Guanche Names for Dogs

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By Josie F. Turner, Journalist specialized in Animal Welfare. Updated: November 7, 2016
Guanche Names for Dogs

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If you want to take in a dog into your family, you're surely aware that it will take lots of time, patience and responsibility. On the other hand, adopting a dog is very gratifying and will bring new emotions and value to your life, making it richer and more loving.

One of the first things that owners think about when they adopt a puppy is the name they're going to give them, since it must be unique and original and it must match both our pet and our personal taste.

If you're looking for a meaningful, original name, you might be interested in Guanche names for dogs. Here at AnimalWised we offer a selection of our favorites:

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  1. Who are the Guanches?
  2. Before choosing a name for your pet
  3. Guanche names for male dogs
  4. Guanche names for female dogs
  5. Looking for more inspiration?

Who are the Guanches?

The name "Guanche" refers to the aboriginal communities of the Canary Islands before the Spanish conquest in the 14th century. These people were of Berber origin; they arrived from North Africa thousands of years ago. Guanche names, then, are ancient and historically relevant; this makes them unique and especially meaningful, as they refer to a mostly lost culture.

The names we have collected are names of historical and mythological characters, and they form part of the heritage of the Canary Islands. If you want your dog to have an unusual name, a Guanche name can be a good option.

Guanche Names for Dogs - Who are the Guanches?

Before choosing a name for your pet

Before settling on a Guanche name for your dog you must take into account that a name's main function is to catch your pet's attention and make their training easier. A good name for a dog must fit these requirements:

  • A dog's name shouldn't be too long, since that would complicate the dog's learning process.
  • It also shouldn't be monosyllabic; a good name for a dog is two syllables long. If it's longer than that, it should be turned into a shorter nickname.
  • Your dog's name shouldn't sound to similar to an order. If you call your dog Pitt, for instance, they might get confused with the order "sit".

Besides following these tips, you should also remember not to use your pet's name while angry during the training period, since the dog can grow to associate the name with something negative.

Guanche Names for Dogs - Before choosing a name for your pet

Guanche names for male dogs

If your dog is male, we hope this selection of Guanche names for dogs is useful or at least inspiring:

  • Abentahar
  • Acaymo
  • Ache
  • Adargoma
  • Aday
  • Afahe
  • Afur
  • Agoney
  • Airam
  • Alguin-Arguín
  • Ancor
  • Arago
  • Arico
  • Armiche
  • Artamy
  • Asano
  • Augerón
  • Axer
  • Ayoze
  • Aythami
  • Badel
  • Baeta
  • Baute
  • Belicar
  • Beimaco
  • Bencomo
  • Berehano
  • Bentagay
  • Besay
  • Chede
  • Chevender
  • Chimboyo
  • Chinconayro
  • Doramas
  • Echendey
  • Egonayga
  • Eiunche
  • Gaineto
  • Gaitafa
  • Ganache
  • Gaumet
  • Geneto
  • Gerad
  • Geronte
  • Guaire
  • Guanareme
  • Guayasen
  • Himar
  • Nauzet
  • Oto
  • Pico
  • Rayco
  • Tahod
  • Tigorte
  • Tinerfe
  • Ventor
  • Xitama
Guanche Names for Dogs - Guanche names for male dogs

Guanche names for female dogs

Here are some unique and meaningful Guanche names for female dogs:

  • Acerina
  • Andamara
  • Aniaga
  • Arecida
  • Arminda
  • Assa
  • Atidamana
  • Cathaysa
  • Chaxiraxi
  • Dácil
  • Fayna
  • Gara
  • Gazmina
  • Guacimara
  • Guaida
  • Guajara
  • Gualda
  • Guanina
  • Guaxan
  • Guayamina
  • Hara
  • Idaira
  • Iruene
  • Mati
  • May
  • Nayra
  • Nira
  • Nisa
  • Rosalva
  • Yaiza
  • Yurena
  • Yareli
Guanche Names for Dogs - Guanche names for female dogs

Looking for more inspiration?

We hope that our selection of Guanche names for dogs has been useful; however, if you still haven't found the right match for your pet we have even more lists. Take a look:

Guanche Names for Dogs - Looking for more inspiration?

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Guanche Names for Dogs