How Long Does it Take For Two Cats to Get Along?

By Ameera Mills. July 4, 2019
How Long Does it Take For Two Cats to Get Along?

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Have you just adopted a new cat and are having problems with introducing it to your other cat? Introducing two cats in a home can sometimes prove to be difficult, especially in the case of jealousy and terratorialism. Due to the nature of the species, two cats should eventually get along, but when?

For more about how long does it take for cats to get along, keep reading here at AnimalWised. In addition, we’ll be discussing other important factors which should be taken into consideration when introducing two cats.

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Getting another cat when you already have one

It is completely understandable that you may feel tempted to adopt another cat, however, it’s incredibly important that you take into accound the character of both individuals to ensure for positive coexistence. When it comes to introducing a second cat, we recommend making sure that the cat you want to adopt has already been properly socialized to avoid the presence of fear or agression in your home. Additionally, you should take into consideration the breed, age and gender of the cat. Some breeds are more social and social than others, or carry different requirements.

For example, an older cat requires a calm and tranquil environemnt to avoid the appearance of stress and anxiety. In this case, you should avoid adopting an active kitten. Additionally, male cats generally tend to be more accepting of other cats, while females are more territorial.

For more about cat breeds, we recommend taking a look at ou AnimalWised cat breed files.

How Long Does it Take For Two Cats to Get Along? - Getting another cat when you already have one

Introducing a second cat

Once you’ve adopted your second cat, you will need to properly adapt it to its new environment, as well as provide it with its own toys, sandbox, bed, bowls and scraper.

Cat pheromone spray

To ensure a propitious environment you can also use pheromones to help cats get along, which are synthetic copies of their natural pheromones. Cats normally release these pheromones naturally to relax their kittens. You can opt for Feliway spray or a Feliway friends diffuser. Not only do these improve your cats well being, but it also aid them in living in harmoney, avoiding fights, conflict or tention. This product had been scientifically studied and its effectiveness has been proved[1].

Introducing two cats to each other quickly

Once you have everything ready, you should take your cat home in a rigid carrier. You should never ‘‘free’’ your cat as soon as your arrive, as it could favor the appearance of aggressive behavior and/or nervousness.

We recommend using the 15-day method, which consists of having both animals in the home, but keep them seperate, both physically and visually.

The first thing you should do is to introduce their smells into the space. Exchange their accesories or touch one and let the other smell your hand. Keep performing these exchanges until both cats stop reacting negatively.

Next, introduce the visual. Allow your cats to look at each other through a glass door or carrier. If one or both become aggressive, stop the introduction for a while and try again another time. Offering treats and carresses can generate a more comfortable environemnt to help both cats interact more positively.

Once the visual introduction is less tense, you can let them share the same space freely. However, this introduction should be monitored. Remember, each cat must have their own sandbox, feeder, scraper, etc.

For more, we recommend reading our article where we discuss how to introduce a new cat to another cat.

How Long Does it Take For Two Cats to Get Along? - Introducing two cats to each other quickly

How to stop my cat from bullying my other cat

Cats are naturally territorial animals and don’t like when there is a change to their environemnt, even if they are normally sociable. Are you wondering,‘‘Why is my cat hissing and growling at my new kitten?’’ This would probably be a case of territorial aggression in cats.

This type of behavior normally takes time to fade. We recommend offering your kitten a safe space where it can explore freely and safely, using pheromones and allowing for positive monitored interactions.

For more, we recommend reading our following article how long does it take for a cat to get used to a new home.

My cat is hissing and growling at my new kitten

Signs of non-acceptance in cats may include:

  • Your old cat buffing the new kitten or vice versa. In some cases the disagreement will be evident in a gesture or through a hiss or growl.
  • Other signs of disagreement will be to hit each other’s legs, stare or prevent access to food, sandpit or resting areas.
  • There are also cats that react through stress. Are you dealing with cat depression after new kitten? Stress, depression and anxiety can occur when two cats are not introduced well or do not get along.
  • In serious cases, your older cat may attack your new kitten or vice versa. You may observe specific body language: ears very close to the head, back or sideways, body bent, tail raised, snorts, hisses, grunts and other warning signs. In the most serious cases the tail will bristle and your cat will attack while releasing powerful meows. If you notice any of these signs, separate the two cats immediately.

However tense the situation may be, it can always be diverted. Keep reading to answer the question,‘‘Will my cats ever get along?’’

How Long Does it Take For Two Cats to Get Along? - My cat is hissing and growling at my new kitten

How long does it take for cats to get along?

Unfortunately, there is no specific deadline when it comes to getting two cats to get along. Every cat has an individual personality which will vary when introduced to another. What we can say for sure, however, is that this process requires patience and dedication.

Cat jealousy and possessiveness

Some of the most common problems among cat introduction are interpreted by some as jealousy in cats. There is no scientific proof behind this assumption, and in most cases these issues have to do with a cat’s individual character. These supposed jealousies can, however, be corrected through positive reinforcement, games and a correct re-introduction.

For more we recommend reading our article where we discuss do cats get jealous?

How to make cats like each other

So, you may be wondering how to get cats to be friends, especially when dealing with territorial cats. Here are some of our top tips on how to make cats like each other:

  • Always opt for positive reinforcement (caresses, words, toys ...) so that the cat associates the presence of the other individual as a positive experience. Avoid the use of punishment, since it can cause the feline to associate the presence of the other negatively. Even in times of conflic, never shout, "punish" or repress felines, rather try to separate them calmly and firmly.
  • Guarantee that all the felines have their own accessories and places to take refuge when they feel scared, uncomfortable or are in search of tranquility.
  • Use a synthetic cat pheromone diffuser, such as Feliway Diffusers. All you have to do is connect the diffuser to a socket, away from windows and doors. These such diffuser take about 7 days to take effect.
  • If serious cat fighting and aggression continues, we recommmend consulting a veterinarian or feline ethologist.
  • Consider sterilization of male cats. Studies indicate that aggressiveness in cats is reduced by 53%, escapism by 56% and marking by 78% after castration[2]. Consult your veterinarina beforehand.

To understand cat communication better, we recommend reading our article where we analyze cat body language.

How Long Does it Take For Two Cats to Get Along? - How to make cats like each other

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  1. DePorter, T. L., Bledsoe, D. L., Beck, A., & Ollivier, E. (2019). Evaluation of the efficacy of an appeasing pheromone diffuser product vs placebo for management of feline aggression in multi-cat households: a pilot study. Journal of feline medicine and surgery, 21(4), 293-305.
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My cat attacks my sons cat who lives in a cabin on my land. My cat has been castrated. He lies in wait for her and attacked her whenever he sees her.
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While neutering does have an effect on their temperament, it is not the only factor. Also, it will often depend on when the sterilization happens. Have you followed the steps in the article to help them get along?
How Long Does it Take For Two Cats to Get Along?
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How Long Does it Take For Two Cats to Get Along?

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