Is Credelio Safe For Cats?

Anaëlle Laurent
By Anaëlle Laurent. March 19, 2020
Is Credelio Safe For Cats?

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Credelio is a veterinary drug (lotilaner), used to eliminate flea or tick infestations in dogs and cats. It acts by affecting the parasite's nervous system once they feed on the cat. This treatment is through small, flavoured and chewable pills. But is Credelio safe for cats?

In this article form AnimalWised, we are going to explain what Credelio is, what it's used for in cats, if it's safe and more.

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  1. What is Credelio for cats?
  2. What is Credelio used for in cats?
  3. Credelio dosage for cats
  4. How to administer Credelio to cats
  5. Credelio safety information
  6. Credelio side effects for cats

What is Credelio for cats?

Credelio is the trade name for the veterinary drug lotilaner, used to control ticks and fleas in cats and dogs. It is a pure enantiomer of the isoxaolin class. This drug falls into the broad group of antiparasitics. Once administrated, it will reach its peak in blood concentration within four hours.

Lotaniler is an ectoparasiticide, which means that it manages to eliminate external parasites, those that survive on the skin or hair of animals. It does this by affeecting the nervous system of fleas and ticks once they feed on the cat's blood. This is an effective method to treat fleas and ticks, especially before they lay eggs or transmit diseases to the cat. Fleas on the cat will die within 8 hours. It is said to kill 99% of fleas in 24 hours and 100% in a month[1].

Ask your veterinarian before trying this treatment. Continue reading to learn about its side effects, safety information and more.

Is Credelio Safe For Cats? - What is Credelio for cats?

What is Credelio used for in cats?

Credelio can be prescribed by veterinarians for a cat that is suffering an infestation of external parasites. It is specifically to treat fleas of the species Ctenocephalides felis and Ctenocephalides canis or of ticks Ixodes ricinus. This means that Credelio will only work for mites if the infestation is due to ticks. For other mite infestations, consult your veterinarian to know what's best for your cat. For this product to have an effect, it is necessary for the parasite to bite the cat and feed on their blood.

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Credelio dosage for cats

These are the recommended dosis of Credelio for cats:

  • Credelio 12 mg chewable tablets for cats (1 - 4,4 lbs)
  • Credelio 48 mg chewable tablets for cats (4,4 - 17 lbs)

Nevertheless, your veterinarian must be the one to establish the appropriate dose for your cat since they can fully understand the advantages and disadvantages of this drug specifically for your cat's case.

Is Credelio Safe For Cats? - Credelio dosage for cats

How to administer Credelio to cats

Credelio is available as small, flavoured and chewable tablets in seven different strengths. The lowest two are for cats. These pills are given to the animals with food or within 30 minutes after feeding. The dose depends on the animal’s weight and other medical precautions, analysed by the veterinarian in charge.

Credelio safety information

Credelio is not recommended for tick infestations in kittens less than five months of age, as insufficient data are available to support its efficacy. In any case, the product cannot be given to cats younger than eight weeks or less than half a kilo of weight. That is unless the veterinarian, considering the risks and benefits, decides that it is appropriate.

There are also not enough studies to support the safety of using Credelio in pregnant cats or cats that are lactating. Therefore, if we take care of a cat in these circumstances, we must respect the veterinarian's decision on the matter. Of course, cats that have previously shown hypersensitivity to the active ingredient lotilaner cannot be given Credelio.

Lastly, because ticks must start feeding on the animal in order to be killed by the medicine, the risk of transmission of diseases that they may carry cannot be excluded.

Is Credelio Safe For Cats? - Credelio safety information

Credelio side effects for cats

To this day, there are no known side effects of using Credelio. Many flea pills contain a pesticide called isoxazoline. These products have been associated with neuroogic adverse reactions, including muslce tremons, ataxia and seizures in cats. However Credelio doesn't include this pesticide. This may be why it is one of the few trade names approved by the FDA after reviewing studies and other data on Credelio. They concluded that it is safe and effective to use for the majority of animals.

If your pet experiences a bad reaction, the FDA also advises you to immediately bathe your pet with mild soap, rinse with large amounts of water, and call your veterinarian.

This article is purely informative. AnimalWised does not have the authority to prescribe any veterinary treatment or create a diagnosis. We invite you to take your pet to the veterinarian if they are suffering from any condition or pain.

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