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The 5 Toys Cats Love the Most

Josie F. Turner
By Josie F. Turner, Journalist specialized in Animal Welfare. Updated: January 14, 2018
The 5 Toys Cats Love the Most

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Cats, like children, do not need fuss and complication to be entertained. They will have fun with anything that sparks curiosity, anything that moves or, quite simply, anything that you put in front of them. Cats are more creative than they seem!

Sometimes you may try to mollycoddle your cat by buying expensive toys, but the truth is that they enjoy the simple things. In fact, most cats enjoy turning objects you already have at home into toys, and they don't need luxury items. In order for your cat to have fun, it's more important that someone plays with them than having a fantastic toy.

Stay with us at AnimalWised article and discover the 5 toys cats love the most. You will learn how to make your pet a little happier, and you'll have the time of your lives together.

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  1. Ping pong balls
  2. Feather dusters
  3. Cardboard boxes
  4. Stuffed mice toys
  5. Measuring tape or string
  6. Something to bear in mind...

Ping pong balls

Light-weight ping pong balls are an excellent way to keep your cat active and busy, because they will be rolling and jumping around all the time. You can use several at once, which will make your cat go crazy with excitement and fly across the house chasing them.

Ping pong balls are perfect for hard and smooth surfaces such as the floors and walls of apartments and houses, but they're not so good for outdoor areas.

The 5 Toys Cats Love the Most - Ping pong balls

Feather dusters

Cats love soft feathers, and feather dusters fills them with rapturous joy. Invite your cat to clean the house with you; when you're dusting off the shelves, play with your cat and tickle it with the duster. A cat's hunting instinct knows that there is something special about feathers, so it will always be attracted to them.

It's also a good idea to let your cat play with it - this household item is the perfect toy for your cat!

The 5 Toys Cats Love the Most - Feather dusters

Cardboard boxes

Boxes have always been favorite toys for cats and their owners. All the closed spaces in your house in which your cat can hide and play detective, such as boxes and suitcases, are ensured a visit at some point.

When you bring something new to your house that comes in a box, don't throw it away - let your cat have it. It will become an intimate and special place for it. It is not a secret that cats love boxes of all kinds - small or large, any type will do!

The 5 Toys Cats Love the Most - Cardboard boxes

Stuffed mice toys

You don't want to encourage your cat to hunt other animals, but you can't keep it from its animal instinct. You have an easy - and adorable - option: Stuffed mice! These soft toys are many cats' favorites.

Moreover, they are cheap and can be purchased at any pet shop. They come in different colors, sizes and some make a noise when you squeeze them. This will capture your cat's attention and spark its curiosity. Go and get one!

The 5 Toys Cats Love the Most - Stuffed mice toys

Measuring tape or string

Your cat will try to grab anything that hangs with its claws: It is the pendulous movement that captures its attention. Dragging string or tape around the house is a good way to encourage your cat to play, while at the same time making it exercise.

However, this fun game for your cat requires more supervision, as your pet could get tangled up or swallow some string. The thicker the string, the better.

The 5 Toys Cats Love the Most - Measuring tape or string

Something to bear in mind...

To make sure your cat doesn't get bored and plays with its toys for a fair while, it is recommended to rotate the toys. This doesn't mean taking them out all at once. Rather, once you see your cat losing interest in one of them, pull out another toy from under your sleeve.

As mentioned earlier, you should enjoy every moment with your pet and take every opportunity to spend quality time with it. Remember that cats don't like playing alone, so it is essential that you're present during its playtime in order to stimulate it and create a fun and entertaining atmosphere.

Oh, and don't forget to always be on the lookout for more toys for cats and game ideas that you could use to have a good time with your cat.

The 5 Toys Cats Love the Most - Something to bear in mind...

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The 5 Toys Cats Love the Most