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How to Make a Homemade Scratching Post for Cats

Josie F. Turner
By Josie F. Turner, Journalist specialized in Animal Welfare. August 22, 2017
How to Make a Homemade Scratching Post for Cats

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A scratching post is a necessary and essential item for any cat. Our pets need to vent, file down their fingernails, scratch and have a place that belongs to them. So, if you don't want to see your furniture disintegrate, a scratching post is the answer!

Cats scratch objects to communicate with other cats and their 'humans', thus leaving visible messages and detectable scents. The process of scratching is so important for your pet, as it is also part of their processes of cleaning, grooming, playing and emotional relief.

We know that these scratching posts can be costly, but since this is a staple item for your feline friend, AnimalWised want to teach you how to make a homemade scratching post for cats. A place where your pet will feel safe, have fun and fine those claws - leaving all your furniture free of danger.

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Steps to follow:


Making a homemade scratching post is much easier than you think. The first thing you have to do is to have the design clear and make your own sketch. We recommend checking different types of scratching posts and evaluate the space you have available at home as well as the needs of your cat.

Take a look in stores and even on the internet to choose the right model. Remember that your pet will not be demanding and we assure they will be very happy with any design you choose. Keep in mind that the only thing essential is that the post has a rough area to scratch and a padded and soft area for your pet to rest.

How to Make a Homemade Scratching Post for Cats - Step 1

Once you have decided what type of scratching post you want to make, the next step is to gather all the necessary materials. As we have already mentioned, you will be amazed at how cheap and easy it is to make your own so keep in mind that most of the materials mentioned below can be recycled. You can either take advantage of unused items in your home or things found in trash containers.

  • Tubes
  • Wood signs
  • Soft cloth
  • Rough mat (optional)
  • Esparto, rope or hemp
  • Padding
  • Screws
  • Brackets
  • Wood glue
  • Upholstery stapler

The tubes can be both plastic and cardboard, the important thing is that they are strong enough to hold the structure you want to make. The number of tools will depend on how complicated or simple you want to make the scratching post for your cat.

How to Make a Homemade Scratching Post for Cats - Step 2

Now we start to work. The first thing that you must do is to place the fixings to the tubes and line them with esparto.

To install the brackets that will fix the tube to the base of the scratching post you must install brackets secured with screws. The number of brackets for each tube will depend on the weight they have to support as well as the diameter of the tube. In this case we have placed three at each end.

Once you are finished with this, the next thing will be to line the tube with esparto. This is the most important part of the post, so you have to do it with detail and care. Hook the end of the rope on one of the squares and, after spreading the tube with glue, wind the esparto tightly at each turn.

Tricks and tips:

  • Every 5-10 turns you hammer the rope that you have already glued to the tube to ensure that it is well compacted. So when your cat scratches it will be more difficult to create holes.
  • Wear a mask, some glues are very strong and can cause you headaches.
How to Make a Homemade Scratching Post for Cats - Step 3

If you have already lined the tubing you are going to use, the next step is to assemble the structure. To do this, fix the tubes very well to the wooden slabs. Remember that you can make a simple scratching post with a base and a tube or a much more complex structure with steps and boxes. It's up to how much effort you want to put in!

If you make a multi-storey scraper keep in mind that you must be very careful with the measurements. Make sure everything matches and uses a level to check that the base and floors are straight and aligned.

How to Make a Homemade Scratching Post for Cats - Step 4

It is time to line up and start by conditioning the base of the structure.

If it has more than one floor, we recommend that you use a thick cloth or carpet for the base, like a doormat for example. This way your cat can also scratch and file their nails in this area of ​​the scratching post. If on the contrary it is a simple scraper go directly to the next step as this will not be necessary.

To place the mat, first cut the piece according to the measurements and make other cuts at the same height of the tubes and this way you can make it fit without any problems. Smear the entire surface with glue from one end to the other. Then, lightly tap with a hammer to remove air bubbles that may have remained.

How to Make a Homemade Scratching Post for Cats - Step 5

To cover the soft parts of your homemade scratching post you only have to cut the pieces of cloth following the measurements of all surfaces and use the stapler for upholstery. This tool will allow you to adjust the fabric to the edges of the wood and fix it.

When you get to the parts where you have interspersed tubes, all you have to do is cut the fabric that you can then attach to the stapler. If you do not have a perfect lining do not worry because your pet will love it nonetheless. We assure you they will be the happiest cat in the world when they lie down to rest.

Remember that to add the stuffing just insert and distribute evenly across the surface that you are lining, before stapling the last edge.

How to Make a Homemade Scratching Post for Cats - Step 6

Finally, all that is left are the details. Place several toys all over the scraper, for example, a hanging doll, another stuck in some of the tubes or a scratch area with some special reason, like mice!

How to Make a Homemade Scratching Post for Cats - Step 7

Final tips

Once you have it ready, we recommend rubbing it with some dirty clothes, such as socks or a T-shirt. This way the scratching post will have your scent and it will be easier for your cat to get excited about it.

It is also important that you choose a good place to put your cat's new toy. Once you decide where to put it do not move it, so your pet will know that this is their area.

And if your cat happens to have any problem adapting to their new toy, feel free to leave a comment below. We would love to give you some guidance.

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How to Make a Homemade Scratching Post for Cats