Top 10 Long-haired Cats

Olivia Grisham
By Olivia Grisham, Journalist specialized in animal care. August 30, 2017
Top 10 Long-haired Cats

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Long-haired cat breeds include some of the most popular of all domestic cat breeds and when you see this list you will understand why. Many of these stunning creatures have been bred specifically to be great companion cats, which is probably why they are so popular. Of course not forgetting their endearing look!

However, all these beautiful breeds require frequent brushing and more thorough care than their shorthaired counterparts. But don't let that worry you, we'll give you all the advice you need to maintain their gorgeous coats.

Continue reading this AnimalWised article to discover the top 10 long-haired cat breeds!

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  1. Maine coon
  2. Angora
  3. Persian
  4. Himalayan
  5. Norwegian Forest
  6. Birman
  7. Somalí
  8. Ragdoll
  9. Balinese
  10. American Curl
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1. Maine coon

The Maine Coon cat is a large cat of American origin. Adult males can reach 11 kg, apart from in cases of obesity where they have reached up to 20 kg! Females are smaller. The Maine Coon cat has thick eand soft long hair that comes in a wide variety of colors.

They one of the most affectionate, affable and intelligent breeds of cat. They love a family environment and are incredibly comfortable with children. An interesting fact of the Maine Coon is that they love water and baths! They are great swimmers and usually live well with other pets. They are however rather lazy and eat like a machine. That is why you must monitor their weight. Find out more about maine coon care on AnimalWised.

Top 10 Long-haired Cats - 1. Maine coon

2. Angora

The Angora cat is a very old breed from Turkey. They have long, silky hair which can be of different colors, but the most appreciated (and considered the most pure and prototypical), is white, accompanied by heterochromia of the eyes (one eye of each color).

They are very intelligent cats who can learn different orders and obey them. They like to live with one or two people at the most since they need peace and quiet. They are affectionate, but they do not like to be overmanaged. They like to climb to the highest places of the house and stay there, contemplating and observing things calmly.

They follow their owner wherever they go. Nevertheless we must emphasize that they do not always like other pets in the home. The angora cat prefers to feel like the most important member of the household.

Top 10 Long-haired Cats - 2. Angora

3. Persian

The Persian cat is a breed from ancient Persia (present-day Iran). They are aristocratic cats. These beautiful felines are of average size, being able to weigh up to 6 kg.

Their hair is extremely long and comes in a huge variety of bright solid or mottled colors. Morphology is the same among the different varieties of color, except in Chinchilla, which are smaller than the rest. The length of their hair, their flat face and their hairy short and rounded tail offer a chunky, full appearance.

They are intelligent, shy and lazy. They can live with other pets but without much enthusiasm. Their coat must be periodically maintained by a professional groomer, as you will discover in our article on caring for the coat of a Persian cat. It needs a lot of dedication!

Top 10 Long-haired Cats - 3. Persian

4. Himalayan

The Himalayan cat originates from a cross between Persian and Siamese cats. Their weight is around 5 kg on average. The characteristics of their coat are similar to those of the Persian: long, thick and smooth.

Their face is what differentiates them from Persian and Siamese genetics, since they have beautiful blue eyes and a dark mask covering their face and ears, typical of Siamese cats. Caring for a Himalayan cat is very simple.

They have a very familiar, serene and affectionate character. They enjoy high intelligence games and get along well with other pets. A professional dog groomer can take care of their precious coat.

Top 10 Long-haired Cats - 4. Himalayan

5. Norwegian Forest

The Norwegian forest cat is a direct descendant of the great Nordic wild cats that the Vikings took on their graceful Drakkar (Viking ships), with the function of controlling rats that lived in these stylized wooden ships.

There is the theory that these Viking cats were crossed with American wildcats, producing the ancestors of the current Maine Coon. The Norway forest cat is large and their weight oscillates between 7-9 Kg.

They have a lively, mischievous, and affectionate temperament. They are very strong and fast, and it's inadvisable to lock them in a flat on their own. They are more appropriate for living on farms, or in houses with gardens of considerable size. In the latter circumstances, they can easily live with other pets.

Top 10 Long-haired Cats - 5. Norwegian Forest

6. Birman

The Birman is a spectacular breed of semi-long hair. They resemble a kind of cross between a Siamese and a Persian, with a long, silky and shiny coat.

They are large cats of 7 to 8 kg. Their morphology resembles the Siamese, but slightly bigger, chunkier and hairy. They do not have hair as thick and long as the Persian cat, but their neck is longer. This beautiful face is very similar to the Siamese but more hairy. They can have a range of colors similar to the Siamese, but they possess a unique characteristic: their legs must be "gloved" with precious white "socks".

This is a very intelligent race and they are naughty, active and sociable. They don't like to be alone and are very affectionate with the family with whom they live. The Birman also accepts the company of other pets well. They are very precocious sexually. Females can reproduce from 7 months and males from 9 months.

Top 10 Long-haired Cats - 6. Birman

7. Somalí

The Somali cat is related to the Abyssinian cat, but unlike the latter, their hair is semi-long. They are not very large cats, weighing between 4 or 5 kg. The females are smaller. Their range of colors doesn't usually go beyond reddish-brown, cinnamon and smoke. The texture of their hair is thick and silky.

They are very agile cats with an unruly character, since their temperament is similar to that of a puppy, even in adulthood. Which means they will be the #1 enemy of your curtains and sofas. They love to climb and are very active, especially the females. They tolerate other pets quite well however. They are affectionate, sweet and adore being pampered.

It is convenient if they have a garden or terrace to develop their muscles and release their high levels of energy.

Top 10 Long-haired Cats - 7. Somalí

8. Ragdoll

The ragdoll cat is a cat that comes from the United States since the 60s. They are large cats that can weigh up to 9 kg, and females are smaller. They have either long or semi-long hair. Their physical appearance recalls that of a European cat crossed with a Siamese, but their face and structure is more similar to the European. They have extremely soft hair, but thanks to its great quality does not tend to cause knots.

The main feature of a ragdoll cat is that their muscles go completely limp when they are picked up. Given the weight of the animal it is not advisable to grasp them while standing. The ragdoll cat barely meows, and when they do, they do so in a very weak, barely audible voice.

This breed is probably the mildest of all. They are eminently homey cats, very clean and affectionate. They are also intelligent and love the company of children and grandparents. They are passive and withdrawn with other pets, often allowing them-self to be dominated by them.

Top 10 Long-haired Cats - 8. Ragdoll

9. Balinese

The Balinese comes from the United States and was officially recognized as a breed in 1960. Siamese breeds were crossed with long haired cats to achieve a race structurally similar to the Siamese, but with long silky hair.

Their weight is usually around 5 to 6 kg. Their physical characteristics are similar to a modern Siamese: triangular head, large ears arranged in V, and beautiful blue eyes.

One characteristic of this breed is that they are very devout and faithful to their owner, but they are not overly familiar. The Balinese usually ignores the rest of the household, concentrating their affection and attention on a single person. However, being calm, patient and gentle, they will politely welcome the rest of the family when they can be pampered. They like to live with other pets and are patient with children.

The color of their coat is almost entirely the same as a Siamese, but with a longer length, more thickness and silkiness.

Top 10 Long-haired Cats - 9. Balinese

10. American Curl

The American curl cat is a rare breed. Their main characteristic is their strange ear structure as they bend backwards. This is a very recent race that originated from spontaneous mutation in 1981 in California.

This cat has long, but dense hair which is quite flattened on the body but without becoming lax, since it is very smooth. If it were not for their particular ears, they would resemble a long-haired European cat. Usually their eyes are yellow, green or blue. The range of colors of their coat is very extensive.

The American curl is an intelligent, social, familiar, curious and mischievous race. They like to live with people and showing them their affection. The American Curl can live comfortably with other pets too.

Top 10 Long-haired Cats - 10. American Curl

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