Cat Breeds That Like Water

By Ameera Mills. Updated: January 20, 2019
Cat Breeds That Like Water

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Did you know that there are some cat breeds that like water? Surprising right! And not only do they like it, many of these cat breeds love to bathe and swim! In some cases, this passion for water is innate. But with other cat breeds, they need to be socialized and introduced to water correctly. Many cats have a bad relationship to water due to the fact that they see it as a negative stimuli, when they really shouldn’t.

If you want to know more about cats and water and better understand this relationship, you’ve come to the right place. Here at AnimalWised we will be discussing the cat breeds that like water. In addition, we will be looking at why cats hate water (generally).

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Why do cats hate water?

Why are cats afraid of water? Well, this is one of the most frequent questions among cat lovers, who experience a really tough time when it comes to bathing their cats. In addition, many cats also refuse to drink water from their bowls, which adds more confusion to any pet owner. Well, let’s analyze. Cats are attracted to water in motion, therefore, if you cat is not drinking water that is stagnant; replace it with a different water source. Did you know that a cat of about 5 kg should ingest an average of 250 ml of water a day. Depending on a cat’s specific diet, this figure may increase or decrease. Do you want to know more about why your cat isn’t drinking water? Click here for more!

Now, why do cats dislike water? Well, there are several theories that discuss the reason for this fear, although there is still no clear and definitive answer. One of the most widespread theories dates back to the origin of cat breeds. The majority of original cat breeds come from desert zones in the Middle East, where water is limited. Another theory argues that the idea of soaking in water makes a cat’s mantle heavier. This heavy wet coat then causes a cat to feel uncomfortable, less agile and somewhat immobile. This is in addition to making a cat feel trapped, compromising a cat’s freedom to move and react quickly to threat and/or danger.

Despite this, the evolution of cats throughout history has forced cats to come into contact with water. In fact, cats need water in order to survive, hunt and fish. Because of this, many cat breeds have in fact adapted to water. But remember that a cat’s education and training plays a fundamental role in a cat’s relationship with water. This is especially significant when it comes to bathing a cat. Therefore, regardless of breed, if your cat is not correctly introduced to water, it will not like it.

Do cats like baths?

Generally, no, cats don’t like baths. The reason for this relates back to what we mentioned before; a heavier mantle. Bathing cats often causes fear and stress, mainly due to the fact that it makes cats feel restrained and immobile. This negative relationship between cats and water can, however, be avoided through correct socialization. Many cat guardians make the mistake of forcing their cats to bath, do not do this. By forcing your cat to bath, it will increase stress in your cat and your cat will, in turn, hate baths more. In fact, forcing your cat to bath is counterproductive to its feline cognitive development. Therefore, if you are teaching your cat to take a bath, be patient. For better results, introduce your cat to water from when it is a kitten.

Domestic cat breeds that like water: Norwegian Forest cat

One of the things that most characterize the Norwegian forest cat is its eagerness when it comes to water. In fact, Norwegian forest can are excellent swimmers despite their abundant mantle. Did you know that Norwegian forest cats are also one of the oldest cat breeds in the world? These cats have been included in many myths and legends of Scandinavian mythology.

The Norwegian forest cat, in addition to making it on our list of cat breeds that love water, is also known as one of the largest cat breed in the world. It is an extremely large cat that can weigh up to 10 kgs. Its beautiful mantle requires specific care in order to keep it in perfect condition. Caring for a Norwegian Forest cat’s coat requires daily brushing and a suitable diet, rich in omega 3 and 6. This cat breed also stands out for its affectionate and protective character.

Cat Breeds That Like Water - Domestic cat breeds that like water: Norwegian Forest cat

Big cats that like water: Maine Coon

Maine Coon cats love water and snow, which is why bathing a Maine coon cat is an incredibly fun and enjoyable experience. In addition, Maine coons are also sweet, affectionate, attentive, friendly and love to play with water.

Like the Norwegian Forest cat, Maine coons are considered one of the largest cat breeds in the world, weighing between 6 and 10 kgs. In addition, a Maine coon cat’s coat is long, fluffly and needs to be brushed regularly. For more about this lovely cat breed, take a look at our article on: Caring For A Maine Coon Cat.

Cat Breeds That Like Water - Big cats that like water: Maine Coon

Cats that swim: Turkish Van cats

Apart from being beautiful, a Turkish van is also known for being a cat breed that loves water. This breed of cat likes to bathe, play with water and swim in pools, rivers or lakes. So, if you are planning a holiday with your cat in a warm place with water, take your Turkish Van with you! But if you don’t know how to travel with a cat, don’t worry! You can take a look at our article on; Travelling by Car with a Cat.

In addition, this cat breed usually gets along very well with children (they love to play), as well as climbing to high places. Providing your Turkish Van with adequate environmental enrichment is mandatory.

Cat Breeds That Like Water - Cats that swim: Turkish Van cats

Cats that love water: Turkish Angora

The Turkish Angora is another front runner of cat breeds that like water. This cat breed loves to play with raindrops, fountain water and really enjoys a good swim! As with the previous mentioned cat breeds, this cat’s eagerness for water may seem strange, mainly due to its abundant mantle. But, through its evolutionary process and history, this cat breed has adapted to water as a source of positive enrichment.

Again, it is important to emphasize the importance of regularly brushing the a Turkish Angora’s coat. In addition, to prevent the formation of hair balls, it is important to provide this cat breed with malt paste for hairballs. Did you also know that this cat is one of the oldest cat breeds in the world?

Cat Breeds That Like Water - Cats that love water: Turkish Angora

Cats breeds that swim: Siberian cats

Siberian cats love to swim and are actually really good at it. This ancient cat breed is a perfect companion for people who love to go on adventures, mountain walks and swims in lakes. Siberian cats are also a hypoallergenic cat breed, therefore if you suffer from allergies, this is the perfect cat for you! For more, take a look at our list of 10 hypoallergenic cat breeds.

Cat Breeds That Like Water - Cats breeds that swim: Siberian cats

Abyssinian cat water

The Abyssinian cat loves water! They are also considered to be one of the oldest cat breeds in the world. These cats love to play with their humans. If they donˆt receive enough attention, don’t be surprised if they find a water source to play with!

Cat Breeds That Like Water - Abyssinian cat water

Cat breeds that love water: Manx Cat

Have you heard of the cat breed without a tail? The Manx cat , a cat breed from the Isle of Man, is an incredibly intelligent cat breed that likes water. These cats are very active and therefore need constant games and play time to keep them both physically and mentally stimulated.

For more, take a look at our article where we discuss how to care for a Manx Cat.

Cat Breeds That Like Water - Cat breeds that love water: Manx Cat

Cat breed that like water: Does your cat like water?

Although your cat may not fall under our list of cat breeds that like water, they may still love a good bath! If you notice that your cat likes water, you shouldn’t be surprised or worried. Many cats learnt to adapt to water, despite it not being an inherent characteristic in its breed. It’s also important to know that mixed-breed cats can also like water, especially if they have received proper cat education.

Whether your cat likes or dislikes water doesn’t matter, we would love for you to share your cat’s water experiences in our comments section below!

Cat myths: Busted!

Let’s be honest, cats hating water is somewhat of a myth. There are many myths that revolve around cats, but are they all true? If you want to know more about cat myths, take a look at our YouTube video below!

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chris and tabitha
can you help me identify her breed shes 5 and wieghs 131/2 lbs i found her wieghing 1 lb eyes not open and i think racoons got the rest of the litter she drinks from the faucet and willingly lets me bath her in shallow waterafter a bath she travels thru the house ringing a doz or more bells ive put up for her also she trys to stand on her hind legs and turn light switches off wierd huh?
I have a cat just like that and I don't know what breed it is, but he likes water and tries to open our door knobs, he loves the outdoors, and he loves water of all kinds.
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