Stop your Roborovski Hamster from Biting you

By Josie F. Turner, Journalist specialized in Animal Welfare. Updated: May 6, 2018
Stop your Roborovski Hamster from Biting you

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When we talk about Roborovski hamsters, we all think of their tiny size and cute appearance. Many people adopt this little rodent without being well informed, taking it home without having done any research.

For this reason, it is not surprising that many people receive a small bite if they are not well socialized with their new pet, and although it doesn't hurt, nobody enjoys it. It is important to educate yourself and have a positive attitude towards your new hamster, especially if there are children at home.

If it your pet hamster bites you and you're worried about how to fix this behavior, read this AnimalWised article on how to stop your Roborovski hamster from biting you.

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Earn their trust

It is normal that your Roborovski hamster doesn't like to be caught and held; hamsters are independent animals that instinctively fear humans. You are much bigger than they are, and they certainly know it. However, if you are patient and play by their rules, you can earn your pet hamster's trust and establish a harmonious relationship with it.

This can be applied to any type of pet, as without proper training and communication, pets will not understand what you are trying to convey. You should put some guidelines in place and follow them to bring you closer to your Roborovski hamster.

A hamster is a restless pet, so you should follow these steps to gain their trust and establish communication:

  • For its first few days provide a peaceful and stable environment. Your new Roborovski hamster needs to get used to its new home without anyone disturbing it, even if you really want to play with your new pet.
  • It is very important that you don't wake it up as it will be startled and get scared. Leave it to settle in its new cage.
  • Try to accustom it to you by calmly putting your hand in its cage. Do not touch it or pet it, just leave your hand there so it can get used to you.
  • Once it is more accustomed to your presence and voice, offer it some food as an incentive. Some fruit, hamster treats or nuts (unsalted) are a good option.
Stop your Roborovski Hamster from Biting you - Earn their trust

How to know if a Roborovski hamster trusts you

You will know when a Roborovski hamster trusts you when it doesn't try to bite you when you put your hand in the cage. Your hamster will climb on top of your hand with no problem at all. It is important to know that sometimes these animals can also bite you as a form of greeting.

The difference is that a bite to say hello will be soft, and they will be calm.

When it starts to calmly climb on your hand, try to move your hand around the cage and see if your hamster is still unperturbed. Eventually it will get used to this movement, so you may consider taking it out of its cage a little bit, after it has crawled onto your hand.

It is important to note that the hamster will decide when to climb on your hand, obviously with your help, but it will decide if it wants to or not. Forcing your hamster to do this will only make it suspicious.

Stop your Roborovski Hamster from Biting you - How to know if a Roborovski hamster trusts you

How to make your hamster understand that biting is wrong

The first few times your Roborovski hamster bites you when you put your hand in the cage can be down to fear, as it sees you as a threat. Don't make any quick movements, and don't take the hand away.

In addition to biting while trying to earn its trust, your hamster may bite you at other times, so you need to teach it that biting is not allowed. A harmless punishment that you can try with your hamster is to blow in its face. Your hamster will stop immediately, as it doesn't like this. It will then begin to understand that you do not allow biting.

This trick is very useful. You can teach it to children, making sure they do it softly, and ensuring they respect their new pets.

Stop your Roborovski Hamster from Biting you - How to make your hamster understand that biting is wrong

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The thing is my Roborovski will eat from my hand a bit then dart away, sometimes allow me to pet him when eating but is otherwise very skittish and recently likes to bite. He used to never bite but always run away.. I think I lost his trust. :c
Stop your Roborovski Hamster from Biting you
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Stop your Roborovski Hamster from Biting you

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