly how much to feed my chihuahua hes 18 and sleeps all day
Administrador AnimalWised
Hi Pee Wee
How much does your Chihuahua weigh? This amount of food that you feed your old Chihuahua should correlate with its weight.
I feed my 6yr chihuahua either cooked mince or cooked kangaroo meat both with carrot, rice and peas.About 100grm including kibble.
He seems to be putting on too much weight. We walk everyday and he plays fetching his ball. What can I do to reduce his weight? I am not to sure how much he weights but it would easy be around 5 1/2kg
Administrador AnimalWised
Hi Sandra,

Kangaroo meat is generally low in fat, but mince beef or pork can be variable. We would suggest, stopping the mince and see if this makes a difference. However, it is unlikely this will be the only thing causing the problem. Exercise is very important and taking more walks might help. Reducing the total amount for a while until they start to lose weight is useful, but if you don't see any change, then you should take them to the vet to see if there is any hormonal issues at play.
I have a Rat terrier chihuahua mix. She is 2 and 1/2 and I don't want her to get over weight. I am feeding her 1/4 cup of dry food in the morning to eat at her leisure and one ceasars wet at night. I don't want her to go hungry either
Administrador AnimalWised
Hi Elizabeth,

Thank you for sharing this lovely picture, her ears are particularly adorable. If she is 2 1/2 then she won't be on a puppy diet. This means if she is maintaining good health and is not putting on or losing weight, you may have found a good balance. These things can change and certain food deficiencies can develop over time, so always make sure you pay attention to any changes. Treats are a healthy part of their diet and are necessary for positive reinforcement, they just can't be used too much. Also, just because it is a treat doesn't mean it isn't healthy (see below). Keep up the good work and enjoy your time together!

P.S. Did you knit her sweater yourself?
Why is it so hard to find an answer to one simple question without having to go back 1000 yrs in chihuahua history? A simple scale of weights, how much in weight they should be for age and eating each meal to be healthy and happy ?? They are so easy over feed and put weight on fast
Mary Frances Ray
i have never had chihuahua's before i got the grandsons one apiece, they are so different one is very smart and playful the other one is skitish and want let you get get close except when you are playing with the other one and then she want let you pick her up
i don't know what food to feed them they are about 3 and a half months old and what shots do they need, also, i gave them the 1 in 5 how many more do they need?
i have always had bigger dogs, i have a Bull Terri i adopted and he is very playful and very protective of me and the boys no one else can get around him i think he must have been mistreated before i got him but i'm very pleased with him no body would take him because he was black and had a skin problem he is beautiful now and his hair has growed back but back to the chihuahua what can i feed them with the vitamins they need, They act hungry all the time, also ,i need to know how to train them from pooping every where. i know it has to be consistent
Administrador AnimalWised
Hi Mary,

Thanks for sharing your story and experiences with Chihuahuas. This article might help with the toilet problem:
I'm thinking that my little Chiawowwas is a bit over weight about 3-4 lbs
Is this something i should be worried about?
Administrador AnimalWised
Hi Norman,

We can only go with the average weight, but the average weight of both male and female Chihuahuas is 4-6 lbs. For this reason, it is possible they are underweight, but more likely they are normal. Are they showing any other signs of obesity?
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How much Food Should a Chihuahua Eat