Why Does my Cat Splash Water out of the Bowl?

Why Does my Cat Splash Water out of the Bowl?

Cats are animals with a very special and particular personality; they love to be in control of their property, including the water in their bowl - and they sometimes show it in odd ways. One of those ways might be splashing water all over the place. Strange as it may sound, there are actually many reasons why your cat might be doing that.

If you notice this strange behavior in your cat and you're wondering "why does my cat splash water out of the bowl?", you've come to the right place. We at AnimalWised will answer your question and help you to solve this problem.

Are they trying to grab the water?

"Why does my cat splash water out of the bowl?" - this is one of the most common problems posed to us by AnimalWised readers. It looks like cats are trying to remove the water from the bowl with their paws!

This type of behavior doesn't only happen with water. You can also find many cats who are drawn to scooping food from their bowls with their paws. This is generally done as part of their natural instincts - they simply prefer taking food to a safer place where they can eat properly.

You can try various things when this happens with water. For example, you can place the food in a quieter part of the house, change the food more regularly - perhaps the cat doesn't consider it to be clean.

Most importantly of all, make sure that the water is always within their reach. Whilst this sounds strange, some cats don't like stooping so low. Try using a taller bowl and filling the water almost to the top. You can also consider buying a bigger, heavier bowl that they are unable to manipulate.

Does your cat have toys?

Sometimes the lack of distraction or motivation leads your cat to want to play with the water bowl. One of the main reasons why your cat splashes water out of the bowl is simply that they are playing!

Spend more time with your pet and distract them with cat toys or other intelligence games. Anything that makes them forget about the water bowl will be a good option.

Do they hate the water bowl?

It's possible that your cat doesn't like the water bowl and prefers to drink directly from a flat surface. Go to your normal pet shop to buy a larger one with which they feel more comfortable.

It's also possible that the cat doesn't get on well with other household pets. If this is the case, a cat may splash water out of their bowl to create a safer situation when they can't see over the rim of the bowl. If you believe that's the situation, buy a new bowl with lower edges.

Is the bowl dirty?

We aren't surprised at all when we hear of cats throwing food and water or defecating in another place because they don't feel that their objects are clean. Remember that cats are particularly clean animals, so pay attention to the hygiene of everything that belongs to them - including, of course, their water bowl.

Is it something else?

Do you still not know why your cat splashes water out of the bowl? It's possible that it's not caused by any of the above reasons, so if you're really worried do consult a vet about the problem.

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